"But during your time away, you must not forget what Dathomir has given to you. Although space is cold and empty, Dathomir's wilderness is lush and rich. It may be years before you return, so never forget the place that birthed and nurtured you – you will always be a Nightsister."
―Mother Talzin[src]

Wild Power was Mother Talzin's manifesto written to explain the Nightsisters, their powers, their beliefs and their role in the galaxy.


This manual was written during the Clone Wars, when Talzin was mother and shaman of all witches on Dathomir. At some point, the manual fell into the hands of Asajj Ventress. The latter included many handwritten comments throughout the pages, comparing Talzin's teachings with those of her new master, Darth Tyranus.[1]

Darth Sidious somehow recovered this text and included it in his Book of Sith: Secrets from the Dark Side, a collection of writings dealing with the dark side of the Force, which was published after the Declaration of a New Order (circa 1918 BBY).[1]



Mother Talzin, the author of Wild Power

  • The Writings of the Nightsisters
  • The Living Force and the Dark Side
  • The History of Dathomir
  • The History of the Nightsisters
  • The Winged Goddess
  • The Fanged God
  • Talismans and Totems
  • Beasts of Dathomir
  • Nature's Vigor
  • Training a Warrior
  • Instruction and Transformation
  • Competing Dark Side Traditions


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