Will Neluenf, a native of Tatooine, was a Podracer in an illegal Podrace on Euceron during the Galactic Games of 26 BBY.

Will was the heir to the first great Tatooine Podracer, Ben Neluenf. He battled Hekula, Sebulba's son, and then 14-year-old Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker in an illegal podracing event at the Great Dordon Caves during the Eusebus-based Games. Neluenf's pod trailed closely behind Hekula's but he was unable to pass either him or Skywalker when the Jedi's pod began spinning wildly out of control just before crossing the finish line. While Neluenf failed to overtake either contestant, he still managed to finish third.

Skywalker won the race on behalf of the children of Ratts TyerellDeland and Doby, whose podracer Anakin piloted to free their sister-slave Djulla from the clutches of her master, Sebulba.

Other Caves race contestants included Ody Mandrell, Aldar Beedo, Gasgano, Elan Mak, and "Scorch" Zanales.



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