Wim Magwit, commonly called Magwit or The Magician, and going by the stage-name The Magnificent Magwit, was a performer whose most famous act involved a "mystifying hoop."


The hoop was actually a short-range matter transmitter of Magwit's own devising. By appearing to move through the hoop, any matter placed through it would actually reappear backstage, through a corresponding hoop. Another device created by Magwit was his magic painting controller.

Magwit's mystifying hoop came in handy for Boba Fett, who made use of the matter transmitter when he captured the pirate Bar-Kooda for a sizable bounty. When first confronted by Fett, Magwit effectively faked his own death to avoid the bounty hunter—who was not fooled.

Magwit agreed to help Fett in exchange for freedom from an outstanding bounty on his own head. Fett sought out Magwit's aid because it was well-known that Magwit associated with pirates, and had served for four years as an entertainer aboard Bar-Kooda's ship, Bloodstar. Upon reappearing on Bloodstar, Magwit faced almost instant death from Bar-Kooda, who prolonged his life long enough for one last magic show - which was long enough for Boba Fett to capture the pirate.

Magwit was always accompanied by a green rabbit that he would pull out of a hat using a smaller version of the mystifying hoop. The rabbit was placed in many near-death situations (along with Magwit) during Boba Fett's hunt of Bar-Kooda. However, the green rabbit survived and continued to perform with Magwit.



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