Wim Nickter was a Human male serving as an apprentice at the Sith academy on the world Odacer-Faustin in 3645 BBY. After attending the academy to learn the ways of the Sith, Wim had to pass a several tests to become a true acolyte. He was forced to face against Sith Acolyte Rance Lussk in a lightsaber duel. Wim was no match against him, and would never become a true Sith. After he lost in a training duel, Nickter was left moderately wounded until he was kidnapped from the medical bay at the Sith Academy and brought to Darth Scabrous' secret laboratory, where Scabrous kept him in a cage. Wim tried to break free, but he couldn't. Trying to resist the pain, Scabrous fed a yellow-colored liquid into his body through a series of tubes extending from his spinal cord, from lumbar to head. After Scabrous obtained a Murakami orchid from bounty hunter Tulkh, he placed his final ingredient in with the rest of the substance. The result of this mixture being injected into Nickter killed him. However, just a few minutes afterward, his body was transformed into a zombie and was able to break out of the cage. The zombie went on a rampage through the laboratory, injuring Scabrous and killing Jura Ostrogoth.

Scabrous Force-threw the undead student and Ostrogoth out the window of the tower, where they landed beside Mnah Ra'at and Rance Lussk. Lussk abandoned his colleague to the undead Nickter, who bit the broken body of Ostrogoth, infecting him. Ra'at was able to escape his former fellow student and incapacitate him by pinning his leg with debris from the tower. However, he fell off the ledge they were on when the seemingly-dead corpse came back to life. Later Nickter was encountered by Hestizio Trace and Tulkh, and though trapped, screamed to alert his fellow undead to their location. His body was presumably incinerated when the academy was destroyed.


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