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"Today we shall consider the geopolitical effect of the great Lali Plague," Professor Win Totem said. Then she sat down with great dignity, right on a custard turnover.
The class exploded with laughter...
"Ferus Olin," she rapped out. "You are responsible for this!"
Ferus started. "I assure you, Professor, I am not."
"Ten more demerits for lying...
―Professor of Geopolitics Win Totem and Jedi Padawan Ferus Olin.[src]

Win Totem was a professor of geopolitics at the Leadership School on Andara. Described as having a regal bearing, she was tall, had blue skin and often wore a white septsilk gown.

In 25 BBY, as the teacher of a "Galactic Political Trends" class, she issued demerits to Jedi undercover student Ferus Olin for playing the practical joke, engineered before class, of placing a custard turnover on the instructor's chair upon which she sat, staining her gown. The charge was erroneous, however, as another student, Reymet Autem, a tech and security systems prodigy, was the true culprit.[1]

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