Win or Die was a highly successful Imperial propaganda holodrama. It starred Garik "Face" Loran, as a boy who ardently supported the New Order in spite of his parents' opposition. At the story's climax, the boy is shot in the back by his father as he runs to Emperor Palpatine. The boy begs the Emperor to rid the galaxy of evil people like his parents, then dies in Palpatine's arms.

It was believed that this holodrama increased Imperial military recruitment by five percent. As a reward for his role, Loran was brought to Coruscant to meet the real Emperor Palpatine in person. However, the Emperor was unavailable, enraged by new reports of the emerging Rebel Alliance's increasing effectiveness, and Loran instead met with Ysanne Isard, sitting in her lap. He later described this as one of the most revolting experiences of his life. Ironically, Loran would later join the Rebel Alliance.

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