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"Our definition of what is or is not wine has to expand every time a new world joins our understanding of the galaxy, but all good sommeliers will tell you that wine is something they know when they taste it."
Liquor trader Derla Pidys[src]

Wine was a beverage made by fermenting fruit or other vegetation with a rising agent, typically yeast, but fungi could also be used. It was usually stored in bottles with labels indicating their origin. And individual whose occupation was to make wine was called a vintner.[6]

Varieties of wine included emerald wine (made from emerald grapes),[1] Alderaanian wine,[2] Alderaanian white,[7] Toniray wine,[8] Andoan wine,[9] Corellian wine,[4] Sunberry wine,[3] Domaine de la Maison sur le Lac,[10] and Port in a Storm, the famous fortified wine from Pamarthe.[8]

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