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"What kind of brain-withered old fool shares wine with his enemy?"
Bossk, finding Cradossk and the Bounty Hunters' Guild celebrating with Boba Fett[src]

Wine was a beverage typically made from grapes,[21] berries,[22] fruit,[3] or grain.[3][6] The process involved fermentation,[23] and wine was usually alcoholic.


"What now?"
"You forgot the wine."
"Would you prefer white, red, green or purple?"
"Dry or wet?"
"Thirty-nine degrees."
Han Solo making Princess Leia dinner[src]

Wine was classified among the stronger alcoholic beverages known as spirits.[24][25] Fine wine was valued in many cultures.[26] A fine wine got better with age,[27][21] and particularly fine wine was aged until it was perfect.[28] Vintage wine also denoted quality.[8][11][3][7][16][29] Some people would save a good bottle of wine for an extra special occasion.[21]

Padmé Amidala, Onaconda Farr and Mon Mothma enjoy some wine.

The taste of wine could be described as everything from sweet[17][30][31][3] to tart[3] to mellow[10] to dry,[32][33] tart,[33] sour[33] or wet.[32] Some people liked the taste better if the wine was exposed to air ("letting it breathe"), and would uncork the bottle and let it sit like that for a while before drinking.[34] The liquid could be warmed[10][17] or chilled[35][7] to reach the perfect temperature and quality, for example thirty-nine degrees.[32] A wine bottle was sometimes put in a bucket of ice before it was opened.[7]

Effervescent wine[36][17] made a unique sound when the cork was popped from the bottle.[36] Sparkling wine had bubbles in it.[7] Some types of wine were fortified with stronger types of alcohol in order to make it more potent.[21]

The beverage was often paired with food,[8][32][4][37][38][34] but it could also be enjoyed without it.[10][3][22][16] Some people liked to have wine with dinner[4][38] and restaurants[7] and casinos[9] often had a wine list for customers to choose from. Some types of wine, like Corellian wine[39] and Deltron spice wine,[40] were also used as an ingredient in cooking.

A servant presenting Blossom wine.

People sometimes had wine when celebrating,[19][41][3][37][7] and it was also commonly served at parties,[42][19] both in formal festivities[42] and the wilder sort.[43][19]

Wine was usually stored in bottles,[22][2][3][34][7][16][21] flasks,[44] casks,[45] cases[33] or barrels,[15] and drunk from a goblet,[19][17][46] glass[10][33][17][3][37][38][34][21](sometimes made from delicate crystal[2]), chalice[16] or cup.[22][47][48][6] It was sometimes served in a carafe[6] or a decanter.[33][16] The liquid was usually sipped at, rather than being gulped down.[8][22][33][17][3][16][21] According to Count Dooku, the older a person became, the more they would appreciate excellent wine.[12]

A plantation grown for winemaking was called a vineyard.[49][16] A property where wine was produced was called a winery. A winery featured cultivated plants and wine making equipment, like extraction presses and wooden storage barrels.[50] Some wealthy people had one or more wine cellars—large storage rooms for wine—in their home.[2][51][11][12]

Alderaan[52][53] and Glova[54] were major exporters of wine, and the planet Roonadan had special wine bars.[55] Haleoda, the capital city of Kattada, was famous for its fine food and wine.[56] Tatooine wine had a reputation for being bad.[57]

A glass of wine.

The Cerean female name Daini referred to wine, drinking water, or sweet tea. Another Cerean female name, Naiana, was a type of fruity wine enjoyed on Cerea. Mus was a name given to female Zabraks, and meant "wine". This name originally referred to any strong alcohol that was used to cleanse wounds.[58]

The Nightsister Tamith Kai was described as having wine-colored lips,[59] and an unnamed Yuuzhan Vong warrior who performed a demonstration the bo'tous bioweapon was described as wearing a wine-colored tunic.[44]



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