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"Please do not speak to them. Or to any of us."
―Wing, to Din Djarin[1]

Wing was a human male who lived in the city of Calodan on the planet of Corvus. The city came to be ruled by the ruthless Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth who attempted to give the population employment with the Galactic Empire. After turning her back on Wing and the people of Corvus, the planet declined into a backwater world. Years later, the Mandalorian Bounty hunter Din Djarin arrived at Calodan and a Elsbeth offered him a pure beskar spear if he killed Ahsoka Tano. However, Tano and Djarin teamed up and overthrew Morgan Elsbeth's rule of Calodan, giving Wing the Governorship of Calodan. Before gaining his new title, Wing helped free the prisoners being tortured outside Elsbeth's residence.


Wing was a citizen of the city of Calodan on the planet Corvus. After Morgan Elsbeth returned from introducing the concept of the TIE Defender to Moff Isdain, she was greeted by several citizens, including Wing. Elsbeth told the contingent the Galactic Empire was only interested in their resources rather than bringing them work and prosperity. Wing confronted Elsbeth, reminding her about her promise the Empire would improve the circumstances for them. She countered saying they already were better as the world was a depleted backwater world.[2]

That night, Elsbeth renounced the citizens of Calodan. Shortly afterwards, the Noghri assassin Rukh dueled Elsbeth. One woman suggested calling the guards, but Wing rejected her request. Wing and his fellow citizens regarded the arrival of Thrawn's Star Destroyers as a representation of Elsbeth's victory.[2]


Wing and Nadura and New Republic soldiers heading to speak with Morgan Elsbeth

Years later, Nadura and her New Republic soldiers visited Calodan. After they entered the city, Wing greeted her, asking why she had returned. Nadura explained she was now an Ambassador to the New Republic and that the Empire had fallen. Wing revealed that the people of Calodan did not know the governments had transferred. He then informed her that Elsbeth had been unseen for a long time and her guards kept them working night and day. He also warned Nadura that her guards were not enough.[3]

When they went to speak with Elsbeth, Elsbeth ordered Nadura's execution. Wing witnessed Elsbeth's guards kill two of the New Republic soldiers, then pursue Nadura and the remaining two New Republic soldiers. Elsbeth allowed Wing to live as he served as a liaison between her and the people of Calodan. As Nadura died from the explosion of her starship, Wing approached her. She told him to be brave no matter how dark things may become. He took Nadura's comlink with Bo-Katan Kryze on the other side. However, before Wing got the opportunity to answer it, Elsbeth destroyed the comlink with her beskar spear and told him no one would be coming.[3]


Ahsoka Tano with Wing after he became the governor of a liberated Corvus.

Some time later, Ahsoka Tano and Din Djarin made their way to Corvus. Djarin was promised Elsbeth's beskar spear if he killed Tano. However, the two teamed up and overthrew Elsbeth. Simultaneously, Wing helped free the prisoners that were being tortured outside Elsbeth's residence. Wing then became the new Governor of Calodan, while Tano brought Elsbeth into custody.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Wing debuted in "Chapter 13: The Jedi" from the second season of the television series The Mandalorian, which was written and directed by Dave Filoni and released on Disney+[1] on November 27, 2020.[4] Credited as "Governor Wing," he was played by Wing Tao Chao.[1]



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