Wingmaws were winged reptilian carnivores and scavengers native to the planet Balmorra. An oddity among Balmorra's diverse wildlife, the wingmaw evolved on a lonely chain of islands and were inadvertently introduced to the rest of the planet by careless explorers circa 4250 BBY. Eventually, the wingmaw species made its way to the Deep Core world Tython, where it roosted in the mountainous world's upper meadows.


Developing in isolation on Balmorra, the wingmaw demonstrated social qualities of insects: congregating in groups of three or more, and showing aversion to damp, dark places. Despite this, the wingmaw was reptilian and could devour the meat off a felled beast's carcass. Preyed upon by the Balmorran maweater, the wingmaw population surged after the extinction of the maweater during the Great Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire when the maweater fell prey to Imperial bombardment.[1]



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