Winmey Lenz was a human male from the planet Chandrila who served as a senior senator in the Imperial Senate. Lenz had close ties to Bail Organa and was one of a few off-worlders, including fellow Chandrilan Mon Mothma, who attended the Day of Demand held for Princess Leia Organa on Alderaan in 3 BBY. After the ceremony, the young princess saw Lenz in conversation with Bail and Mothma. He was tall, lean and dark-skinned, with a trimmed beard.[1]

Lenz sponsored the young Chandrilan Harp Allor in the Apprentice Legislature. He appeared to be loyal to the rebellion, and was included in the rebel senators' strategy meetings. However, Leia and Amilyn Holdo, during a session of their pathfinding class on Pamarthe, witnessed Lenz doing secret dealings with an Imperial officer, selling the Empire cheap quadanium steel in an attempt to play both sides of the conflict. When Mothma and Bail were informed of the girls' discovery, the two senators planned to phase Lenz out of rebel dealings by making him think there had been a disagreement between several factions, as he could no longer be trusted.[1]

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