"All creatures are ruled by the strongest among them. It is the way of nature. The strong survive and the weak are crushed. Now, how do we identify the strong among us? Is it only the largest? The most muscular? No, Yama. It is the ones with the most discipline. The ones that can master their own base instincts and project—power."
―Winshur Bratt, to Yama Dex[1]

Winshur Bratt was a Corellian human male who hailed from the town of Bela Vistal on the planet Corellia. Born in the year following the Battle of Yavin, he was placed in a religious center. He studied in the center until he reached adulthood, eventually finding work in Coronet City as the head clerk of the Corellian Engineering Corporation's Records Department. Bratt was later promoted to Executive Records Officer after the First Order took over the company, with Yama Dex and Monti Calay being assigned as his assistants.

During his time in that position, around 34 ABY, Bratt had an unfavorable encounter with Navah, a classmate of his from the religious center, and also disciplined Dex for being unable to comply with company regulations. One day, Bratt was given the duty of assigning labor work to prisoners transferred to Corellia using lists of their names while he was accompanied by a First Order reform officer, Colonel Genial. He was also tasked with keeping the lists secure so that only he or First Order High Command could access them. Following a luncheon with Genial and the businessman Hasadar Shu, Bratt took out his frustrations on Dex and beat her until she bled, as he became furious over her misdemeanors and his own experience with the luncheon.

After Genial accused Bratt of working with Calay, who had been revealed as a traitor to the First Order after stealing the lists, Bratt accompanied the reform officer to a party held by Shu in an attempt to retrieve the lists and clear his name. While the two were alone, Bratt killed the colonel by pushing him off a bridge and into the sea below, as he wished to track down and turn in Calay to the First Order on his own, thus eliminating any suspicion toward himself. He later engaged in a scuffle with Dex, who had threatened to attack Bratt with a pipe. During the encounter, Bratt was ultimately confronted and killed by Teza Nasz, a former Imperial warlord who had been recruited into the Resistance.


Early life[]

Winshur Bratt was born in the town of Bela Vistal on the[1] Core Worlds[4] planet Corellia[1] in 1 ABY.[2] Hailing from a middle-class family, Bratt was placed in a religious center by his mother, both of which he grew to greatly despise over a period of several years. During his time at the center, he earned the nickname "Bratty" from the children there. Bratt grew up in the presence of Imperial stormtroopers who had occupied the town during the ongoing Galactic Civil War. When he became an adult, he traveled to Coronet City to search for work.[1]

Serving the First Order[]

"Of course, I'll have to add this to your permanent record, and appropriate disciplinary action will no doubt be taken. It's for your own good, really. You see that, don't you?"
―Winshur Bratt, to Yama Dex[1]

Winshur Bratt eventually found work in Coronet City.

Within six months of entering the city, Bratt became the head clerk of the Corellian Engineering Corporation's Records Department and retained his job after passing his re-employment interview conducted by a First Order officer when the First Order military regime seized control of the company. Eventually, he was promoted to Executive Records Officer for the department and received his own office in Building Two, with Yama Dex and Monti Calay being assigned as his assistants. At one point, Bratt met the businessman Hasadar Shu at an informational session detailing a new park being built in Coronet City's government district.[1]

Around 34 ABY,[3] Bratt received a communication from his mother but deleted it due to the hatred he harbored for her. One day, while awaiting clearance to enter his office in Building Two after handing over his work identification card for the building's guard to inspect, he was approached by Navah, who had studied together with him at the Bela Vistal religious center. As the two conversed, Bratt revolted at Navah's presence, as he had distanced himself from his hometown and anyone associated with it. After receiving clearance to enter the building, he parted ways with the woman without bidding her farewell, viewing her as insignificant. While Bratt made his way to his office, he nodded at Colonel Genial, a reform officer from the First Order's Reform Office.[1]

When Bratt entered his office, he began managing the company's records. He summoned Dex after seeing two new boxes of records on his desk but noticed that her hair did not meet the company's regulation upon seeing her. The girl claimed that she was running late for work that morning and did not have time to change it, but Bratt snubbed her before she could continue. He began explaining how creatures were ruled by the strongest among them and that humans were measured by their level of discipline. He then asked her whether she wanted to be powerful or be crushed by her weakness before instructing her to straighten her belt and adjust her hair. After dismissing her and handing her the boxes to be organized, he further stated that the violation would be added to her permanent record and would result in disciplinary action.[1]


"This message is intended for Executive Records Officer Winshur Bratt of the Corellian Command Base. If you have accessed this in error, you continue under penalty from the First Order."
―Winshur Bratt learns of an assignment intended for him[1]

Bratt worked in the Corellian Engineering Corporation's Records Department.

Sometime later, Bratt was approached by Calay, who delivered a message, marked as an urgent and confidential communication, from Bratt's superior on a datapad. He dismissed Calay and watched as the message played, recognizing the First Order officer in the hologram as the one who conducted his re-employment interview. Bratt was given three documents containing multiple lists of prisoners to be transferred to Corellia and was tasked by the officer with assigning labor work to the prisoners as well as securing the documents so that they could only be accessed by himself or personnel from First Order High Command. The officer informed Bratt that he would be working with Colonel Genial to oversee the placement of the prisoners in the Corellian shipyards' labor pool. Before terminating the hologram, the First Order officer also stated that Bratt would be transferred to High Command if the tasks were successfully completed.[1]

Bratt inspected the list of names, recognizing a number of them. He learned that the prisoners were former politicians and realized that the assignment was an opportunity to prove himself and become someone of importance. After deciding to acquire the job roster from the Employment Department in order to gain a better understanding of the prisoners' assignments, he summoned Calay and tasked him with managing the office while Bratt retrieved a number of records from the department.[1]

During the assignment, Bratt observed the prisoners' arrival, accompanied by Calay. His assistant questioned if the prisoners would be executed, to which Bratt replied that the First Order was merciful and allowed them to live by doing hard labor. Bratt then opened his datapad and matched the names with the prisoners' faces. He assigned different tasks to various prisoners before stopping at Ransolm Casterfo, recognizing his notoriety in politics. Bratt was then approached by Genial, who ordered him to continue assigning labor work to the other prisoners. After finishing his work, Bratt returned to his office.[1]

Lunch with a businessman[]

"Bratt. You didn't tell me that you knew Hasadar Shu."
"Well, uh, yes. We are acquainted."
―Winshur Bratt and Genial[1]

In his office, Bratt—exhausted from the assignment—was approached by Dex, who expressed her worries about his condition. The officer told her to instead focus on completing the tasks she was previously assigned. He was then informed of his appointment with Hasadar Shu, arranged by the girl herself, as the businessman had revealed that he knew Bratt personally while speaking to her. Bratt attempted to cancel the meeting but learned that Shu had already arrived outside his office and was chatting with Genial. He then hastily prepared his uniform and left to meet the two. As the three conversed, Bratt felt uneasy, as Shu had claimed that he was an old friend of Bratt's, though Bratt disputed the claim by stating that they were only acquainted. Bratt then took notice of Dex, who smirked as she turned away. Bratt speculated that Dex had either laughed at his misfortune or had deliberately set up the meeting, before the three men made their way to lunch.[1]

Bratt viewed the luncheon as a disaster, as he was unable to spark a meaningful conversation with Shu in an attempt to understand how the businessman knew him personally. At one instance, Bratt choked on his food, prompting Shu to offer him a glass of water. When he returned to his office following the lunch, he saw Dex and Calay together and asked them why supplies were scattered around the room, unaware that Dex had dropped them when confronting Calay over his theft of the datapad containing the lists of prisoners from Bratt's office. Bratt then instructed the girl to clean up the room and gather the reports he had requested before the lunch. After Calay claimed to be ill at that moment, Bratt dismissed him in order to avoid falling ill himself. He then told Dex to cover for Calay in case Bratt needed assistance.[1]

Accusations of treachery[]

"But it's not true. None of it is true. I've been set up!"
―Winshur Bratt[1]

Later during that day, Bratt attempted to call Dex in order to have her make caf for him, but she did not respond. The lack of a response prompted Bratt to leave his office and notice the girl asleep at her desk. Due to the frustrations he had built up from his lunch with Shu and Genial as well as the girl's mannerisms and actions over the preceding weeks, Bratt proceeded to knock Dex off her chair and beat her until she bled. Afterward, he staggered on the way to the restroom, where he vomited all the food he had eaten into the sink. Although he questioned his own behavior just then, Bratt concluded that the girl deserved what had happened to her.[1]

After washing his face, Bratt was approached by Genial, who revealed that Dex had informed him about Calay's theft of the datapad. Since Calay, who was thus considered a traitor, operated under Bratt's supervision, Genial accused Bratt of working with him. Bratt ultimately shouldered the blame for his assistant's actions, making him answerable to High Command, as the lists were meant to be kept secure by the Executive Records Officer. Bratt was also accused by the colonel of working with environmental activists alongside Shu during their informational session.[1]

Genial further speculated that Bratt intended to give the stolen lists to Shu at the luncheon but was prevented from doing so by the reform officer's presence at the pair's meeting. According to Genial, Bratt had Calay take the lists from his office instead. Exhausted and facing a dire predicament, Bratt left the office with a disheveled appearance and accompanied Genial to a party held by Shu in order to seize the lists from Calay and clear his own name. However, while leaving, Bratt failed to notice a hidden group of Resistance members that was observing him.[1]

Sudden turn and death[]

"Leave me."
―Winshur Bratt's final words, to Ransolm Casterfo[1]

As Bratt and Genial made their way through the streets of Coronet City to attend Shu's party, the colonel repeatedly insulted Bratt for his incompetence. Bratt slowly began to evaluate his own loyalty to the First Order as well as his identity but, after hearing Genial's fifteenth insult toward himself, concluded that he was completely loyal to the regime and was not a traitor. Bratt also became determined to hand over Calay to the First Order by himself and thus be cleared of any suspicion. When the pair reached a bridge, Bratt noticed the sea that the city bordered. With no witnesses present, Bratt ran toward the colonel and knocked him over the bridge's railing. Genial was sent falling into the sea below to his death, and Bratt subsequently ran back to his office.[1]

Bratt died on his homeworld, Corellia.

Upon returning to Building Two, he noticed Dex sneaking around inside. He watched as the girl entered an underground passage that led to the shipyards and pursued her. Bratt eventually lost sight of her in the dark tunnel and started running, before Dex reappeared in front of him with a pipe in her hands. Bratt slowly approached her while reminding her that power came from discipline. When they were close, a scuffle ensued between the two. Bratt managed to wrest the pipe from her hands, causing Dex to fall to her knees. Preparing to swing the pipe at her, he was interrupted by Teza Nasz, an ex-Imperial warlord who was allied with the Resistance. Nasz threatened to shoot Bratt if he did not surrender the pipe to Dex.[1]

Bratt refused and was promptly shot in the stomach by Nasz. He collapsed on the floor and watched as other Resistance members made their way to Nasz and Dex. He was then approached and nudged by Casterfo, who had been rescued by the Resistance. Casterfo offered the dying officer assistance, but Bratt refused, as he was certain of his fate, prompting Casterfo to leave with the others. In his final moments, Bratt thought about how violence had led him down a path with false promises of power and realized that instead of saving him, it had doomed him.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Distancing from the past[]

"You working for the First Order, Bratty?"
"The name is Winshur. It has always been Winshur."
"Sure, sure. I'm Navah. Remember me?"
"I cannot say that I do remember you, Navah. Bela Vistal was so long ago."
―Winshur Bratt and Navah[1]

A Corellian human male, Winshur Bratt's time in Bela Vistal's religious center had a profound effect on his personality, causing him over the years spent there to despise his mother and everyone associated with his hometown. He went so far as to delete an unopened communication from his mother in the hopes that she would realize he had distanced himself from his past completely.[1]

While conversing with Navah, Bratt wished to part ways with the woman as quickly as possible when he learned she was a classmate of his at the religious center. When they subsequently separated, Bratt did not bid her farewell, viewing her as an insignificant person due to her job in the working class and her dirty appearance. He also considered reporting her for assault when she squeezed his arm.[1]

Belief in the First Order[]

"Who is Winshur Bratt now? And who will he be?"
―Winshur Bratt ponders to himself[1]

Bratt believed in everything the First Order represented.

When he was promoted to Executive Records Officer, Bratt took great pride in his new job and was joyful when his interviewer told him he was the kind of citizen the First Order was searching for. Bratt had a commanding presence in front of his assistants. He viewed Yama Dex as a nuisance due to her messy appearance and demeanor but considered Monti Calay an obedient aide. However, he faltered when in the presence of Colonel Genial and Hasadar Shu, the latter of whom had merely met Bratt but claimed to be an old friend of his. During their luncheon, Bratt considered Genial to have a joke of a name after learning it. He later took out his personal frustrations on Dex and beat the young girl until she bled, blaming her for his own misfortunes.[1]

Even after facing accusations of treachery, Bratt firmly believed in everything the First Order represented and wanted to prove himself to the regime. After examining his own loyalty, he concluded that he had devoted everything to the First Order's cause and upheld its values. Bratt held to his ideals until the moment he was shot and left for dead, which filled him with regret. While slowly dying, Bratt finally realized that violence had betrayed and doomed him with false promises of power and that his assistants were not to blame.[1]


Winshur Bratt wore a uniform during his time as the Executive Records Officer of the Corellian Engineering Corporation. He was unable to neaten his clothing in time when leaving his office to meet Colonel Genial and Hasadar Shu for lunch.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Winshur Bratt was created for Resistance Reborn, a 2019 novel written by Rebecca Roanhorse.[1] Intending for Bratt to be the "villain" of the story, Roanhorse wrote his character arc to show what it was like for such a character to accept inevitable circumstances, playing along with the First Order's rules to profit from their power and going so far as to bully a young girl like Dex in order to achieve a higher status with the regime. According to Roanhorse, these actions slowly stripped away Bratt's identity as a person.[5]



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