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"Can I play with him?"
"*sigh* Sure.
―Winta and Din Djarin, on Grogu[src]

Winta was a human female child who lived in a farming village on the planet Sorgan during the time of the New Republic. She was the daughter of Omera.

Winta struck up a friendship with Grogu and became his primary playmate and caretaker during the several weeks the Mandalorian stayed in the village.


"This is my daughter, Winta. We don't get a lot of visitors around here. She's not used to strangers."
―Omera introducing Winta to Din Djarin[src]

Winta and her mother Omera hide from raiders.

Winta's mother, Omera, was a widow. They resided in a small krill-farming village on the planet Sorgan. The village was frequently attacked by Klatooinian raiders, forcing Winta, Omera, and the villagers to remain hidden to avoid being caught or harmed. During one attack, Winta and her mother hid in a krill pond with a fishing basket over their heads, until the raiders left. When fellow villagers Caben and Stoke convinced the Mandalorian to help defend their village, he brought along former rebel shock trooper Carasynthia Dune. Upon their arrival in the village, Winta led a small group of children in greeting Grogu.[1]

Winta and her friends welcome the Child to their home.

Omera provided lodging to the Mandalorian. When the Mandalorian was startled by Winta entering the hut, Omera comforted the girl, explaining that the bounty hunter was here to protect the village. Winta thanked the Mandalorian. Later, Winta brought food and asked the Mandalorian if she could feed The Child. He agreed. Immediately following, Winta asked if she could play with The Child. The Mandalorian agreed, but hesitated when Winta began leading The Child outside. Omera assured him that it would be okay, and he relented. After a brief conversation, Omera left and the Mandalorian removed his helmet to eat as he watched Winta, the Child, and several other children play in the village square.[1]

When Dune and the Mandalorian investigated the Klatooinian raiders and discovered the tracks of an AT-ST, they gathered the villagers and told them they would have to migrate elsewhere. Winta held The Child as Omera stated that the farmers had nowhere else to go and would not be leaving. When the Mandalorian and Cara Dune agreed to train the tribe, a number of villagers were trained in using blasters and other weapons. Following their training, the Mandalorian told Omera to prepare for the attack as he and Dune departed to provoke the Klatooinian raiders. The two returned with the AT-ST and raiders in chase. During the ensuing battle, Winta held the The Child as the children hid in a hut. The tribe repelled the attack.[1]

In the weeks following the battle, Dune and the Mandalorian settled in the village. Winta continued playing with The Child and caring for him. Seeing the Child happily at play with Winta and the others, the Mandalorian informed Omera that he would leave the Child behind in order to keep him safe. Omera asked the Mandalorian to stay and attempted to remove his helmet but was stopped by him, stating that only the Child belonged here. Their conversation was interrupted by a gunshot, which turned out to be Dune killing a bounty hunter that attempted to eliminate the Child. Knowing that his life was still in danger, the Mandalorian decided to leave the planet with him. As the Mandalorian parted ways with Dune and Omera, Winta gave the Child a long hug, telling him, "I'll miss you so much,", and watched as they departed the village.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Winta appeared in Chapter 4 of season one Jon Favreau's Disney+ television series The Mandalorian,[1] which aired on November 29, 2019.[2] She was portrayed by Isla Farris.[1]


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