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The Winter Palace was the home of Jiliac Desilijic Tiron, and the Desilijic clan shortly before the Battle of Yavin. The palace was located on a remote island on Nal Hutta, near the planet's equator. The island was hot, humid, and contained many trees and vines, but many Hutts considered it to be beautiful. The Palace was lavish; Jiliac's main audience chamber was huge with the main aisle leading up to his dais lined with an expensive carpet, while the floors were made of gleaming stone kept highly polished. The antichamber to the throne room had high-skylighted ceilings and was built from lightly colored stone. The high walls were hung with beautiful tapestries said to be woven by Jiliac's prisoners while they awaited execution in his dungeons.

Han Solo delivered a message from Zavval to Jiliac's Winter Palace during the struggle for control over the Ylesian spice facilities in 10 BBY. Durga Besadii Tai and Guri later visited the Winter Palace to confront Jiliac and invoke the Old Law.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Winter Palace is a real palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


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