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Nightsisters, witches of Dathomir who used the dark side of the Force, during the Clone Wars

"I should have sensed such betrayal from a Nightsister witch."
Palpatine to Dooku[src]

A witch was a female user of magic who tended to use the Dark side of the Force. Witches were found in primitive cultures where the concept of the Force was known as magic. The Dathomirian Witches were an order of witches as were the Mind-witches.

Sith sorceresses were also alternatively referred to as witches.

Morag was a witch from the Forest Moon of Endor. Female Sayormi on Kashyyyk were also called witches.[1]

The term "witch" was also used as an insult towards female beings. For example, Count Dooku referred to Asajj Ventress as a witch.



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