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"What is your command?"
―Wittin's B1-Series battle droid[src]

Wittin was a barbaric male Jawa warlord whose large tribe profited from robbing travelers and committing other foul deeds like plundering moisture farms, earning him a place as the most feared ones on Tatooine.


"These Jawas follow a leader called Wittin. They're not like other Jawas—they're mean."
Kitster Banai, to a spacer[src]

Wittin with his remote control.

For many years, inhabitants of Tatooine quaked in fear at the sight of his massive sandcrawler roaming the dunes until it was destroyed in a skirmish with Imperial troops, who were attacking sandcrawlers randomly in search for C-3PO and R2-D2. Jabba Desilijic Tiure offered to buy him a new sandcrawler if Wittin won his demolition contest.

Wittin became involved in a plot to kill Kitster Banai sometime after 0 BBY. A slaver named Drik Bandrik, determined to destroy Kitster, tricked Wittin's tribe of Jawas into believing that he had stolen a droid from them. However, a spacer working for Kitster managed to kill the band of Wittin's Jawa enforcers before they could reach Mos Espa.[2]

Years later, around 4 ABY, Wittin entered Jabba's demolition contest using a remote controlled B1-Series battle droid on a Trade Federation STAP, as he was not willing to risk his own neck. He added some upgrades to his vehicle, such as his Ion double blaster which immobilized the target and knocked it down, doing damage as well. In addition to this, his special weapon also relieved the target of any droid supporting it.[1]

Wittin wielding an ion blaster

Later that year, Wittin was in Jabba's Palace while Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa attempted to rescue Han Solo from his carbonite prison. Around that time, he was plotting with Jabba to take control of a neighboring tribe's territory.[1]

He was on board Jabba's sail barge, the Khetanna, during the Battle of the Great Pit of Carkoon. Though he himself was killed during the sail barge's destruction, his terrorizing ways continued unabated.[1]

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To unlock him in Demolition, you need to score an ultimate victory with both Aurra Sing and Quagga.

According to The University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life: The Jawas, Wittin's terrorizing ways continued, despite The Official Star Wars Fact File 23 stating that he died during the skirmish at Carkoon. However, the article itself never explicitly stated Wittin himself survived. As a result, it is assumed both are canon.

Of note the article Who's Who in Jabba's Palace, published in Star Wars Insider 60, stated in Kalit's entry that Jabba's death forced Wittin and Kalit to solve their own problems with each other, despite how Wittin was established by Fact File issue 23 to have been killed when the Khetanna was destroyed, which was minutes after the Hutt's death.



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