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The Wizards of the Night Spirit were a mysterious species formerly from the forest moon of Endor. At some point ages before the Battle of Endor, they came into conflict with Ewok shamans of Bright Tree Village. In the battle, likely with the help of the Sunstar, the Ewoks banished the Wizards from Endor to an otherworld, a devastated wasteland. The Wizards were trapped on the world until the time when two other moons of Endor aligned above the forest moon. The aligning of the moons opened a temporary rift in space from which one Wizard was able to speed through in a quick spacecraft. The Wizard was able to steal the Sunstar from Bright Tree Village and used it to open the rift again and keep it open so that the rest of the wizards could speed through. After a decisive battle, the wizards were defeated and pushed back across the rift and back to their otherworld where they were forced to remain permanently.

The Wizards of the Night Spirit were the followers of the evil Ewok deity, the Night Spirit who may have been the Ewok representation of the dark side of the Force. Among other powers, they possessed two wings, large, menacing teeth, and a bone structure and anatomy that allowed them to survive in the vacuum of space, much the same as the Givin. The Wizards seemed to come in three varieties, with minor differences between the three. The Stranger's familiarity with the Sunstar, and their association with the dark side of the stone may have meant that their origins were tied to the creation of the shadowstone, the dark side of the Sunstar. The rift that the Wizards crossed to enter space above Endor may have been a rift into otherspace, which would also explain the devastated nature of their world within the rift, as the native Charon were known to have exterminated most if not all of the species and worlds within otherspace.



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