"Here you see the suspected pirate vessel, GrimDeath I, a totally converted Old Republic Victory-class warship. […] This vessel is responsible for raids throughout the Woldona system, […]."
Sergeant Clayton Balrog, at a briefing for Spacetrooper Platoon 243-XT[src]

The Woldona system was a star system[3] located in the Sevetta sector,[1] within the Slice portion of[2] the Outer Rim Territories.[1] By the time period between 0 ABY and 3 ABY,[4] the converted Victory-class Star Destroyer GrimDeath I was used by a gang of pirates to carry out a series of raids throughout the system.[3]

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The Woldona system was introduced in The Star Wars Sourcebook.

The Woldona system was first mentioned in "The Briefing of Spacetrooper Platoon 243-XT," a short companion narrative included in The Star Wars Sourcebook, a 1987 supplement for West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game that was authored by Bill Slavicsek and Curtis Smith.[5]

Although the entry for the planet Galpos II in the 2008 reference book The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia placed the world within the Woldona system,[6] the 2009 book The Essential Atlas placed the system in grid square T-16 and the separate Galpos system in square S-15. Jason Fry, the co-author of the Atlas,[7] has stated that the star systems listed in Appendix section of The Essential Atlas are named after the most prominent planets or celestial bodies located in those systems.[8] This article therefore considers Galpos II to be located in the Galpos system.

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