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Wolves were quadrupedal, canine creatures with long bushy tails, short tapered ears, and a pointed muzzle containing sharp teeth.

Wolves in the galaxyEdit

Kanan Loth-wolf Kindrid

Kanan Jarrus and a white Loth-wolf

In the atrium of the Lothal Jedi Temple, there was ancient artwork depicting humanoid lifeforms riding what appeared to be giant wolves.[8]

The 104th Battalion of the Grand Army of the Republic was also known as the "Wolf Pack" Battalion, and its members had stylized wolf faces painted on their helmets.[9]

A species of wolf, the Loth-wolf, was native of Lothal and it was considered extinct during the Imperial Era. However, at some point following the Battle of Atollon, Sabine Wren and Ezra Bridger rode a white Loth-wolf.[10]

Before the Battle of Starkiller Base Phasma, along with three Scyre warriors and three stormtroopers fought a pack of wolves, known as Skinwolves on the planet Parnassos.[2]

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