"We see it, Gold Leader. Ion torpedoes away!"
―Wona Goban during the Battle of Scarif[src]

Wona Goban was a Rebel pilot who flew with Gold Squadron during the Galactic Civil War. Goban served in the Battle of Scarif, under the callsign Gold Nine, to support Admiral Raddus and the Rebel group Rogue One. During the battle, Goban, along with Gold Leader Jon Vander and three other members of Gold Squadron, disabled a Star Destroyer with ion torpedoes. This Star Destroyer was later rammed by the Sphyrna-class corvette Lightmaker into another Star Destroyer, causing both Imperial starships to crash into the Shield Gate, destroying it, and enabling Jyn Erso to transmit the Death Star plans to the Profundity.[1]

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Wona Goban was portrayed by actress Gabby Wong in the Star Wars anthology film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.[1] Her voice was dubbed by Vanessa Marshall.[2]



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