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A logger uses a vibrosaw to harvest greel wood from a greel tree.

Wood was a generic term for building materials which could be obtained from trees. Important woods included greel wood, harvested from the greel trees of Pii III and Pii IV;[1] wroshyr-wood, obtained from the giant wroshyr trees of the planet Kashyyyk;[2] and Alderaanian rainbow wood, a commodity made scarce following the destruction of the planet Alderaan.[3]

Wood had a number of uses. The Ewoks of Endor used lightweight sacred wood in the construction of skin gliders[4] In some uses, it was seen as a luxury, including as interior paneling on luxury speeders like the Ubrikkian LuxurPort Zisparanza, which was paneled with Alderaanian rainbow-wood until its scarcity forced the manufacturers to switch to scarlet-hued greel wood.[3]

Those who harvested wood from trees professionally were known as loggers.[1] A group of alien loggers came to Endor to harvest wood from the forest moon's many Soul Trees, sacred to the native Ewoks; but their operation was thwarted by the young Ewoks Wicket and Princess Kneesa, and the young Foonar Dooni.[5]


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