The Wookiee Liberation Front or WOLF, was an organization founded on the planet Cularin during the Clone Wars. Led by the Five Masters, and seemingly made up of children, all members dressed in flowing, colored cloak and moved about with the help of glow poles. Choosing to erect a base on Cularin, the Five Masters negotiated for the property and construction of the Academy with Barnab Chistor.

The history of the organization was clouded in mystery, though the real story was rather embarrassing for members. Formed by Meelo and her associates when one of their number was captured by the Metatheran Cartel, Meelo led a group to infiltrate their base, though were foiled immediately. While Meelo managed to rescue her friend, the Jawa Keth-Keth attempted to cover their escape by screaming "Free Kashyyyk". Although a ruse, the Wookiee Liberation Front received a lot of press in the local holonewscasts, and eventually became a legitimate organization that funneled credits and supplies to help the Wookiees of Kashyyyk in their attempt to oust the Separatist forces that were trying to take control of their homeworld.

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