[12/22/12 23:01:11]<@CavalierOne>	!acsignal
[12/22/12 23:01:12]<@IFYLOFD>	According to my clock its 4:01
[12/22/12 23:01:13]<@IFYLOFD>	GO GO GO
[12/22/12 23:01:29]<@CavalierOne>	All right, welcome everyone to AC MEeting 53
[12/22/12 23:01:37]<@ecks>	\o/
[12/22/12 23:02:06]<@CavalierOne>	First up we have
[12/22/12 23:02:13]<@CavalierOne>	Diff:
[12/22/12 23:02:21]<@CavalierOne>
[12/22/12 23:02:26]<@Toprawa>	This, actually :P
[12/22/12 23:02:37]<@CavalierOne>	God damn it!
[12/22/12 23:02:44]*	@ecks fines the Chair with £50
[12/22/12 23:03:19]<@CavalierOne>	A lot of work appears to have been done.
[12/22/12 23:03:32]<@Toprawa>	Cade claims to have updated.
[12/22/12 23:03:35]<@IFYLOFD>	This appears to be fixed. Cade.
[12/22/12 23:03:37]<@IFYLOFD>	Look at me.
[12/22/12 23:03:40]<@ecks>	Keepzorz
[12/22/12 23:03:48]<@Toprawa>	Keep
[12/22/12 23:03:51]<@IFYLOFD>	Keep
[12/22/12 23:03:52]<@CavalierOne>	Keep
[12/22/12 23:04:08]<@CavalierOne>	Jang and CC both say keep
[12/22/12 23:04:19]<@CavalierOne>	Kao Cen Darach kept
[12/22/12 23:04:41]<@CavalierOne>	Next up:
[12/22/12 23:04:49]<@CavalierOne>
[12/22/12 23:04:59]<@CavalierOne>
[12/22/12 23:05:12]<@ecks>	Kill
[12/22/12 23:05:15]<@Toprawa>	Kill
[12/22/12 23:05:20]<@IFYLOFD>	Kill this fool
[12/22/12 23:05:22]<@CavalierOne>	Kill
[12/22/12 23:05:35]<@CavalierOne>	Two kills from the absentees
[12/22/12 23:05:39]<@CavalierOne>	Wukkar killed
[12/22/12 23:05:41]<@IFYLOFD>	This is why I like the AC
[12/22/12 23:05:45]<@IFYLOFD>	We're all kewl d00dz
[12/22/12 23:05:59]<@Toprawa>	lolz
[12/22/12 23:06:01]<@Toprawa>	yeah
[12/22/12 23:06:04]<@CavalierOne>	Okay, onto new stuff
[12/22/12 23:06:12]<@CavalierOne>
[12/22/12 23:06:14]<@IFYLOFD>	Also, the meetings are short as fuck
[12/22/12 23:06:46]<@CavalierOne>	I won't reiterate everything here, but I urge anyone not familiar with the subject to read the AC page
[12/22/12 23:07:09]<@IFYLOFD>	Oh lerd
[12/22/12 23:07:20]<@Toprawa>	I guess it comes down to how you interpret this, but I think CC sums it up pretty good in his absentee comment.
[12/22/12 23:07:48]<@CavalierOne>	Indeed. I agree with Tope's PoV here and CCs comment.
[12/22/12 23:07:58]<@IFYLOFD>	Per you guys
[12/22/12 23:08:01]<@ecks>	I'm with Tope on this one -- IU lyrics can definitely not be treated the same as real world copyrighted works
[12/22/12 23:08:30]<@Toprawa>	And even if they potentially could, I don't think it's our prerogative to make that call and force the article to remove that section right now.
[12/22/12 23:08:39]<@Toprawa>	That would probably require greater CT discussion.
[12/22/12 23:08:44]*	@ecks nods
[12/22/12 23:08:47]<@CavalierOne>	Indeed.
[12/22/12 23:08:52]<@CavalierOne>	So, vote time!
[12/22/12 23:08:56]<@CavalierOne>	Spare
[12/22/12 23:09:04]<@IFYLOFD>	Spare and leave to CT, I say
[12/22/12 23:09:16]<@ecks>	spare
[12/22/12 23:09:17]<@Toprawa>	Spare it, but I would be in support of sticking it into an attribution box.
[12/22/12 23:09:21]<@Toprawa>	that section
[12/22/12 23:09:40]<@CavalierOne>	Jang is abstaining I think, and CC spares.
[12/22/12 23:09:55]<@CavalierOne>	Ballad spared with potential CT to sort it out.
[12/22/12 23:10:18]<@CavalierOne>	Next:
[12/22/12 23:10:24]<@CavalierOne>	Update tag
[12/22/12 23:10:28]<@Toprawa>	Probe
[12/22/12 23:10:36]<@ecks>	Probe
[12/22/12 23:10:39]<@IFYLOFD>	Probe
[12/22/12 23:10:39]<@CavalierOne>	Probe
[12/22/12 23:10:52]<@CavalierOne>	CC says probe
[12/22/12 23:10:58]<@CavalierOne>	Bulduga probed
[12/22/12 23:11:14]<@CavalierOne>
[12/22/12 23:11:16]<@CavalierOne>	Update tag
[12/22/12 23:11:20]<@IFYLOFD>	Plonk
[12/22/12 23:11:22]<@Toprawa>	Probe
[12/22/12 23:11:24]<@ecks>	Probe
[12/22/12 23:11:25]<@IFYLOFD>	Gonk would be saddened
[12/22/12 23:11:27]<@IFYLOFD>	Probe
[12/22/12 23:11:30]<@CavalierOne>	Probe
[12/22/12 23:11:39]<@IFYLOFD>	Wherever he may be
[12/22/12 23:11:42]<@CavalierOne>	CC syas probe
[12/22/12 23:11:46]<@CavalierOne>	PLNK probed
[12/22/12 23:12:00]<@CavalierOne>
[12/22/12 23:12:08]<@CavalierOne>	Update tag, Cade says he's fixed it
[12/22/12 23:12:12]<@Toprawa>	Spare
[12/22/12 23:12:13]<@IFYLOFD>	Spare
[12/22/12 23:12:19]<@ecks>	spare
[12/22/12 23:12:22]<@CavalierOne>	Spare
[12/22/12 23:12:31]<@CavalierOne>	CC says spare
[12/22/12 23:12:35]<@CavalierOne>	I mean probe!
[12/22/12 23:12:42]<@CavalierOne>	Zelka spared.
[12/22/12 23:12:50]<@CavalierOne>	Onto GA Maintenance
[12/22/12 23:13:11]<@CavalierOne>
[12/22/12 23:13:27]<@Toprawa>	Are you working on that?
[12/22/12 23:13:33]<@CavalierOne>	I'm actively working on this.
[12/22/12 23:13:40]<@Toprawa>	Ok, just leave it
[12/22/12 23:13:45]<@IFYLOFD>	Per Tope
[12/22/12 23:13:46]<@CavalierOne>	I had hoped to finish before today, but my illness robbed me of the chance.
[12/22/12 23:13:50]<@ecks>	yeah Cav is a pretty cool guy
[12/22/12 23:13:54]<@Toprawa>	heh
[12/22/12 23:13:55]<@IFYLOFD>	Cav had bronchitis
[12/22/12 23:13:56]<@CavalierOne>	B)
[12/22/12 23:13:59]<@IFYLOFD>	Ain't nobody got time fo' dat
[12/22/12 23:14:14]<@CavalierOne>	Peshk ignored for now :P
[12/22/12 23:14:24]<@IFYLOFD>	Has no one seen that video?
[12/22/12 23:14:31]<@ecks>	I know the meme
[12/22/12 23:14:38]<@ecks>	haven't seen the video itself though
[12/22/12 23:14:41]<@IFYLOFD>	Bah to you all
[12/22/12 23:14:55]<@CavalierOne>	Bimm (Near Human) is on the Redux page so we can ignore that for now, yes?
[12/22/12 23:15:01]<@IFYLOFD>	Si
[12/22/12 23:15:02]<@Toprawa>	We can actually vote to kill that.
[12/22/12 23:15:08]<@Toprawa>	Objections have been on there since Nov 19.
[12/22/12 23:15:18]<@Toprawa>
[12/22/12 23:15:20]<@ecks>	Let it die
[12/22/12 23:15:25]<@IFYLOFD>	Well then
[12/22/12 23:15:26]<@CavalierOne>	Kill it then
[12/22/12 23:15:29]<@IFYLOFD>	Kill with extreme prejudice
[12/22/12 23:15:44]<@CavalierOne>	Bimm (Near-Human) killed on the Redux page
[12/22/12 23:15:51]<@Toprawa>	Yeah, kill
[12/22/12 23:16:06]<@Toprawa>	I have to run here.
[12/22/12 23:16:10]<@CavalierOne>	I believe thats it for articles.
[12/22/12 23:16:14]<@Toprawa>	So just a quick update on the meeting duties.
[12/22/12 23:16:24]<@Toprawa>	Tommy is up for both because we ushered him to the end of the line since he's inactive
[12/22/12 23:16:27]*	@IFYLOFD crosses fingers
[12/22/12 23:16:33]<@Toprawa>	But he's still inactive, so we need to put together a new meeting chart.
[12/22/12 23:16:34]<@ecks>	FLOYD VOLUNTEERS
[12/22/12 23:16:39]<@IFYLOFD>	FUCK YOU
[12/22/12 23:16:41]<@Toprawa>	I can do that later when I get back, unless you guys want to do it now
[12/22/12 23:16:47]<@ecks>	I can do it
[12/22/12 23:16:51]<@Toprawa>	Ok, thanks ecks
[12/22/12 23:16:53]<@Toprawa>	I'm out
[12/22/12 23:16:55]<@Toprawa>	Thanks for hosting, Cav
[12/22/12 23:16:57]<@Toprawa>	later, guys
[12/22/12 23:16:58]<@CavalierOne>	Later Tope
[12/22/12 23:16:59]-!-	Toprawa (~Toprawa@wookieepedia/administrator/Toprawa) has quit (Quit: Keep the change, ya filthy animal.)
[12/22/12 23:17:07]<@CavalierOne>	Okay, discussion time.
[12/22/12 23:17:15]*	@IFYLOFD gathers round
[12/22/12 23:17:18]<@CavalierOne>	Nothing on the agenda, but do we have anything.
[12/22/12 23:17:19]<@CavalierOne>	?
[12/22/12 23:20:46]<@IFYLOFD>	If that's it, I'm off
[12/22/12 23:21:02]<@CavalierOne>	I declare Meeting 53 adjourned!
[12/22/12 23:21:07]<@IFYLOFD>	Later guys
[12/22/12 23:21:10]<@ecks>	See ya
[12/22/12 23:21:12]<@CavalierOne>	Later Floyd
[12/22/12 23:21:13]-!-	IFYLOFD (~chatzilla@wookieepedia/administrator/IFYLOFD) has quit (Quit: I'd rather be dancin' with some babes!)
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