[04/20/13 23:06:28]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:06:32]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:06:38]<@ecks>	Fixed. --Eyrezer (talk) 00:12, April 14, 2013 (UTC) 
[04/20/13 23:06:43]<@Toprawa> 	Eh
[04/20/13 23:06:44]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:06:49]<@Toprawa> 	Outer Rim Territories
[04/20/13 23:06:52]<@Toprawa> 	barren "rock"
[04/20/13 23:06:56]<@Toprawa> 	I don't see that mentioned in there.
[04/20/13 23:07:21]<@Toprawa> 	The fact that it's a rocky planet is mentioned in the intro and infobox but not in the body
[04/20/13 23:07:36]<@Toprawa> 	Same with Outer Rim
[04/20/13 23:08:34]<@ecks>	yeah, it could definitely use some more info in the description
[04/20/13 23:08:37]<@ecks>	eh, I say extend 
[04/20/13 23:08:46]<@Toprawa> 	I'm not voting extend anymore.
[04/20/13 23:08:48]<@MasterFred> 	Just fixed it.
[04/20/13 23:09:06]<@Toprawa> 	You know
[04/20/13 23:09:08]<@Toprawa> 	That's not even the only thing
[04/20/13 23:09:13]<@Toprawa> 	There's no date for the battle in the body
[04/20/13 23:09:16]<@Toprawa> 	The intro says 0.5 ABY
[04/20/13 23:09:44]-!-	grunny (~grunny@wikia/vstf/countervandalism.user.Grunny) has joined #wookieepedia-agricorps
[04/20/13 23:09:44]*	ChanServ sets modes [#wookieepedia-agricorps +o grunny]
[04/20/13 23:09:50]<@MasterFred> 	Ah dang
[04/20/13 23:09:54]<@Toprawa> 	"Battle of Spefik" shouldn't be capitalized either
[04/20/13 23:09:56]<@ecks>	Fred, do you want to handle it?
[04/20/13 23:10:01]<@MasterFred> 	Sure.
[04/20/13 23:10:08]<@ecks>	if not, I'm fine with either extension or kill
[04/20/13 23:10:14]<@ecks>	grunny, hey, we're on Spefik
[04/20/13 23:10:18]<@MasterFred> 	I'll take it.
[04/20/13 23:10:27]<@grunny> 	hey Xd, thanks
[04/20/13 23:10:44]<@ecks>	Then keep.
[04/20/13 23:10:51]<@grunny> 	sorry I'm late all, just got back from dinner
[04/20/13 23:11:28]<@IFYLOFD> 	Sheep
[04/20/13 23:11:29]<@MasterFred> 	iz ok
[04/20/13 23:11:32]<@Toprawa> 	Are you fixing these things now, Fred?
[04/20/13 23:11:34]<@ecks>	no worries, you were not the only one ;)
[04/20/13 23:11:35]*	@MasterFred forgot about it until 3:05 :P
[04/20/13 23:11:49]<@MasterFred> 	Toprawa: I was planning to wait until after the meeting.
[04/20/13 23:11:53]<@MasterFred> 	Should I do it now?
[04/20/13 23:11:55]<@Toprawa> 	Ok
[04/20/13 23:11:56]<@Toprawa> 	Up to you
[04/20/13 23:11:57]<@IFYLOFD> 	DO IT
[04/20/13 23:12:01]<@MasterFred> 	I'll wait.
[04/20/13 23:12:02]<@IFYLOFD> 	NAO
[04/20/13 23:12:06]<@MasterFred> 	shush you
[04/20/13 23:12:16]<@ecks>	Keep Spefik
[04/20/13 23:12:46]<@MasterFred> 	yee
[04/20/13 23:12:55]<@ecks>	grunny?
[04/20/13 23:13:00]<@grunny> 	keep
[04/20/13 23:13:06]<@ecks>	Spefik kept
[04/20/13 23:13:12]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:13:17]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:13:22]<@ecks>	Fixed. --Eyrezer (talk) 00:12, April 14, 2013 (UTC) 
[04/20/13 23:13:24]<@IFYLOFD> 	zefflflififllflllflfl
[04/20/13 23:13:29]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:14:07]<@ecks>	what exactly is going on there?
[04/20/13 23:14:10]<@ecks>	There is a description section
[04/20/13 23:14:25]<@ecks>	oh, nvm
[04/20/13 23:14:27]<@ecks>	wrong diff
[04/20/13 23:14:38]<@ecks> there's the real thing
[04/20/13 23:14:40]<@MasterFred> 	XD
[04/20/13 23:15:09]<@ecks>	Keep
[04/20/13 23:15:20]<@MasterFred> 	keep
[04/20/13 23:15:31]<@grunny> 	looks OK, keep
[04/20/13 23:15:47]<@IFYLOFD> 	Leap
[04/20/13 23:16:37]<@ecks>	absentees say keep
[04/20/13 23:16:41]<@ecks>	Zeffejfsfddsfdff kept
[04/20/13 23:16:52]<@MasterFred> 	XD
[04/20/13 23:16:53]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:16:58]<@MasterFred> 	Where is the great Tope?
[04/20/13 23:16:59]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:17:02]<@MasterFred> 	And Winterz?
[04/20/13 23:17:06]<@Toprawa> 	I was looking at Hanzo's work on this one.
[04/20/13 23:17:09]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:17:10]<@Toprawa> 	I'm voting kill.
[04/20/13 23:17:12]<@ecks>	Winterz is dinnering
[04/20/13 23:17:22]<@Toprawa> 	He didn't fully satisfy the first issue and just dismissed the second issue.
[04/20/13 23:17:22]<@IFYLOFD> 	gaiz do u no teh ACs r teh kewlest d00dz
[04/20/13 23:17:37]<@Toprawa> 	Having a fully populated Sources list is part of being a comprehensive GA.
[04/20/13 23:17:45]<@Toprawa> 	Not only is it enough to probe on, it's enough to kill on.
[04/20/13 23:17:57]<@IFYLOFD> 	Then scrap it
[04/20/13 23:18:00]<@MasterFred> 	Yeah
[04/20/13 23:18:03]<@MasterFred> 	kill
[04/20/13 23:18:24]<@MasterFred> 	I'd fix, but I don't have many adaptations.
[04/20/13 23:18:33]<@ecks>	kill
[04/20/13 23:18:45]<@MasterFred> 	Floyd: teh ACs alwayz been kewlst d00dz
[04/20/13 23:19:44]<@ecks>	<s>dave</s> Jang votes to kill, CC votes to keep
[04/20/13 23:19:47]<@grunny> 	yeah, kill, it's called pestering people who do have the adaptations :P
[04/20/13 23:20:31]<@MasterFred> 	haha
[04/20/13 23:20:33]<@IFYLOFD> 	I just noticed that Grunny's here
[04/20/13 23:20:43]<@MasterFred> 	poor Grunny
[04/20/13 23:20:46]<@IFYLOFD> 	Hi Grunny
[04/20/13 23:20:49]<@Toprawa> 	hey Grunny
[04/20/13 23:20:53]<@grunny> 	comin' to you live from Poland :P
[04/20/13 23:21:26]<@ecks>	you visiting the techs?
[04/20/13 23:21:33]<@ecks>	ok so
[04/20/13 23:21:39]<@ecks>	Mini-Huvicko something something killed
[04/20/13 23:21:43]<@grunny> 	ya
[04/20/13 23:21:51]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:21:58]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:22:10]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:22:16]<@IFYLOFD> 	Former UFC lightweight Joe Wilk?
[04/20/13 23:22:21]*	@IFYLOFD went deep with that reference
[04/20/13 23:22:50]<@Toprawa> 	This article needed to be fully referenced.
[04/20/13 23:23:02]<@Toprawa> 	I don't know if we just didn't mention that or it was missed in the paperwork
[04/20/13 23:23:09]<@Toprawa> 	I suspect it was the latter
[04/20/13 23:23:18]<@MasterFred> 	lolgoogletranslate
[04/20/13 23:23:52]<@WookieeWinterz> 	this teamspirit
[04/20/13 23:23:56]<@WookieeWinterz> 	yeah don't wait for anyone
[04/20/13 23:24:20]<@MasterFred> 	Is that the only source?
[04/20/13 23:24:29]<@Toprawa> 	Yeah
[04/20/13 23:24:36]<@Toprawa> 	Our policy to source for everything now
[04/20/13 23:24:42]<@MasterFred> 	ik
[04/20/13 23:24:55]<@MasterFred> 	So we could just slap ref tags on everything and it be ok?
[04/20/13 23:25:12]<@Toprawa> 	Yeah
[04/20/13 23:25:19]<@MasterFred> 	I'll do it.
[04/20/13 23:25:34]<@ecks>	good guy fred
[04/20/13 23:25:37]<@MasterFred> 	:D
[04/20/13 23:25:37]<@ecks>	Keep
[04/20/13 23:25:41]<@MasterFred> 	Keep
[04/20/13 23:25:45]<@WookieeWinterz> 	Keep
[04/20/13 23:26:25]<@Toprawa> 	Keep
[04/20/13 23:26:38]<@IFYLOFD> 	Meep
[04/20/13 23:26:39]<@grunny> 	zachować
[04/20/13 23:26:51]<@ecks>	sí
[04/20/13 23:27:08]<@ecks>	Wilk kept
[04/20/13 23:27:16]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:27:21]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:27:29]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:27:34]<@Toprawa> 	"Its atmosphere was habitable by Humans."
[04/20/13 23:27:34]<@ecks>	Fixed. --Eyrezer (talk) 00:12, April 14, 2013 (UTC) 
[04/20/13 23:27:43]<@Toprawa> 	Humans don't inhabit an atmosphere, they breathe it.
[04/20/13 23:27:57]<@Toprawa> 	Depending on the potential change to that sentence, something should probably be added to the infobox about its atmosphere
[04/20/13 23:27:57]<@IFYLOFD> 	Dang Tope, calm your tits :P
[04/20/13 23:27:58]<@MasterFred> 	Cloud City
[04/20/13 23:28:12]<@Toprawa> 	This is actually pretty basic stuff.
[04/20/13 23:28:15]<@IFYLOFD> 	We won't have any GAs left if you keep doing stuff :P
[04/20/13 23:28:27]<@Toprawa> 	That's my job. :P
[04/20/13 23:28:42]<@MasterFred> 	XD
[04/20/13 23:28:51]<@Toprawa> 	I have low tolerance for these 2007, 2008 GAs that were really lacking to begin with.
[04/20/13 23:28:57]<@Toprawa> 	Then they get "fixed" and still have problems.
[04/20/13 23:28:58]<@grunny> 	s/habitable/breathable/
[04/20/13 23:29:20]<@Toprawa> 	Habitable is not synonymous with breathable.
[04/20/13 23:29:22]<@grunny> 	or the atmosphere made the planet habitable
[04/20/13 23:29:32]<@Toprawa> 	If you reword it, it could work
[04/20/13 23:29:35]<@Toprawa> 	But the way it is now isn't.
[04/20/13 23:29:43]<@MasterFred> 	I'd just change "habitable" to "breathable."
[04/20/13 23:29:59]<@grunny> 	that's what I said :P
[04/20/13 23:30:01]<@MasterFred> 	And then put "breathiable by Humans" in the infobox.
[04/20/13 23:30:08]<@Toprawa> 	That's fine
[04/20/13 23:30:11]<@Toprawa> 	Good job, Fred
[04/20/13 23:30:18]<@MasterFred> 	I shall fix it. :P
[04/20/13 23:30:23]<@ecks>	keep
[04/20/13 23:30:36]<@WookieeWinterz> 	spotted something
[04/20/13 23:30:39]<@MasterFred> 	:O
[04/20/13 23:30:50]<@WookieeWinterz> 	just grammar I'll fix it when your edit is done Fred
[04/20/13 23:30:59]<@ecks>	k
[04/20/13 23:31:01]<@ecks>	keep
[04/20/13 23:31:04]<@Toprawa> 	Keep
[04/20/13 23:31:07]<@WookieeWinterz> 	you're done, Fred?
[04/20/13 23:31:11]<@MasterFred> 	You can do it right now, Winterz.
[04/20/13 23:31:16]<@MasterFred> 	I'm waiting until after the meeting.
[04/20/13 23:31:33]<@grunny> 	keep
[04/20/13 23:31:46]<@ecks>	Atrivis 7 kept
[04/20/13 23:31:48]<@IFYLOFD> 	Keep
[04/20/13 23:31:51]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:31:52]<@IFYLOFD> 	Damn
[04/20/13 23:31:54]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:31:57]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:32:02]<@ecks>	Fixed. --Eyrezer (talk) 00:12, April 14, 2013 (UTC) 
[04/20/13 23:32:11]<@ecks>	whoever added the ACprobe templates, I love you
[04/20/13 23:32:29]*	@Toprawa waves :P
[04/20/13 23:32:34]<@Toprawa> 	Keep
[04/20/13 23:32:49]<@MasterFred> 	keep
[04/20/13 23:32:53]<@grunny> 	keep
[04/20/13 23:33:01]<@ecks>	Vuchelle kept
[04/20/13 23:33:11]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:33:14]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:33:19]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:33:21]<@ecks>	No change, kill
[04/20/13 23:33:29]<@Toprawa> 	Kill
[04/20/13 23:33:30]<@MasterFred> 	kill
[04/20/13 23:33:34]<@MasterFred> 	lollippinoss
[04/20/13 23:33:37]<@IFYLOFD> 	kILL
[04/20/13 23:33:40]<@MasterFred> 	reminds me of Lipps Inc. XD
[04/20/13 23:33:50]*	IFYLOFD has kicked MasterFred from #wookieepedia-agricorps (MasterFred)
[04/20/13 23:33:54]<@IFYLOFD> 	No.
[04/20/13 23:33:55]<@ecks>	seems legit
[04/20/13 23:33:59]<@ecks>	Lip balm killed
[04/20/13 23:34:00]-!-	MasterFred (~MasterFre@wookieepedia/Master-Fredcerique) has joined #wookieepedia-agricorps
[04/20/13 23:34:00]*	ChanServ sets modes [#wookieepedia-agricorps +o MasterFred]
[04/20/13 23:34:02]<@MasterFred> 	pls
[04/20/13 23:34:02]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:34:05]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:34:10]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:34:18]<@WookieeWinterz> 	nice marathon
[04/20/13 23:34:21]<@Toprawa> 	heh
[04/20/13 23:34:53]<@Toprawa> 	There hasn't been any changes made to this per the probe
[04/20/13 23:34:59]<@grunny> 	kill
[04/20/13 23:35:03]<@MasterFred> 	ewkill
[04/20/13 23:35:04]<@WookieeWinterz> 	kill
[04/20/13 23:35:05]<@Toprawa> 	Kill
[04/20/13 23:35:22]<@ecks>	kill
[04/20/13 23:35:26]<@ecks>	Maxiron killed
[04/20/13 23:35:28]<@IFYLOFD> 	Bill
[04/20/13 23:35:37]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:35:39]<@MasterFred> 	Floyd is late again.
[04/20/13 23:35:41]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:35:45]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:36:03]<@Toprawa> 	I'm still seeing infobox-exclusiveness, unless I'm missing something
[04/20/13 23:36:11]<@Toprawa> 	Plains
[04/20/13 23:36:14]<@Toprawa> 	Crop plant
[04/20/13 23:36:15]<@Toprawa> 	Fruit tree
[04/20/13 23:36:32]<@Toprawa> 	The plant is in there
[04/20/13 23:36:38]<@grunny> 	crop plant is yellow stalk
[04/20/13 23:36:38]<@Toprawa> 	Hidden in pipelink
[04/20/13 23:36:53]<@ecks>	someone should use CSWEsite in the ref
[04/20/13 23:36:56]<@grunny> 	fruit tree is red crop
[04/20/13 23:37:03]<@Toprawa> 	Yeah, see that now
[04/20/13 23:37:16]<@Toprawa> 	The terrain needs to be in there
[04/20/13 23:37:19]<@MasterFred> 	Maybe it should be reworded to be less confusing.
[04/20/13 23:37:29]<@Toprawa> 	As long as it's in there, I'm fine
[04/20/13 23:37:34]<@Toprawa> 	I was just looking for exact word searches
[04/20/13 23:37:38]<@Toprawa> 	If you want to further tweak, go for it
[04/20/13 23:37:54]<@MasterFred> 	oh wait
[04/20/13 23:38:03]<@MasterFred> 	Those plants types are unidentified.
[04/20/13 23:38:04]<@Toprawa> 	CSWE should be added too, per eckks
[04/20/13 23:38:06]<@Toprawa> 	ecks*
[04/20/13 23:38:20]<@ecks>	I say fred does this as well
[04/20/13 23:38:25]<@MasterFred> 	That's quite a few issues. lol
[04/20/13 23:38:26]<@MasterFred> 	Um
[04/20/13 23:38:28]<@MasterFred> 	Sure? lol
[04/20/13 23:38:35]<@ecks>	just say "yes" :P
[04/20/13 23:38:36]<@Toprawa> 	I can so the CSWE thing if you need help, Fred
[04/20/13 23:38:39]<@Toprawa> 	do*
[04/20/13 23:38:45]<@WookieeWinterz> 	prolong probation?
[04/20/13 23:38:45]<@MasterFred> 	Yeah
[04/20/13 23:38:50]<@IFYLOFD> 	Extend then
[04/20/13 23:38:54]<@MasterFred> 	I can't get CSWE to open anymore for some reason. :/
[04/20/13 23:38:54]<@Toprawa> 	If Fred says he's going to do it, I say keep
[04/20/13 23:39:00]<@ecks>	yeah, keep
[04/20/13 23:39:01]<@MasterFred> 	I'll do it.
[04/20/13 23:39:02]<@Toprawa> 	This is very minor, but it does need to be done
[04/20/13 23:39:29]<@Toprawa> 	Keep, then
[04/20/13 23:40:25]<@grunny> 	keep
[04/20/13 23:40:27]*	@ecks slaps WookieeWinterz and IFYLOFD  around a bit with a large trout
[04/20/13 23:40:33]<@IFYLOFD> 	Keep
[04/20/13 23:40:39]<@WookieeWinterz> 	*cough*
[04/20/13 23:40:40]<@IFYLOFD> 	I changed my mind
[04/20/13 23:40:41]<@WookieeWinterz> 	keep
[04/20/13 23:40:44]<@ecks>	Gibbela kept
[04/20/13 23:40:47]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:40:51]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:40:54]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:40:56]<@ecks>	No change, kill
[04/20/13 23:41:09]<@Toprawa> 	lolnochange
[04/20/13 23:41:13]<@Toprawa> 	Kill
[04/20/13 23:41:16]<@IFYLOFD> 	Kill
[04/20/13 23:41:19]<@grunny> 	killit
[04/20/13 23:41:21]<@WookieeWinterz> 	aye
[04/20/13 23:41:28]<@ecks>	there goes our cook
[04/20/13 23:41:28]<@MasterFred> 	kill
[04/20/13 23:41:44]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:41:53]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:42:01]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:42:07]<@ecks>	Handled. Cade StupidRepublicEmblem-Traced-TORkit Calrayn 17:29, April 19, 2013 (UTC) 
[04/20/13 23:42:18]<@Toprawa> 	He didn't.
[04/20/13 23:42:24]<@Toprawa> 	It's still got infobox-only info
[04/20/13 23:42:29]<@MasterFred> 	bad Cade
[04/20/13 23:42:32]<@Toprawa> 	Xappyh sector, for one
[04/20/13 23:42:41]<@ecks>	Floyd, you oughta boot Cade in the main channel
[04/20/13 23:42:58]<@IFYLOFD> 	Done
[04/20/13 23:43:03]<@WookieeWinterz> 	also needs CSWE
[04/20/13 23:43:03]<@MasterFred> 	Nice work.
[04/20/13 23:43:05]<@ecks>	He never saw it coming
[04/20/13 23:43:39]<@Toprawa> 	There's a lot of stuff that should be detailed in the Description that isn't
[04/20/13 23:43:47]<@Toprawa> 	Uninhabitable climate
[04/20/13 23:43:55]<@Toprawa> 	gravity
[04/20/13 23:44:02]*	@MasterFred doesn't call this one.
[04/20/13 23:44:05]<@Toprawa> 	"barren" terrain
[04/20/13 23:44:08]<@Toprawa> 	This is pretty weak sauce.
[04/20/13 23:44:12]<@WookieeWinterz> 	uh-uh do we give it a chance?
[04/20/13 23:44:20]<@Toprawa> 	It's already been probed.
[04/20/13 23:44:26]<@Toprawa> 	The original nominator is gone, I think
[04/20/13 23:44:28]<@WookieeWinterz> 	I meant expansion
[04/20/13 23:44:35]<@Toprawa> 	That's what I'm saying
[04/20/13 23:44:39]<@WookieeWinterz> 	Slap-boy Cade can handle those
[04/20/13 23:44:42]<@IFYLOFD> 	Who was the original nominator?
[04/20/13 23:44:43]<@Toprawa> 	There's so much work to be done here.
[04/20/13 23:44:59]<@Toprawa> 	The Description basically needs an entire rewrite/expansion
[04/20/13 23:45:01]<@WookieeWinterz> 	Tope I meant expansion of probation <.<
[04/20/13 23:45:06]<@Toprawa> 	Right
[04/20/13 23:45:08]<@Toprawa> 	That's what I mean
[04/20/13 23:45:16]<@Toprawa> 	Darth tom is the original nominator
[04/20/13 23:45:16]<@WookieeWinterz> 	well then
[04/20/13 23:45:19]<@IFYLOFD> 	Ah
[04/20/13 23:45:21]<@WookieeWinterz> 	Expand
[04/20/13 23:45:21]<@MasterFred> 	Amount of work never deters the Cade. lol
[04/20/13 23:45:23]<@ecks>	Cade says he can handle it
[04/20/13 23:45:23]<@grunny> 	heh
[04/20/13 23:45:26]<@Toprawa> 	I vote kill
[04/20/13 23:45:35]<@Toprawa> 	Cade said this right now?
[04/20/13 23:45:38]<@MasterFred> 	yee
[04/20/13 23:45:43]<@MasterFred> 	main channel
[04/20/13 23:46:12]<@ecks>	extend
[04/20/13 23:46:16]<@MasterFred> 	extend
[04/20/13 23:46:25]<@grunny> 	possibly still better to go through a proper review again. Whether killed and renomed, or reduxed once everything's redone
[04/20/13 23:46:25]<@WookieeWinterz> 	extend
[04/20/13 23:46:29]<@MasterFred> 	I say we extend for the weekend and then kill if not done by then.
[04/20/13 23:46:30]<@IFYLOFD> 	'tend
[04/20/13 23:47:06]<@grunny> 	extend, I suppose
[04/20/13 23:47:55]<@MasterFred> 	dat butt chewin.
[04/20/13 23:47:59]*	@MasterFred applauds.
[04/20/13 23:48:08]<@Toprawa> 	Extend
[04/20/13 23:48:09]<@ecks>	Tope, you ok with extending?
[04/20/13 23:48:13]<@Toprawa> 	Yeah
[04/20/13 23:48:13]<@ecks>	A'ight
[04/20/13 23:48:16]<@ecks>	Peragus II extended
[04/20/13 23:48:27]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:48:30]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:48:33]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:49:00]<@Toprawa> 	Still missing skin color info in body
[04/20/13 23:49:10]<@ecks>	yep
[04/20/13 23:49:13]<@Toprawa> 	Eye color too
[04/20/13 23:49:18]<@MasterFred> 	Is that all you can see?
[04/20/13 23:49:37]<@Toprawa> 	That's all that needed to be done :P
[04/20/13 23:49:38]<@ecks>	Freddy fixes
[04/20/13 23:49:43]<@Toprawa> 	Now you can see why my tolerance level gets low. :P
[04/20/13 23:49:46]<@ecks>	Keep
[04/20/13 23:49:47]<@Toprawa> 	It's the easiest of all fixes.
[04/20/13 23:49:48]<@WookieeWinterz> 	I could just be an annoying bitch but why is "their" being used in the article?
[04/20/13 23:49:56]<@Toprawa> 	Someone says they fixed it, but didn't even touch the original issue
[04/20/13 23:50:00]<@Toprawa> 	It starts to wear on you... :D
[04/20/13 23:50:06]<@MasterFred> 	I fix.
[04/20/13 23:50:14]<@WookieeWinterz> 	It seems to me the author refers at some points as his, but then it's half-written with their
[04/20/13 23:50:31]<@Toprawa> 	That is a legit grammatical issue
[04/20/13 23:50:43]<@Toprawa> 	I didn't look at it that closely
[04/20/13 23:50:49]<@Toprawa> 	That should be revised as well
[04/20/13 23:50:54]<@MasterFred> 	np
[04/20/13 23:51:52]<@ecks>	Fred fixes
[04/20/13 23:51:55]<@ecks>	Keep
[04/20/13 23:51:56]<@ecks>	:P
[04/20/13 23:52:01]<@MasterFred> 	keep
[04/20/13 23:52:01]<@Toprawa> 	Keep on Fred
[04/20/13 23:52:17]<@WookieeWinterz> 	Keep
[04/20/13 23:52:25]<@grunny> 	keep
[04/20/13 23:52:34]<@MasterFred> 	Keep Said Fred.
[04/20/13 23:52:36]<@ecks>	Ja'Gatcha kept
[04/20/13 23:52:40]<@IFYLOFD> 	Keep
[04/20/13 23:52:43]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:52:47]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:52:50]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:52:53]<@ecks>	No change
[04/20/13 23:53:33]<@MasterFred> 	Not rewriting five whole articles. :P
[04/20/13 23:53:39]<@Toprawa> 	Kill. Can we just group probe the remaining ones too?
[04/20/13 23:53:43]<@Toprawa> 	Group kill*
[04/20/13 23:53:53]<@IFYLOFD> 	Kill
[04/20/13 23:53:59]<@IFYLOFD> 	killkillkillkill
[04/20/13 23:54:11]<@ecks>	kill
[04/20/13 23:54:13]<@ecks>	yeah
[04/20/13 23:54:14]<@MasterFred> 	Per Tope.
[04/20/13 23:54:16]<@ecks>	group probe
[04/20/13 23:54:16]<@WookieeWinterz> 	it seems to me that Eyrezer kind of neglected them even though he worked on the others
[04/20/13 23:54:25]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:54:29]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:54:33]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:54:34]<@WookieeWinterz> 	so as I'm guessing he won't work on them, yea Kill
[04/20/13 23:54:36]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:54:50]<@MasterFred> 	poor
[04/20/13 23:54:53]<@Toprawa> 	Group kill
[04/20/13 23:55:00]<@MasterFred> 	Sad to see five articles killed. :/
[04/20/13 23:55:11]<@WookieeWinterz> 	genocide perhaps?
[04/20/13 23:55:26]<@MasterFred> 	That'd be killing 324334234 GAs. :P
[04/20/13 23:56:11]<@Toprawa> 	I prefer to think of it as "decreasing the surplus population" :P
[04/20/13 23:56:35]<@ecks>	Ok so
[04/20/13 23:56:37]<@MasterFred> 	meh
[04/20/13 23:56:39]<@ecks>	Atrivis killed
[04/20/13 23:56:52]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:56:55]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:56:59]<@ecks>
[04/20/13 23:57:00]<@ecks>	no change
[04/20/13 23:57:45]<@MasterFred> 	That doesn't look like a big deal at all.
[04/20/13 23:57:50]<@WookieeWinterz> 	yeah
[04/20/13 23:57:55]<@MasterFred> 	Lemme skim over it and see if there's anything else.
[04/20/13 23:58:22]<@WookieeWinterz> 	you know, you don't need to fix every single one, Fred
[04/20/13 23:58:36]<@MasterFred> 	shush
[04/20/13 23:58:36]<@IFYLOFD> 	Winterz, let him
[04/20/13 23:58:38]<@WookieeWinterz> 	you can always assign such tasks to Cade :p
[04/20/13 23:58:39]<@IFYLOFD> 	He talks less
[04/20/13 23:58:53]<@WookieeWinterz> 	k
[04/20/13 23:58:57]*	@MasterFred is making up for his lack of activity recently.
[04/20/13 23:59:27]<@ecks>	:P
[04/20/13 23:59:30]<@ecks>	ok so Fred fixes
[04/20/13 23:59:32]<@ecks>	or whoever
[04/20/13 23:59:45]<@MasterFred> 	Yeah, that's like just fixing one link.
[04/21/13 00:00:06]<@ecks>	keep
[04/21/13 00:00:12]<@WookieeWinterz> 	not really Fred
[04/21/13 00:00:28]<@WookieeWinterz> 	add a 1st tag on it too
[04/21/13 00:00:33]<@Toprawa> 	Fred, are you sure you can even do this one?
[04/21/13 00:00:37]<@Toprawa> 	It's not that easy of a fix.
[04/21/13 00:00:47]<@Toprawa> 	Determining which IG-88 it is can be extremely convoluted
[04/21/13 00:00:58]<@Toprawa> 	It's possible it's not determinable
[04/21/13 00:01:02]<@MasterFred> 	Oh, I was unaware of that.
[04/21/13 00:01:10]<@MasterFred> 	I am only familiar with one IG-88.
[04/21/13 00:01:14]<@Toprawa> 	Which requires a fairly advanced knowledge of other IG-88 sources to decipher
[04/21/13 00:01:20]<@MasterFred> 	No then.
[04/21/13 00:01:32]<@MasterFred> 	I didn't know there were 3243342 IG-88s.
[04/21/13 00:01:50]<@Toprawa> 	The problem is that most sources don't distinguish
[04/21/13 00:02:02]<@MasterFred> 	Ag
[04/21/13 00:02:03]<@MasterFred> 	h
[04/21/13 00:02:07]<@MasterFred> 	Kill then
[04/21/13 00:02:14]<@WookieeWinterz> 	Kilson was nominator
[04/21/13 00:02:22]<@WookieeWinterz> 	whoever that is
[04/21/13 00:02:26]<@WookieeWinterz> 	Kill
[04/21/13 00:02:27]<@MasterFred> 	Before your time. :P
[04/21/13 00:02:28]<@ecks>	Kilson is legend
[04/21/13 00:02:35]<@IFYLOFD> 	Kill the son
[04/21/13 00:02:37]<@ecks>	college took him I guess
[04/21/13 00:02:38]<@ecks>	Kill
[04/21/13 00:02:42]<@Toprawa> 	Kill
[04/21/13 00:02:48]<@IFYLOFD> 	He's 2 kewl for wook
[04/21/13 00:02:49]<@WookieeWinterz> 	yeah but unless he's a modern legend, I don't think he'll be of much use to fix it :c
[04/21/13 00:02:55]<@MasterFred> 	Yeah, he got consumed by school.
[04/21/13 00:03:05]<@Toprawa> 	Allegedly :P
[04/21/13 00:03:12]<@IFYLOFD> 	Or he's dead
[04/21/13 00:03:12]<@ecks>	Korriban killed
[04/21/13 00:03:13]<@Toprawa> 	I don't think we actually heard from him again since he left for school :P
[04/21/13 00:03:19]<@IFYLOFD> 	Wait
[04/21/13 00:03:23]<@ecks>	wat
[04/21/13 00:03:30]<@MasterFred> 	Kilson was my friend. :'O
[04/21/13 00:03:30]<@IFYLOFD> 	Did Kilson ever say anything about being from Chechnya?
[04/21/13 00:03:35]<@IFYLOFD> 	I think I know what happened to him
[04/21/13 00:03:35]<@MasterFred> 	XD
[04/21/13 00:03:37]<@Toprawa> 	He's not. :P
[04/21/13 00:03:45]<@ecks>	oh dear
[04/21/13 00:03:47]<@MasterFred> 	He's American. lol
[04/21/13 00:03:49]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:03:51]<@MasterFred> 	Pretty sure.
[04/21/13 00:03:52]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:03:56]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:03:57]<@ecks>	no change
[04/21/13 00:04:05]<@Toprawa> 	Kill!
[04/21/13 00:04:10]<@MasterFred> 	Kill
[04/21/13 00:04:10]<@Toprawa> 	LESS TCW ARTICLES!
[04/21/13 00:04:14]<@MasterFred> 	XD
[04/21/13 00:04:18]<@WookieeWinterz> 	kill
[04/21/13 00:04:18]<@IFYLOFD> 	Also, if you rearrange the letters in "Kilson", you get "Dzhokhar"
[04/21/13 00:04:21]<@IFYLOFD> 	THE PLOT THICKENS
[04/21/13 00:04:22]<@Toprawa> 	XD
[04/21/13 00:04:22]<@grunny> 	kill
[04/21/13 00:04:24]<@IFYLOFD> 	Also kill
[04/21/13 00:04:32]<@MasterFred> 	<jang>I agree with Tope</jang>
[04/21/13 00:04:50]<@ecks>	kill
[04/21/13 00:04:52]<@WookieeWinterz> 	there should be a new status for TCW articles
[04/21/13 00:04:54]<@ecks>	Moogan killed
[04/21/13 00:05:01]<@WookieeWinterz> 	named "Garbage"
[04/21/13 00:05:02]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:05:05]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:05:06]<@MasterFred> 	Per Winterz
[04/21/13 00:05:08]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:05:31]<@Toprawa> 	If CC's ok with it, it's good enough for me :P
[04/21/13 00:05:54]<@MasterFred> 	Agreed.
[04/21/13 00:06:19]<@MasterFred> 	Lee?
[04/21/13 00:06:24]<@MasterFred> 	When did Lee come back?
[04/21/13 00:06:32]<@ecks>	keep
[04/21/13 00:06:37]<@WookieeWinterz> 	meeeh it seems to me the article is fine, but it is TCW..
[04/21/13 00:06:38]<@grunny> 	keep
[04/21/13 00:06:40]<@Toprawa> 	He's part of the 2013 German Spring
[04/21/13 00:06:43]<@WookieeWinterz> 	keep
[04/21/13 00:06:45]<@WookieeWinterz> 	:(
[04/21/13 00:06:53]<@MasterFred> 	keep
[04/21/13 00:07:01]<@IFYLOFD> 	KEEP
[04/21/13 00:07:15]<@MasterFred> 	no TCW GAs on main page pls kthxbai
[04/21/13 00:07:37]<@IFYLOFD> 	Winterz: Bitching about TCW is Jang's job :P
[04/21/13 00:07:44]<@ecks>	k
[04/21/13 00:07:45]<@ecks>	Kept
[04/21/13 00:07:54]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:07:57]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:07:58]<@WookieeWinterz> 	He asked me to take his place :c
[04/21/13 00:08:00]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:08:02]<@ecks>	Kill, no change
[04/21/13 00:08:09]<@Toprawa> 	Now that the show is dead we only have room for one of those :P
[04/21/13 00:08:17]<@Toprawa> 	Kill
[04/21/13 00:08:27]<@Toprawa> 	We still have open spots for Filoni bashers, though
[04/21/13 00:08:29]<@grunny> 	kill
[04/21/13 00:08:55]<@WookieeWinterz> 	kill
[04/21/13 00:09:23]<@IFYLOFD> 	KILL
[04/21/13 00:09:33]<@ecks>	DC0052 killed
[04/21/13 00:09:34]<@Toprawa> 	NOT ENOUGH
[04/21/13 00:09:36]<@ecks>	too damn many
[04/21/13 00:09:40]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:09:41]<@Toprawa> 	MORE MUST DIE TO AVENGE THE CAL
[04/21/13 00:09:43]*	@IFYLOFD kills self
[04/21/13 00:09:43]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:09:47]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:09:51]<@MasterFred> 	kill or whatever
[04/21/13 00:09:52]<@Toprawa> 	The date isn't mentioned in the body at all.
[04/21/13 00:10:01]<@Toprawa> 	Both BBY and GrS
[04/21/13 00:10:20]<@Toprawa> 	It just says "Ten months after" Geonosis
[04/21/13 00:10:24]<@Toprawa> 	Which isn't specific enough
[04/21/13 00:10:24]*	@MasterFred is done taking up articles. :P
[04/21/13 00:10:51]<@MasterFred> 	He has homework to do today. lol
[04/21/13 00:10:55]<@WookieeWinterz> 	Apparently Kyle Katarn destroyed it, who are we to disagree?
[04/21/13 00:11:47]<@Toprawa> 	I'm willing to extend since this wasn't originally indicated as an issue.
[04/21/13 00:12:01]<@WookieeWinterz> 	it could use a conflict template
[04/21/13 00:12:14]<@Toprawa> 	How so?
[04/21/13 00:12:45]<@WookieeWinterz> 	or you can just.. nvm :<
[04/21/13 00:12:51]*	@ecks slaps WookieeWinterz around a bit with a large trout
[04/21/13 00:12:54]<@ecks>	extend
[04/21/13 00:13:03]<@IFYLOFD> 	X tend
[04/21/13 00:13:11]<@grunny> 	extend
[04/21/13 00:13:27]<@MasterFred> 	extend
[04/21/13 00:14:09]<@WookieeWinterz> 	Clone Wars isn't even linked in the body
[04/21/13 00:14:15]<@MasterFred> 	ewewew
[04/21/13 00:14:23]<@ecks>	Fest extended
[04/21/13 00:14:30]<@ecks>	trivia of the meeting: fest means party in Swedish
[04/21/13 00:14:35]<@ecks>	so it's PARTY EXTENDED
[04/21/13 00:14:40]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:14:43]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:14:46]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:15:04]<@Toprawa> 	Motion to rename AC Meetings to AC Parties
[04/21/13 00:15:05]*	@IFYLOFD WAILS ON GUITAR
[04/21/13 00:15:13]<@IFYLOFD> 	Seconded
[04/21/13 00:15:17]<@MasterFred> 	Motion seconded
[04/21/13 00:15:18]<@Toprawa> 	IT IS DONE
[04/21/13 00:15:23]<@MasterFred> 	dang Floyd
[04/21/13 00:15:26]<@Toprawa> 	Sorry, Tommy.
[04/21/13 00:15:27]<@Toprawa> 	Kill.
[04/21/13 00:15:33]<@ecks>	Kill
[04/21/13 00:15:44]<@MasterFred> 	kill
[04/21/13 00:15:45]<@WookieeWinterz> 	slay
[04/21/13 00:15:47]<@grunny> 	kill
[04/21/13 00:15:54]<@IFYLOFD> 	SLAY
[04/21/13 00:16:12]<@ecks>	Tera's cane killed
[04/21/13 00:16:22]<@ecks>	DAVE'S NEW ARTICLES !!!
[04/21/13 00:16:23]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:16:27]<@Toprawa> 	8)
[04/21/13 00:16:28]<@ecks>	3B3-10 - can deactivation of the droid control ship count as the death of the unit? Could also do with a appearances/sources check. 
[04/21/13 00:16:37]<@MasterFred> 	Here she come now say Mony Mony!
[04/21/13 00:16:45]<@Toprawa> 	I'd say no, to answer that question
[04/21/13 00:16:51]<@Toprawa> 	It was just deactivated
[04/21/13 00:16:58]<@Toprawa> 	It could have been reused?
[04/21/13 00:17:19]<@Toprawa> 	Unless some source says all the droids were rounded up and destroyed after the battle
[04/21/13 00:18:05]<@ecks>	probe
[04/21/13 00:18:18]<@MasterFred> 	probe
[04/21/13 00:18:22]<@grunny> 	probify
[04/21/13 00:18:26]<@Toprawa> 	Probe
[04/21/13 00:18:35]<@IFYLOFD> 	PROBE
[04/21/13 00:18:39]<@ecks>	3B3-10 probed
[04/21/13 00:18:40]<@WookieeWinterz> 	probation
[04/21/13 00:18:44]<@ecks>	1138 (Trade Federation) - can deactivation of the droid control ship count as the death of the unit? 
[04/21/13 00:18:47]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:19:11]<@Toprawa> 	If we agree no, we can just remove it from the infobox and keep the article.
[04/21/13 00:19:24]<@WookieeWinterz> 	I'm a bit dubious about the section names
[04/21/13 00:19:32]<@Toprawa> 	Actually.
[04/21/13 00:19:45]<@Toprawa> 	The comic needs to specify a certain issue in the Appearances
[04/21/13 00:19:49]<@Toprawa> 	This droid didn't appear in every issue
[04/21/13 00:19:53]<@WookieeWinterz> 	could also use a CSWE template
[04/21/13 00:19:59]<@Toprawa> 	Probably 4, but I don't know
[04/21/13 00:20:25]<@ecks>	probe!
[04/21/13 00:20:34]<@Toprawa> 	Probe
[04/21/13 00:20:38]<@IFYLOFD> 	Probe
[04/21/13 00:20:41]<@grunny> 	probe
[04/21/13 00:20:54]<@MasterFred> 	plobe
[04/21/13 00:20:56]<@Toprawa> 	You know.
[04/21/13 00:20:57]<@Toprawa> 	Wait.
[04/21/13 00:21:02]<@Toprawa> 	One more thing to put on the list of things to fix.
[04/21/13 00:21:03]<@MasterFred> 	Too late!
[04/21/13 00:21:26]<@Toprawa> 	This article is calling this droid "1138" because of the easter egg on the back of his pack or whatever
[04/21/13 00:21:35]<@ecks>	Move it to 1358
[04/21/13 00:21:37]<@Toprawa> 	AFAIK, no source ever actually says this is that droid's name
[04/21/13 00:22:00]<@Toprawa> 	I don't know if I would even be comfortable keeping the article at this.
[04/21/13 00:22:08]<@Toprawa> 	Maybe "Unidentified battle droid (1138)"
[04/21/13 00:22:12]<@ecks>	is there any precedent?
[04/21/13 00:22:19]<@ecks>	any other droids whose designation is on the backpack?
[04/21/13 00:22:20]<@Toprawa> 	This is a pretty unique situation, I think
[04/21/13 00:22:24]<@Toprawa> 	I don't know, but I would say no
[04/21/13 00:22:36]<@Toprawa> 	At the /very/ least, the Conjecture tag should be there
[04/21/13 00:22:48]<@Toprawa> 	This would be the kind of thing that should be discussed with the author, who is no longer here
[04/21/13 00:22:57]<@MasterFred> 	ugh
[04/21/13 00:23:10]<@Toprawa> 	Whoever is doing the paperwork, I think it's me, just leave this as a note
[04/21/13 00:23:13]<@WookieeWinterz> 	do we ever kill articles in their first meeting revision?
[04/21/13 00:23:24]<@Toprawa> 	We tried to, but GT always tells us no :P
[04/21/13 00:23:24]<@IFYLOFD> 	Veeeeeeeeeery rarely
[04/21/13 00:23:25]<@ecks>	only in unique situations :P
[04/21/13 00:23:27]<@Toprawa> 	Big meanie :P
[04/21/13 00:23:34]<@WookieeWinterz> 	ohh
[04/21/13 00:24:26]<@MasterFred> 	ew GT
[04/21/13 00:24:29]<@MasterFred> 	GT is not here. :P
[04/21/13 00:24:37]<@ecks>	ok
[04/21/13 00:24:41]<@ecks>	so, probe
[04/21/13 00:24:46]<@ecks>	and note down all this on the review page
[04/21/13 00:24:46]<@Toprawa> 	Cav's on paperwork, actually :P
[04/21/13 00:24:55]<@IFYLOFD> 	Are we done yet
[04/21/13 00:24:59]<@Toprawa> 	NO
[04/21/13 00:25:12]<@IFYLOFD> 	I remember when these would take 10 minutes
[04/21/13 00:25:15]<@IFYLOFD> 	Good imes
[04/21/13 00:25:20]<@Xd1358>
[04/21/13 00:25:26]<@Xd1358> 	3B3-21 - can deactivation of the droid control ship count as the death of the unit? Could also do with a appearances/sources check. Possible appearance in TPM novel should be explained in BTS.
[04/21/13 00:25:32]<@Toprawa> 	Probe
[04/21/13 00:25:38]<@IFYLOFD> 	perb
[04/21/13 00:25:55]<@MasterFred> 	phobe
[04/21/13 00:26:14]<@WookieeWinterz> 	probe
[04/21/13 00:26:20]<@grunny> 	probe
[04/21/13 00:26:25]<@ecks>	Probed
[04/21/13 00:26:29]<@WookieeWinterz> 	could use some expansion on the Bts
[04/21/13 00:26:33]<@ecks>	13,000,000,000 BBY - has received a lot of information since being granted status, as evidenced here, and could use a check. Also, the relevance/importance of the new information is disputed. 
[04/21/13 00:26:37]<@ecks>,000,000,000_BBY
[04/21/13 00:26:55]<@WookieeWinterz> 	we had talked about this one a few months ago, Tope
[04/21/13 00:27:01]<@Toprawa> 	Yeah...
[04/21/13 00:27:11]<@Toprawa> 	The main issue with this is that second BTS paragraph
[04/21/13 00:27:13]<@WookieeWinterz> 	It's Naru's
[04/21/13 00:27:28]<@Toprawa> 	It's really just a long-winded explanation of trying to apply real-world physics to Star Wars, which is always a mistake
[04/21/13 00:27:33]<@MasterFred> 	^another issue
[04/21/13 00:27:38]<@Toprawa> 	It's a mistake to assume real-world physics ever apply to the GFFA
[04/21/13 00:27:39]<@WookieeWinterz> 	ecks give us the link I provided!
[04/21/13 00:27:45]<@ecks>	the what
[04/21/13 00:27:46]<@Toprawa> 	I would suggest just removing that paragraph altogether
[04/21/13 00:27:52]<@WookieeWinterz>
[04/21/13 00:27:56]<@WookieeWinterz> 	there
[04/21/13 00:28:14]<@ecks>	you're welcome.
[04/21/13 00:28:14]<@WookieeWinterz> 	quite a few additions I say
[04/21/13 00:28:41]<@Toprawa> 	I would be ok with keeping and removing the second BTS paragraph
[04/21/13 00:28:50]<@Toprawa> 	Without that, the other additions are pretty minor
[04/21/13 00:28:58]<@MasterFred> 	Agreed.
[04/21/13 00:29:05]<@MasterFred> 	If those physics can't be sourced, remove!
[04/21/13 00:29:32]<@ecks>	keep & remove
[04/21/13 00:30:09]<@MasterFred> 	keep
[04/21/13 00:30:59]<@ecks>	peopleee
[04/21/13 00:31:05]<@ecks>	I want to get out of here at some point
[04/21/13 00:31:09]<@Toprawa> 	we need an !ACsignal
[04/21/13 00:31:14]<@IFYLOFD> 	keep
[04/21/13 00:31:16]*	Users on #wookieepedia-agricorps: @MasterFred @grunny @IFYLOFD @Toprawa @WookieeWinterz @ecks @Jangeth @Xd1358 @ChanServ
[04/21/13 00:31:19]<@ecks>	@MasterFred @grunny @IFYLOFD @Toprawa @WookieeWinterz @ecks @Jangeth @Xd1358 @ChanServ
[04/21/13 00:31:24]<@Toprawa> 	8)
[04/21/13 00:31:25]<@WookieeWinterz> 	hmm okay keep
[04/21/13 00:31:27]<@MasterFred> 	XD
[04/21/13 00:31:42]<@ecks>	/names :P
[04/21/13 00:31:55]<@Toprawa> 	Ah
[04/21/13 00:32:04]<@ecks>	13*10^9 kept
[04/21/13 00:32:04]<@Toprawa> 	Still...a command would be more fun :P
[04/21/13 00:32:12]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:32:16]<@ecks>	Coruscant underworld police - a bit of more info from the recent Star Wars issue can be added (to the "Description" section), like their apparent role and place within Imperial security on Coruscant. CC7567 (talk) 16:32, April 19, 2013 (UTC) 
[04/21/13 00:32:16]<@MasterFred> 	lolz
[04/21/13 00:32:25]<@IFYLOFD> 	GODDAMMIT MORE
[04/21/13 00:32:38]<@ecks>	'tis the last
[04/21/13 00:32:44]<@WookieeWinterz> 	and there's still Jang's proposal?
[04/21/13 00:32:52]<@IFYLOFD> 	Spareprobe
[04/21/13 00:32:56]<@IFYLOFD> 	Probespare
[04/21/13 00:32:58]<@ecks>	oh wait there's a few on the maintenance page
[04/21/13 00:33:13]<@Toprawa> 	Don't capitalize "Stormtroopers," people -_-
[04/21/13 00:33:15]<@ecks>	probe
[04/21/13 00:33:21]<@MasterFred> 	probe
[04/21/13 00:33:23]<@ecks>	wait
[04/21/13 00:33:23]<@ecks>	no
[04/21/13 00:33:34]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:33:36]*	@MasterFred last interest in this meeting like 30 minutes ago.
[04/21/13 00:33:38]<@MasterFred> 	Too long!
[04/21/13 00:33:41]<@ecks>	he seems to have done something
[04/21/13 00:34:23]<@Toprawa> 	I don't feel like reading through it
[04/21/13 00:34:27]<@Toprawa> 	It passes the eye test
[04/21/13 00:34:45]<@ecks>	keep
[04/21/13 00:34:48]<@Toprawa> 	Keep
[04/21/13 00:34:54]<@IFYLOFD> 	keep
[04/21/13 00:35:08]<@WookieeWinterz> 	keep
[04/21/13 00:35:24]<@WookieeWinterz> 	I have a segment idea for Dave. Basically it's about the queue. JangFett (Talk) 16:14, April 13, 2013 (UTC)
[04/21/13 00:35:29]<@MasterFred> 	keep
[04/21/13 00:35:31]<@ecks>	CUP kept
[04/21/13 00:35:36]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:35:38]<@ecks>	Update needed
[04/21/13 00:35:47]<@ecks>	probe
[04/21/13 00:35:48]*	@IFYLOFD vomits
[04/21/13 00:35:50]<@IFYLOFD> 	Probe
[04/21/13 00:35:53]<@Toprawa> 	Probe
[04/21/13 00:35:54]<@MasterFred> 	probe
[04/21/13 00:36:35]<@ecks>	damn people
[04/21/13 00:36:37]<@ecks>	WookieeWinterz grunny 
[04/21/13 00:36:45]<@grunny> 	probe
[04/21/13 00:36:46]<@ecks>	Cephalon probed
[04/21/13 00:36:47]<@IFYLOFD> 	Move on without them
[04/21/13 00:36:50]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:36:50]<@WookieeWinterz> 	probe
[04/21/13 00:36:53]<@ecks>	Update needed
[04/21/13 00:36:58]<@IFYLOFD> 	THAT'S ONE OF MINE
[04/21/13 00:37:00]<@IFYLOFD> 	NOOOOOOOOOO
[04/21/13 00:37:05]<@grunny> 	THEN FIX IT
[04/21/13 00:37:06]<@MasterFred> 	KILL!
[04/21/13 00:37:07]<@ecks>	INSTA KILL
[04/21/13 00:37:09]<@Toprawa> 	KHARKHARKHARKHARKHAR
[04/21/13 00:37:16]<@IFYLOFD> 	I'll fix it at some point
[04/21/13 00:37:20]<@IFYLOFD> 	Can't be much
[04/21/13 00:37:27]<@MasterFred> 	probe then
[04/21/13 00:37:29]<@grunny> 	probe
[04/21/13 00:37:31]<@WookieeWinterz> 	probe
[04/21/13 00:37:39]<@ecks>	Khar probed
[04/21/13 00:37:47]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:37:49]<@ecks>	Update needed
[04/21/13 00:38:09]<@Toprawa> 	PROBE
[04/21/13 00:38:15]<@Toprawa> 	Thing came out in February
[04/21/13 00:38:18]<@ecks>	probe
[04/21/13 00:38:22]<@WookieeWinterz> 	probe
[04/21/13 00:38:43]<@IFYLOFD> 	perb
[04/21/13 00:38:46]<@ecks>	T-6 probed
[04/21/13 00:38:47]<@grunny> 	probe
[04/21/13 00:39:00]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:39:03]<@ecks>	Update needed
[04/21/13 00:39:07]<@Toprawa> 	I think we talked about this last meeting.
[04/21/13 00:39:13]<@Toprawa> 	Cav said that card wasn't released yet or something
[04/21/13 00:39:15]<@Toprawa> 	IIRC
[04/21/13 00:39:35]<@IFYLOFD> 	I gotta go, guys
[04/21/13 00:39:36]<@IFYLOFD> 	Later
[04/21/13 00:39:40]<@Toprawa> 	Later, Floyd
[04/21/13 00:39:41]<@WookieeWinterz> 	later
[04/21/13 00:39:41]-!-	IFYLOFD (~chatzilla@wookieepedia/administrator/IFYLOFD) has quit (Quit: Crom laughs at your four winds. )
[04/21/13 00:39:56]<@ecks>	noob
[04/21/13 00:40:03]<@Toprawa> 	We did talk about this last meeting
[04/21/13 00:40:24]<@Toprawa> 	[2013-03-24 06:37:28] <grunny> did we do ?
[04/21/13 00:40:26]<@Toprawa> 	[2013-03-24 06:37:38] <CC7567> Cav says the card isn't actually out yet
[04/21/13 00:40:27]<@WookieeWinterz> 	so remove update tag and keep?
[04/21/13 00:40:28]<@Toprawa> 	[2013-03-24 06:37:41] <Jang|Away> So yes? :P
[04/21/13 00:40:29]<@Toprawa> 	[2013-03-24 06:37:49] <CC7567> Yeah, I guess :P
[04/21/13 00:40:31]<@Toprawa> 	[2013-03-24 06:37:51] <Jang|Away> :D
[04/21/13 00:40:32]<@Toprawa> 	[2013-03-24 06:37:53] <CavalierOne> Pretty sure its not.
[04/21/13 00:40:34]<@Toprawa> 	We ended up not probing
[04/21/13 00:40:45]<@ecks>	but is it out now?
[04/21/13 00:40:50]<@MasterFred> 	dunno
[04/21/13 00:41:11]<@Toprawa> 	No idea
[04/21/13 00:41:20]<@Toprawa> 	I don't think it's fair to probe on something we can't even verify
[04/21/13 00:41:38]<@ecks>	yeah
[04/21/13 00:41:41]<@ecks>	spare for now
[04/21/13 00:41:43]<@MasterFred> 	yeaj
[04/21/13 00:41:43]<@WookieeWinterz> 	well it the date seems to be official
[04/21/13 00:41:53]<@Toprawa> 	The card set is released in waves, though
[04/21/13 00:42:02]<@Toprawa> 	It may have been revealed as part of a preview for a future set
[04/21/13 00:42:08]<@grunny> 	it's part of
[04/21/13 00:42:10]<@WookieeWinterz> 	okay then spare
[04/21/13 00:42:11]<@Toprawa> 	It wasn't in the basic starter set, I think is what Cav was saying
[04/21/13 00:42:13]<@grunny> 	which isn't out yet
[04/21/13 00:42:18]<@ecks>	spare per gruns
[04/21/13 00:42:19]<@Toprawa> 	There you go :P
[04/21/13 00:42:21]<@Toprawa> 	Spare
[04/21/13 00:42:27]<@grunny>
[04/21/13 00:42:58]<@grunny> 	spare
[04/21/13 00:43:05]<@ecks>	<s>Tony</s> Starck spared.
[04/21/13 00:43:08]<@ecks>	ONE. MORE.
[04/21/13 00:43:11]<@ecks>
[04/21/13 00:43:19]<@ecks>	intro expansion and linking check per cC
[04/21/13 00:43:20]<@ecks>	CC*
[04/21/13 00:43:26]<@WookieeWinterz> 	yeah for a year
[04/21/13 00:43:34]<@Toprawa> 	PROBE
[04/21/13 00:43:39]<@WookieeWinterz> 	probe
[04/21/13 00:43:47]<@WookieeWinterz> 	(if not kill :p)
[04/21/13 00:43:52]<@ecks>	probe
[04/21/13 00:44:25]<@grunny> 	probe
[04/21/13 00:44:29]<@MasterFred> 	probe
[04/21/13 00:44:31]<@ecks>	Ingo probed
[04/21/13 00:44:33]<@ecks>	DONE.
[04/21/13 00:44:38]<@MasterFred> 	:D
[04/21/13 00:44:41]<@grunny> 	\o/
[04/21/13 00:44:41]<@ecks>	Anyone have an idea about Jang's item+
[04/21/13 00:44:48]<@MasterFred> 	dunoo dun dur
[04/21/13 00:44:51]<@WookieeWinterz> 	Tope had?
[04/21/13 00:44:54]<@Toprawa> 	I think he just wanted to complain that it takes 5824284242428 years to archive something :P
[04/21/13 00:45:02]<@Toprawa> 	I don't have any immediate solutions, sorry :P
[04/21/13 00:45:03]<@ecks>	motion passed
[04/21/13 00:45:04]<@ecks>	:P
[04/21/13 00:45:11]<@WookieeWinterz> 	lol
[04/21/13 00:45:12]<@ecks>	grunny, write a script or something
[04/21/13 00:45:22]<@ecks>	Cal Jedi schedules Meeting 58
[04/21/13 00:45:24]<@ecks>	BUT HE LEFT
[04/21/13 00:45:27]<@ecks>	:'(
[04/21/13 00:45:27]<@grunny> 	I probably could...
[04/21/13 00:45:37]<@ecks>	Jang schedules Meeting 58
[04/21/13 00:45:41]<@grunny> 	at least for most of it, some of it would have to be manual
[04/21/13 00:45:42]<@WookieeWinterz> 	by the way, why did he left?
[04/21/13 00:45:43]<@ecks>	Cav is the paperwork guy
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