[05/25/13 23:02:20]<@Jangston> 	Welcome to Meeting 58, gentlemen
[05/25/13 23:02:25]<@MasterFred> 	haro
[05/25/13 23:02:27]<@MasterFred> 	Sorry
[05/25/13 23:02:33]<@MasterFred> 	Memorial Day stuff
[05/25/13 23:02:44]<@Jangston> 	Anything we need to discuss before we get into General Cav's super old and super new articles?
[05/25/13 23:03:10]<@Jangston> 	New members, Fred's firing? :P
[05/25/13 23:03:22]<@IFYLOFD> 	LET'S GO NOW NOW NOW
[05/25/13 23:03:26]<@Jangston> 	If not, then we will begin with Extended Articles from Dave
[05/25/13 23:03:30]<@MasterFred> 	Jang pls
[05/25/13 23:03:32]<@Jangston> 	Peragus II
[05/25/13 23:03:34]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:03:36]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:03:38]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:03:41]<@Jangston> 	No change iirc
[05/25/13 23:03:56]<@Jangston> 	Oh wait, Cade :P
[05/25/13 23:04:09]<@Jangston> 	Keep
[05/25/13 23:04:18]<@Toprawa> 	Wait
[05/25/13 23:04:22]<@Toprawa> 	I'm asking Cade
[05/25/13 23:04:26]<@Jangston> 	Oh ok
[05/25/13 23:04:54]<@ecks>	you just ping me when something's happening
[05/25/13 23:05:00]<@ecks>	I'm busy trying to solve something complicated
[05/25/13 23:05:05]<@Jangston> 	seems legit
[05/25/13 23:05:12]<@Toprawa> 	What about redux?
[05/25/13 23:05:17]<@Toprawa> 	It seems like an entirely new article
[05/25/13 23:05:21]<@Toprawa> 	He says he completely rewrote it
[05/25/13 23:05:35]<@IFYLOFD> 	Yeah, if that's the case we should Dux it
[05/25/13 23:05:58]<@Jangston> 	Redux?
[05/25/13 23:06:08]<@MasterFred> 	Guys
[05/25/13 23:06:12]<@Jangston> 	wut
[05/25/13 23:06:19]<@MasterFred> 	I don't know if this is going to work out.
[05/25/13 23:06:26]<@MasterFred> 	My family wasn't supposed to be here until 5
[05/25/13 23:06:30]<@Jangston> 	btw Tope, IIRC I think Mission to Fest is also a Cade article
[05/25/13 23:06:32]<@MasterFred> 	They're already here. -_-
[05/25/13 23:06:35]<@ecks>	as Jang was saying
[05/25/13 23:06:37]<@ecks>	23:02:07 <@Jangston>  Fred, you're fired
[05/25/13 23:06:43]<@MasterFred> 	lolz
[05/25/13 23:06:56]<@MasterFred> 	ok
[05/25/13 23:06:59]<@Jangston> 	No that was Cal
[05/25/13 23:07:04]<@MasterFred> 	I've got them at bay for now.
[05/25/13 23:07:42]<@MasterFred> 	Let's get this thing going! :D
[05/25/13 23:07:49]<@Jangston> 	So redux guys?
[05/25/13 23:07:49]<@Toprawa> 	I support Redux
[05/25/13 23:07:52]<@ecks>	redux
[05/25/13 23:07:56]<@IFYLOFD> 	Redux
[05/25/13 23:08:00]<@Jangston> 	Fred
[05/25/13 23:08:16]<@MasterFred> 	Redux
[05/25/13 23:08:31]<@Jangston> 	Peragus II sent to redux
[05/25/13 23:08:38]<@Jangston> 	Mission to Fest (Clone Wars)
[05/25/13 23:08:40]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:08:42]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:08:43]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:08:45]<@Jangston> 	Last one for Dave
[05/25/13 23:08:53]<@Jangston> 	All done. --Eyrezer (talk) 06:31, March 24, 2013 (UTC)
[05/25/13 23:09:10]<@Jangston> 	Xd, Floyd, Tope, Fred
[05/25/13 23:09:14]<@Toprawa> 	Why was this extended?
[05/25/13 23:09:20]<@IFYLOFD> 	You don't need to ping me, bro
[05/25/13 23:09:21]<@Toprawa> 	Was this the stuff Cal didn't do in the paperwork?
[05/25/13 23:09:26]-!-	WookieeWinterz (55f10215@wookieepedia/Winterz) has joined #wookieepedia-agricorps
[05/25/13 23:09:26]*	ChanServ sets modes [#wookieepedia-agricorps +o WookieeWinterz]
[05/25/13 23:09:27]<@IFYLOFD> 	Yeah, think so
[05/25/13 23:09:28]<@ecks>	scumbag Cal
[05/25/13 23:09:32]<@Toprawa> 	Ok
[05/25/13 23:09:34]<@Toprawa> 	Hey Winterz
[05/25/13 23:09:38]<@WookieeWinterz> 	allo
[05/25/13 23:09:40]<@Jangston> 	Hey winterz
[05/25/13 23:09:49]<@Jangston> 	Floyd, not sure who's paying attention or not :P
[05/25/13 23:10:02]*	@MasterFred is not.
[05/25/13 23:10:05]<@MasterFred> 	jk :P
[05/25/13 23:10:10]<@Jangston> 	Winterz:
[05/25/13 23:10:16]<@Toprawa> 	You know, my original complaint to this article still exists
[05/25/13 23:10:18]<@Jangston> 	Mission to Fest (Clone Wars)
[05/25/13 23:10:20]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:10:21]<@Toprawa> 	I don't remember when we talked about this.
[05/25/13 23:10:21]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:10:23]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:10:26]<@Jangston> 	We are on that
[05/25/13 23:10:37]<@Toprawa> 	Nothing was added to the body of the article per the date.
[05/25/13 23:10:46]<@Toprawa> 	It just says generally ten months after Geonosis
[05/25/13 23:10:57]<@Toprawa> 	It needs to specify and link to 21 BBY.
[05/25/13 23:11:02]<@Toprawa> 	Mentioning the GrS date wouldn't hurt either
[05/25/13 23:11:27]<@Jangston> 	Yeah
[05/25/13 23:11:44]<@MasterFred> 	Agreed
[05/25/13 23:12:03]<@WookieeWinterz> 	okay
[05/25/13 23:12:07]<@Jangston> 	For some reason this was on the extended list from Dave
[05/25/13 23:12:08]<@MasterFred> 	Jang, did you plan this meeting?
[05/25/13 23:12:19]<@Jangston> 	Stay on target :P
[05/25/13 23:12:33]<@Jangston> 	(note Dave was Meeting 57)
[05/25/13 23:12:39]<@MasterFred> 	It's Memorial Day weekend.
[05/25/13 23:12:43]<@MasterFred> 	You're fired now. lolz
[05/25/13 23:13:00]<@Jangston> 	So what should we do with it?
[05/25/13 23:13:09]<@Toprawa> 	I can't remember when we discussed this, but I know we did
[05/25/13 23:13:13]<@Jangston> 	Even though it has the GAcleanup and still has errors
[05/25/13 23:13:16]<@MasterFred> 	I remember this too.
[05/25/13 23:13:17]<@Toprawa> 	I feel like this was lost in the red tape of Cal's paperwork mishap
[05/25/13 23:13:47]<@Toprawa> 	We can extend probe for this, I guess
[05/25/13 23:13:55]<@Toprawa> 	This needs to be added to the review page
[05/25/13 23:13:58]<@Jangston> 	Extend again?
[05/25/13 23:14:02]<@Jangston> 	Ok
[05/25/13 23:14:08]<@WookieeWinterz> 	ok
[05/25/13 23:14:11]<@MasterFred> 	Eh, I'm ok either way
[05/25/13 23:14:17]<@Jangston> 	Vote time
[05/25/13 23:14:22]<@IFYLOFD> 	Extendosaur
[05/25/13 23:14:22]<@Jangston> 	I say Extend per Tope
[05/25/13 23:14:25]<@ecks>	extend
[05/25/13 23:14:27]<@WookieeWinterz> 	extend
[05/25/13 23:14:28]<@Toprawa> 	Extend
[05/25/13 23:14:29]<@MasterFred> 	extend
[05/25/13 23:14:35]<@Jangston> 	Mission to Fest extended
[05/25/13 23:14:38]<@Jangston> 	Now onto the new articles :P
[05/25/13 23:14:43]<@Jangston> 	3B3-10
[05/25/13 23:14:45]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:14:47]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:14:48]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:14:51]<@Jangston> 	No change
[05/25/13 23:15:04]<@Toprawa> 	Kill Bill
[05/25/13 23:15:12]<@MasterFred> 	kill dat
[05/25/13 23:15:14]<@Jangston> 	Grunny votes kill
[05/25/13 23:15:16]<@Jangston> 	I vote kill
[05/25/13 23:15:32]<@ecks>	kill
[05/25/13 23:15:32]<@WookieeWinterz> 	slay
[05/25/13 23:15:33]<@Jangston> 	(note grunny wants all killed :P )
[05/25/13 23:15:42]<@Jangston> 	3B3-10 killed
[05/25/13 23:15:49]<@Jangston> 	1138 (Trade Federation)
[05/25/13 23:15:50]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:15:52]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:15:54]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:16:01]<@Jangston> 	dat Cav error
[05/25/13 23:16:05]<@Jangston> 	No change
[05/25/13 23:16:12]<@Toprawa> 	Kill
[05/25/13 23:16:13]<@IFYLOFD> 	Kill'
[05/25/13 23:16:15]<@Jangston> 	Kill
[05/25/13 23:16:17]<@ecks>	kill
[05/25/13 23:16:22]<@MasterFred> 	kill
[05/25/13 23:16:28]<@WookieeWinterz> 	kill
[05/25/13 23:16:33]<@Jangston> 	1138 killed
[05/25/13 23:16:39]<@Jangston> 	3B3-21
[05/25/13 23:16:40]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:16:42]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:16:44]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:16:47]<@Jangston> 	No change
[05/25/13 23:16:54]<@ecks>	kill
[05/25/13 23:16:54]<@MasterFred> 	Man
[05/25/13 23:16:55]<@Jangston> 	Kill
[05/25/13 23:16:57]<@Toprawa> 	Chill
[05/25/13 23:16:57]<@MasterFred> 	dat lack of change
[05/25/13 23:17:05]<@IFYLOFD> 	Kill
[05/25/13 23:17:05]<@MasterFred> 	kazizzle
[05/25/13 23:17:07]<@Jangston> 	So what's your vote? :P
[05/25/13 23:17:20]<@Jangston> 	Ok, winterz?
[05/25/13 23:17:25]<@WookieeWinterz> 	oki
[05/25/13 23:17:34]<@Jangston> 	Yes?
[05/25/13 23:17:53]<@Jangston> 	I'm assuming you want to kill it? :P
[05/25/13 23:18:00]<@Toprawa> 	The AC Wastes are not to be traveled lightly.
[05/25/13 23:18:04]<@Jangston> 	3B3-21 killed
[05/25/13 23:18:05]<@Jangston> 	xd
[05/25/13 23:18:07]<@Jangston> 	XD
[05/25/13 23:18:12]<@Jangston> 	Cephalon
[05/25/13 23:18:14]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:18:16]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:18:18]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:18:20]<@Jangston> 	No change
[05/25/13 23:18:24]<@MasterFred> 	ugh
[05/25/13 23:18:28]<@IFYLOFD> 	Kill
[05/25/13 23:18:29]<@MasterFred> 	kill then, I guess
[05/25/13 23:18:30]<@Jangston> 	Kill
[05/25/13 23:18:32]<@ecks>	kill
[05/25/13 23:18:33]<@Toprawa> 	Kill
[05/25/13 23:18:33]<@WookieeWinterz> 	kill
[05/25/13 23:18:38]<@Jangston> 	Cephalon killed
[05/25/13 23:18:43]<@Jangston> 	Khar Shian
[05/25/13 23:18:44]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:18:46]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:18:48]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:18:50]<@Jangston> 	No change
[05/25/13 23:19:06]<@Toprawa> 	Xill
[05/25/13 23:19:07]<@WookieeWinterz> 	is there any article that has received edits since the ac review?
[05/25/13 23:19:08]<@Jangston> 	Kill
[05/25/13 23:19:15]<@Jangston> 	Yup, one sec Winterz
[05/25/13 23:19:20]<@Jangston> 	We are getting to them :P
[05/25/13 23:19:21]<@MasterFred> 	Kill
[05/25/13 23:19:33]<@WookieeWinterz> 	okay, drown this one pls
[05/25/13 23:19:35]<@IFYLOFD> 	Oof
[05/25/13 23:19:38]<@IFYLOFD> 	That's one of mine
[05/25/13 23:19:39]<@Jangston> 	Xd pls
[05/25/13 23:19:43]<@IFYLOFD> 	I completely forgot about that one
[05/25/13 23:19:55]<@MasterFred> 	Floyd: What if you fix it today and we extend?
[05/25/13 23:19:56]<@Jangston> 	Do you want to make changes?
[05/25/13 23:20:00]<@MasterFred> 	Like I did last time.
[05/25/13 23:20:03]<@IFYLOFD> 	Yeah, let me do this quick
[05/25/13 23:20:11]<@Jangston> 	Spare then?
[05/25/13 23:20:24]<@IFYLOFD> 	I got the EGW right her
[05/25/13 23:20:25]<@IFYLOFD> 	*here
[05/25/13 23:20:29]<@Jangston> 	how long will it take for you to finish it?
[05/25/13 23:20:35]<@IFYLOFD> 	Not long
[05/25/13 23:20:37]<@Jangston> 	Ok
[05/25/13 23:20:43]<@MasterFred> 	I say keep then
[05/25/13 23:20:46]<@Jangston> 	I'll vote spare, I trust the Floyd :P
[05/25/13 23:20:58]<@WookieeWinterz> 	spare then
[05/25/13 23:21:07]<@Toprawa> 	Dare
[05/25/13 23:21:16]<@Jangston> 	And the Xdeth
[05/25/13 23:21:23]<@MasterFred> 	I killed him.
[05/25/13 23:21:26]<@ecks>	hur
[05/25/13 23:21:29]<@ecks>	uhh
[05/25/13 23:21:30]<@MasterFred> 	:O
[05/25/13 23:21:31]<@Jangston> 	:D
[05/25/13 23:21:36]<@ecks>	spare
[05/25/13 23:21:39]<@Jangston> 	Khar spared
[05/25/13 23:21:45]<@Jangston> 	T-6 shuttle
[05/25/13 23:21:47]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:21:48]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:21:50]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:21:51]<@Jangston> 	*Would like to request an extension on this. CC7567 (talk) 18:37, May 25, 2013 (UTC)
[05/25/13 23:21:53]<@Jangston> 	CC wants an extension
[05/25/13 23:21:54]<@Jangston> 	This is Tranner's article btw
[05/25/13 23:22:03]<@IFYLOFD> 	Extend then
[05/25/13 23:22:07]<@Jangston> 	Extend
[05/25/13 23:22:09]<@MasterFred> 	Extend
[05/25/13 23:22:10]<@Toprawa> 	Tranner no longer benefits from our corrupt internal dealings. :P
[05/25/13 23:22:15]<@Jangston> 	XD
[05/25/13 23:22:15]<@MasterFred> 	giv dat CC wut he wont
[05/25/13 23:22:19]<@Jangston> 	wut
[05/25/13 23:22:21]<@Toprawa> 	Extend
[05/25/13 23:22:24]<@WookieeWinterz> 	extend
[05/25/13 23:22:38]<@Jangston> 	And our last gentleman....
[05/25/13 23:22:48]<@Jangston> 	Xd
[05/25/13 23:23:13]<@Jangston> 	Xd you're fired
[05/25/13 23:23:16]<@WookieeWinterz> 	known as the
[05/25/13 23:23:27]<@Jangston> 	We'll come back to it :P
[05/25/13 23:23:31]<@Jangston> 	Ingo Wavlud
[05/25/13 23:23:33]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:23:34]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:23:36]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:23:38]<@Jangston> 	Last one
[05/25/13 23:23:43]<@Jangston> 	No change
[05/25/13 23:23:45]<@Toprawa> 	Ingo, you filthy boy, you
[05/25/13 23:23:56]<@Jangston> 	^
[05/25/13 23:23:57]<@Toprawa> 	KILL!
[05/25/13 23:23:59]<@Jangston> 	Kill
[05/25/13 23:24:01]<@IFYLOFD> 	Kill
[05/25/13 23:24:02]<@WookieeWinterz> 	ehrm
[05/25/13 23:24:03]<@MasterFred> 	kill
[05/25/13 23:24:08]<@WookieeWinterz> 	is it that severe ? <.<
[05/25/13 23:24:15]<@ecks>	kill
[05/25/13 23:24:20]<@ecks>	sorry i'm kinda busy
[05/25/13 23:24:21]<@Jangston> 	And for T-6?
[05/25/13 23:24:24]<@Jangston> 	np man
[05/25/13 23:24:25]<@ecks>	got some complicated stuff going on
[05/25/13 23:24:29]<@ecks>	Jang has my vote if I'm absnet
[05/25/13 23:24:30]<@ecks>	absent
[05/25/13 23:24:30]<@Toprawa> 	Minecraft?
[05/25/13 23:24:32]<@ecks>	no
[05/25/13 23:24:33]<@Toprawa> 	Pepsi spill?
[05/25/13 23:24:33]<@ecks>	well
[05/25/13 23:24:34]<@WookieeWinterz> 	lul
[05/25/13 23:24:34]<@Jangston> 	Ingo killed, T-6 shuttle extended
[05/25/13 23:24:35]<@ecks>	Minecraft related
[05/25/13 23:24:36]<@Jangston> 	Oka
[05/25/13 23:24:40]<@Jangston> 	Maintenance
[05/25/13 23:24:43]<@Toprawa> 	Pepsi spilled on your Minecraft? :P
[05/25/13 23:24:47]<@Jangston> 	Starck — Update needed. JangFett (Talk) 14:32, May 17, 2013 (UTC)
[05/25/13 23:24:48]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:24:50]<@Jangston> 	*I saw Tranner updated that on the 19th. Hanzo Hasashi (talk) 18:32, May 25, 2013 (UTC)
[05/25/13 23:24:51]<@ecks>	it might be more severe than that
[05/25/13 23:24:52]-!-	CC7567 (~chatzilla@wookieepedia/administrator/CC7567) has joined #wookieepedia-agricorps
[05/25/13 23:24:52]*	ChanServ sets modes [#wookieepedia-agricorps +o CC7567]
[05/25/13 23:24:56]<@Jangston> 	Starck was updating according to Hanzo
[05/25/13 23:24:59]<@Toprawa> 	CC IN BEFORE THE BELL
[05/25/13 23:25:03]<@Jangston> 	And a wild CC appears 20 minutes late :P
[05/25/13 23:25:06]<@Jangston> 	haha
[05/25/13 23:25:21]<@Jangston> 	CC, we went through Dave's extended and the new stuff
[05/25/13 23:25:28]<@CC7567> 	are you serious?
[05/25/13 23:25:30]<@CC7567> 	gah, I thought the meeting started in half an hour
[05/25/13 23:25:32]<@CC7567> 	sorry guys
[05/25/13 23:25:36]<@MasterFred> 	np
[05/25/13 23:25:43]<@Jangston> 	Everything but T-6 and Khar were killed, CC
[05/25/13 23:25:48]<@MasterFred> 	haha
[05/25/13 23:25:52]<@Jangston> 	T-6 extended, Khar spared (Floyd will work on it)
[05/25/13 23:26:01]<@IFYLOFD> 	I already fixed Khar Shian
[05/25/13 23:26:04]<@Jangston> 	:D
[05/25/13 23:26:09]<@CC7567> 	keep then?
[05/25/13 23:26:11]<@MasterFred> 	Go floyd
[05/25/13 23:26:12]<@MasterFred> 	go floyd
[05/25/13 23:26:13]<@Jangston> 	We are in maintenance :P
[05/25/13 23:26:17]<@MasterFred> 	iz yo birfdeigh
[05/25/13 23:26:18]<@Jangston> 	Starck — Update needed. JangFett (Talk) 14:32, May 17, 2013 (UTC)
[05/25/13 23:26:19]<@Jangston>
[05/25/13 23:26:21]<@Jangston> 	*I saw Tranner updated that on the 19th. Hanzo Hasashi (talk) 18:32, May 25, 2013 (UTC)
[05/25/13 23:26:24]<@Jangston> 	^ For CC
[05/25/13 23:26:45]<@Jangston> 	I say spare
[05/25/13 23:26:58]<@Toprawa> 	Spare
[05/25/13 23:27:01]<@Jangston> 	Tope, Floyd, Xd, winterz, frd
[05/25/13 23:27:02]<@IFYLOFD> 	Spare
[05/25/13 23:27:07]<@CC7567> 	spare
[05/25/13 23:27:07]<@Toprawa> 	FERD
[05/25/13 23:27:11]<@WookieeWinterz> 	spare
[05/25/13 23:27:18]<@MasterFred> 	spur
[05/25/13 23:27:20]<@Jangston> 	Starck spared
[05/25/13 23:27:28]<@Jangston> 	Discussion teim
[05/25/13 23:27:29]<@ecks>	spare
[05/25/13 23:27:30]<@ecks>	ffff
[05/25/13 23:27:33]<@Jangston> 	Tope, you have the floor :P
[05/25/13 23:27:37]<@Toprawa> 	Yeah
[05/25/13 23:27:44]<@Toprawa> 	I'm here to yell at all of you about archiving.
[05/25/13 23:27:53]<@Jangston> 	Xd: 8)
[05/25/13 23:27:54]<@Toprawa> 	Everyone hates archiving, so spare me the whining.
[05/25/13 23:28:05]<@WookieeWinterz> 	Jang likes archiving
[05/25/13 23:28:08]<@Toprawa> 	It's part of your job as an AC, whether you like it or not.
[05/25/13 23:28:15]<@Jangston> 	seems legit
[05/25/13 23:28:20]<@MasterFred> 	Understood.
[05/25/13 23:28:24]<@Toprawa> 	Shut up and let me finish
[05/25/13 23:28:44]<@Toprawa> 	It looks *really* pathetic when we have three and four approved nominations sitting on the page for three, four, five days on end.
[05/25/13 23:28:52]<@Toprawa> 	So I'm proposing an informal practice.
[05/25/13 23:29:18]<@Toprawa> 	If you're the last AC to vote on and thereby approve something, it is *your* responsibility to see that it gets archived within the next 24 hours.
[05/25/13 23:29:29]<@Toprawa> 	If no one has archived it, you need to do it.
[05/25/13 23:29:42]<@MasterFred> 	Seems fair.
[05/25/13 23:30:04]<@Toprawa> 	Objections?
[05/25/13 23:30:12]<@Jangston> 	Yeah, I've noticed that. (I just did that recently)
[05/25/13 23:30:19]<@WookieeWinterz> 	I doubt Floyd has any, he's always the first to vote <.<
[05/25/13 23:30:32]<@IFYLOFD> 	Because I'm quick to review shit
[05/25/13 23:30:37]<@CC7567> 	I thought we were already doing that tbh, but people (including myself) get lazy
[05/25/13 23:30:38]<@Toprawa> 	Hey, he reviews more than just about all of you combined.
[05/25/13 23:30:39]<@Jangston> 	I'm good with that Tope
[05/25/13 23:30:41]<@WookieeWinterz> 	anyway, seems fair to me
[05/25/13 23:30:57]<@ecks>	I will make my glorious return 
[05/25/13 23:30:58]<@Toprawa> 	If you don't want to archive, be the first to review something
[05/25/13 23:30:59]<@ecks>	in a week or so
[05/25/13 23:31:00]<@Toprawa> 	Review more, in other words
[05/25/13 23:31:13]<@WookieeWinterz> 	ew ecks
[05/25/13 23:31:22]<@MasterFred> 	Tope: Will do.
[05/25/13 23:31:26]<@Toprawa> 	That's all I have to say
[05/25/13 23:31:28]<@ecks>	yeah this seems fair
[05/25/13 23:31:29]<@Toprawa> 	Do a better job, people
[05/25/13 23:32:01]<@Jangston> 	Anything else guys?
[05/25/13 23:32:04]<@Jangston> 	Thanks, Tope
[05/25/13 23:32:06]*	@MasterFred admits to having slacked a lot in archiving. :/
[05/25/13 23:32:08]<@MasterFred> 	Apologies.
[05/25/13 23:32:19]<@Jangston> 	Cav will schedule Meeting 59
[05/25/13 23:32:25]<@Jangston> 	Xd will be our paperwork bitch for today
[05/25/13 23:32:32]<@WookieeWinterz> 	lol
[05/25/13 23:32:39]<@Toprawa> 	Thanks for hosting, Jang
[05/25/13 23:32:44]<@Jangston> 	No problem :)
[05/25/13 23:32:46]<@CC7567> 	yeah, thanks Jang
[05/25/13 23:32:50]<@MasterFred> 	Thank you, futureadminjang
[05/25/13 23:32:57]<@WookieeWinterz> 	Jang, you're the man
[05/25/13 23:33:04]<@CC7567> 	okay, enough compliments :P
[05/25/13 23:33:09]<@IFYLOFD> 	Jang, you suck
[05/25/13 23:33:10]<@Jangston> 	8)
[05/25/13 23:33:10]<@CC7567> 	you people are too happy :P
[05/25/13 23:33:17]*	Jangston has kicked IFYLOFD from #wookieepedia-agricorps (pls)
[05/25/13 23:33:34]<@WookieeWinterz> 	I'm starviiin'
[05/25/13 23:33:35]<@Jangston> 	Meeting 58 is hereby done
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