[21:01:26] <WookieeWinterz> alright we're all here
[21:02:14] <WookieeWinterz> Welcome, gentlemen and madame (frd), to ACmeeting 73
[21:02:27] <WookieeWinterz> lets jump right in
[21:02:40] <WookieeWinterz> probed articles
[21:02:54] <WookieeWinterz>
[21:03:03] <WookieeWinterz>
[21:03:10] <WookieeWinterz>
[21:03:27] <WookieeWinterz> no changes
[21:03:34] <SimToprawa> Kill
[21:03:35] <exiledjedi> kill
[21:03:37] <MasterFred> kill
[21:03:38] <WookieeWinterz> kill
[21:03:52] <IFYLOFD> Killiam
[21:04:02] <WookieeWinterz> Camo scout armor killed
[21:04:11] <WookieeWinterz>
[21:04:16] <WookieeWinterz>
[21:04:21] <WookieeWinterz>
[21:04:57] <SimToprawa> No change
[21:04:59] <SimToprawa> Kill
[21:05:04] <exiledjedi> kill
[21:05:05] <WookieeWinterz> kill
[21:05:06] <MasterFred> kill
[21:05:16] <IFYLOFD> Kill
[21:05:26] <WookieeWinterz> Ceasar killed
[21:05:31] <WookieeWinterz>
[21:05:32] <MasterFred> Freedom!
[21:05:36] <WookieeWinterz>
[21:05:42] <WookieeWinterz>
[21:05:56] <WookieeWinterz> no change
[21:06:01] <MasterFred> kill
[21:06:02] <SimToprawa> Kill
[21:06:07] <IFYLOFD> Murder
[21:06:10] <WookieeWinterz> kill
[21:06:16] <SimToprawa> Just noting that after we get past Imprint, we can just group-kill those
[21:06:22] <exiledjedi> kill
[21:06:24] <SimToprawa> I think they're all no change, and they all have the same issues
[21:06:29] <IFYLOFD> ^
[21:06:32] <WookieeWinterz> aight
[21:06:33] <WookieeWinterz> then
[21:06:43] <WookieeWinterz> Genocide
[21:07:01] <MasterFred> YAAAASSSS!
[21:07:29] <IFYLOFD> Let's move, Terz
[21:07:31] <WookieeWinterz> if anyone opposes our final solution, speak
[21:07:53] <WookieeWinterz>
[21:07:59] <SimToprawa> You skipped Hoth
[21:08:00] <WookieeWinterz>
[21:08:13] <WookieeWinterz> I thought you included that one meh
[21:08:26] <WookieeWinterz>
[21:08:28] <SimToprawa> I'm not the one running the meeting :3
[21:08:32] <WookieeWinterz>
[21:08:39] <WookieeWinterz>
[21:08:50] <SimToprawa> Kill
[21:09:03] <MasterFred> kill
[21:09:07] <exiledjedi> kill
[21:09:08] <IFYLOFD> Kill
[21:09:08] <WookieeWinterz> nothing significant changed, rape
[21:09:15] <WookieeWinterz> Hoth comic killed
[21:09:23] <WookieeWinterz>
[21:09:35] <WookieeWinterz>
[21:09:40] <WookieeWinterz>
[21:09:51] <WookieeWinterz> Done. See notes on review page. —MJ— Comlink 02:49, November 22, 2014 (UTC)
[21:11:22] <IFYLOFD> ...Keep, I guess
[21:11:31] <MasterFred> Yeah, I don't see anything.
[21:11:34] <MasterFred> keep
[21:11:44] <WookieeWinterz> we could always redux if anyone thinks it better
[21:12:03] <SimToprawa> I just made a minor revision
[21:12:09] <SimToprawa> We don't do "Further reading" anymore in OOU articles
[21:12:16] <SimToprawa> Keep
[21:12:21] <MasterFred> Oh yeah.
[21:12:25] <WookieeWinterz> ok, keep
[21:12:35] <WookieeWinterz> EJ?
[21:12:35] <exiledjedi> Keep
[21:12:43] <WookieeWinterz> Imprint kept
[21:13:04] <WookieeWinterz> alright next ones, all probed in last meeting
[21:13:16] <IFYLOFD> Mass destruction
[21:13:20] <WookieeWinterz> nothing changed
[21:13:28] <SimToprawa> Kill all
[21:13:29] <MasterFred> "Wipe them out. All of them."
[21:13:35] <exiledjedi> Kill all
[21:13:38] <WookieeWinterz> rebel scum, kill all
[21:13:47] <WookieeWinterz> okay group killed
[21:13:58] <WookieeWinterz> new ones
[21:14:10] <WookieeWinterz>
[21:14:22] <WookieeWinterz> To put it bluntly, the article's referencing for the battle's date is complete BS. Leland Chee's old Message Board post about the timeline of the final Clone Wars battles leading up to Coruscant doesn't mention this unidentified battle in the slightest. This will need a reference note to explain how and why this battle falls in 19 BBY. As for other issues, the BTS will need to reference the air date for the episode. Tha
[21:14:34] <WookieeWinterz> - Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 01:26, November 18, 2014 (UTC)
[21:14:54] <WookieeWinterz> I say kill
[21:14:58] <WookieeWinterz> cough
[21:15:00] <WookieeWinterz> probe*
[21:15:03] <SimToprawa> Probe
[21:15:08] <exiledjedi> probe
[21:15:29] <IFYLOFD> perb
[21:15:44] <WookieeWinterz> fred?
[21:16:11] <WookieeWinterz> Battle of bla bleh probed
[21:16:30] <WookieeWinterz>
[21:16:46] <WookieeWinterz> probe
[21:17:23] <IFYLOFD> Update from ROTJ?
[21:17:41] <SimToprawa> I really don't even know what to do with this.
[21:17:51] <exiledjedi> Didn't we just take care of this article?
[21:17:58] <SimToprawa> Tim Veekhoven says Nho'Apakk is in ROTJ here:
[21:18:18] <WookieeWinterz> yeah Hanzo updated it some days after last meeting, EJ
[21:18:37] <SimToprawa> We just took all of the ROTJ stuff out because Hanzo told us to
[21:18:42] <SimToprawa> Now he's telling us to put it all back in
[21:18:54] <MasterFred> Sorry, got a phone call.
[21:19:06] <MasterFred> ugh this article
[21:19:36] * SimToprawa shrugs
[21:19:38] <WookieeWinterz> well we can look into this further until next meeting
[21:19:46] <WookieeWinterz> so I'll just say probe.
[21:19:55] <SimToprawa> I don't trust anything Tim Veekhoven says, mind you, but if they let him publish stuff on, then it's good enough for our purposes
[21:20:14] <SimToprawa> So it needs a new update for ROTJ
[21:20:17] <SimToprawa> Probe
[21:20:19] <exiledjedi> Probe
[21:20:25] <IFYLOFD> OK
[21:20:27] <IFYLOFD> Probe
[21:20:30] <MasterFred> probe
[21:20:40] <WookieeWinterz> Nho'Apakk probed
[21:20:48] <WookieeWinterz>
[21:20:58] <WookieeWinterz> "behind the scenes should definitely be improved  - Hanzo"
[21:21:09] <WookieeWinterz> Has a point.
[21:21:44] <SimToprawa> Probe
[21:21:46] <WookieeWinterz> probably has a ton of missing content as well, but I'm not getting into that now
[21:21:48] <WookieeWinterz> probe
[21:21:50] <SimToprawa> I agree
[21:21:53] <IFYLOFD> parb
[21:21:55] <SimToprawa> It just looks really lacking
[21:21:56] <MasterFred> probe
[21:21:57] <exiledjedi> Probe
[21:22:06] <WookieeWinterz> H'nemthe probed
[21:22:16] <MasterFred> Yeah, this article doesn't seem near large enough for such a major topic.
[21:22:21] <SimToprawa> heh
[21:22:28] <WookieeWinterz> alrighty new one on maintenance
[21:22:29] <SimToprawa> let me quote my voting comment from its original nomination:
[21:22:31] <SimToprawa> "I'm going to vote for this on the assumption that this is merely Stage 1 of the process of putting this article together. Everything is there, but it's really just summarized, and not comprehensively explained. After looking at some of these sources myself, many things could definitely be fleshed out, and I have no doubt an expansion could bring this thing to 1000 words. Toprawa and...
[21:22:32] <SimToprawa> ...Ralltiir 23:58, 27 May 2008 (UTC) "
[21:22:43] <SimToprawa> I say we add that to the probe.
[21:22:47] <SimToprawa> Expand everything.
[21:22:54] <exiledjedi> Agreed
[21:23:02] <WookieeWinterz> okay I'll add that to the review page
[21:23:06] <MasterFred>
[21:23:25] <WookieeWinterz> next one
[21:23:29] <WookieeWinterz>
[21:23:39] <SimToprawa> That isn't one month old yet
[21:24:05] <WookieeWinterz> indeed
[21:24:14] <WookieeWinterz> spare
[21:24:15] <MasterFred> yep
[21:24:24] <MasterFred> spare
[21:24:29] <WookieeWinterz> or rather disregard it
[21:24:48] <WookieeWinterz> okay
[21:24:53] <WookieeWinterz> discussion items anyone?
[21:24:58] <IFYLOFD> naw
[21:25:01] <MasterFred> I have to poop.
[21:25:02] <SimToprawa> nope
[21:25:21] <exiledjedi> nothing from me
[21:25:26] <WookieeWinterz> okay then
[21:25:29] <SimToprawa> Meeting duties...
[21:25:35] <SimToprawa> Floyd schedules Meeting 74
[21:25:40] <SimToprawa> Floyd does paperwork for Meeting 73
[21:25:43] <SimToprawa> lolz
[21:25:44] <IFYLOFD> Fuck.
[21:25:45] <IFYLOFD> You.
[21:25:47] <MasterFred> lolz
[21:25:50] <WookieeWinterz> I'll do that shitstorm
[21:26:02] <SimToprawa> Ok, meeting is concluded.
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