[20:02:13] <Beldon_AA-23> Winterz, are you hosting?
[20:03:43] <Beldon_AA-23> Ok, then
[20:03:48] <Beldon_AA-23> ecks, EJ, Cav, Winterz
[20:03:53] <Beldon_AA-23> For those who are here, welcome to AC Meeting 81
[20:04:03] <Beldon_AA-23> Does anyone have preliminary discussion items?
[20:04:09] <SirCavalier> No
[20:04:22] <Beldon_AA-23> I don't either
[20:04:31] <Beldon_AA-23> We'll start with probed articles
[20:04:43] <Beldon_AA-23>
[20:04:49] <Beldon_AA-23>
[20:04:57] <Beldon_AA-23>
[20:05:18] <WookieeWinterz> hi
[20:05:19] <Beldon_AA-23> No change
[20:05:21] <Beldon_AA-23> It's a redlink
[20:05:37] <Beldon_AA-23> EJ votes to kill
[20:05:47] <Beldon_AA-23> I do as well
[20:05:50] <WookieeWinterz> kill
[20:05:58] <SirCavalier> I could probably kill the redlink after the meeting if you wanted to spare it.
[20:06:17] <Beldon_AA-23> If you're going to, sure
[20:06:31] <SirCavalier> I have the source, so shouldn't be a problem.
[20:06:35] <Beldon_AA-23> Spare, then
[20:06:37] <Beldon_AA-23> Or Keep, rather
[20:06:39] <SirCavalier> Spare
[20:06:43] <SirCavalier> Keep
[20:06:45] <WookieeWinterz> ok then, keep
[20:06:46] <SirCavalier> Whatever
[20:06:53] <Beldon_AA-23> Shapers of Kro Var kept
[20:07:01] <Beldon_AA-23>
[20:07:06] <Beldon_AA-23>
[20:07:15] <Beldon_AA-23>
[20:08:04] <WookieeWinterz> quite the update
[20:08:56] <WookieeWinterz> it would seem to get an improvement overall
[20:08:59] <WookieeWinterz> it got*
[20:09:07] <Beldon_AA-23> I could have sworn we identified that image as something that needed to be fixed
[20:09:22] <SirCavalier> Didn't EJ say something about extension in his notes?
[20:09:47] <Beldon_AA-23> Extend: Zybahhod Yenyoni (A lot of the sourcing for the EAOC is incomplete. The explanatory reference from the BTS should be used. "of the southern-eastern portion of the Outer Rim Territories." This part might need additional referencing as well.) 
[20:09:59] <Beldon_AA-23> And we did probe for the image, though it wasn't added to the review page
[20:10:18] <Beldon_AA-23> Also, the mention of the species on Tatooine belongs in a "[Species] in the galaxy" section, per the Layout Guide
[20:11:02] <SirCavalier> I'd be fine with extending. I did miss the image thing in the review page.
[20:11:04] <Beldon_AA-23> So, yeah, we can probe for all of this stuff. Whoever is doing paperwork, make sure to list everything here
[20:11:38] <Beldon_AA-23> Winterz?
[20:11:51] <WookieeWinterz> I agree with the extension
[20:12:00] <Beldon_AA-23> Zybahhod Yenyoni extended
[20:12:06] <Beldon_AA-23>
[20:12:09] <Beldon_AA-23>
[20:12:15] <Beldon_AA-23>
[20:12:26] <Beldon_AA-23> No change, apparently
[20:12:39] <SirCavalier> Kill
[20:12:44] <Beldon_AA-23> Kill
[20:12:46] <WookieeWinterz> kill
[20:12:53] <Beldon_AA-23> J8Q-128 Finbat Missile killed
[20:12:56] <Beldon_AA-23> Moving on to new articles
[20:13:15] <Beldon_AA-23> I'll let everyone read the paragraph that's there if you haven't already
[20:13:19] <Beldon_AA-23> Too long to post here
[20:13:25] <SirCavalier> I noticed Qui-Gon was working on a bunch of these articles today.
[20:13:34] <Beldon_AA-23> Then CC added this in addition
[20:13:36] <Beldon_AA-23>     As an addendum, we've used sources like The Essential Reader's Companion (and before that, Star Wars Annual 2011) to provide approximate dates for TCW material, but it's no longer acceptable to cite the Reader's Companion as a source without explaining the specific reasoning behind it. See Template:TCWdates for examples of dates with proper explanations of the deductive reasoning that...
[20:13:38] <Beldon_AA-23> ...refers to them. CC7567 (talk) 02:10, August 13, 2015 (UTC) 
[20:14:06] <SirCavalier>
[20:14:07] <Beldon_AA-23> So basically, if there are reference notes explaining the BBY dates here or otherwise CC's TCW date templates, this information is not properly sourced
[20:14:37] <Beldon_AA-23> We'll start with the first one
[20:14:44] <Beldon_AA-23>
[20:15:09] * Beldon_AA-23 sighs
[20:15:12] <Beldon_AA-23>
[20:15:25] <Beldon_AA-23> I don't know what this is supposed to mean
[20:15:27] <SirCavalier> Qui Gon just posted this to the AC page: 
[20:15:28] <Beldon_AA-23> I don't know if it's accurate
[20:15:29] <SirCavalier>
[20:15:51] <WookieeWinterz> yeah was reading it
[20:16:47] <Beldon_AA-23> We can mark it as resolved for now, but I'm not going to be satisfied until CC says the referencing is accurate 
[20:16:59] <Beldon_AA-23> I'm trying to see if CC can give me a word right now, but I don't know if he's around
[20:17:36] <Beldon_AA-23> There's got to be a better way to reference that without writing a ponderous paragraph 
[20:18:39] <Beldon_AA-23> I'm checking now to see if he made changes to everything
[20:18:51] <Beldon_AA-23> Instead of just linking them here
[20:20:45] <Beldon_AA-23> Ok, here's an example of something he didn't fix
[20:20:54] <Beldon_AA-23>
[20:21:49] <Beldon_AA-23> I explained on the meeting page that he needs to either provide a reference note or multiple references in places where the article is saying a character died in 22 BBY, for example
[20:21:53] <Beldon_AA-23> I linked to this article as an example:
[20:22:05] <Beldon_AA-23> One reference note sources the date, while the second one sources that he died
[20:22:23] <Beldon_AA-23> In RB-551, the Fact File source doesn't say that the droid was destroyd
[20:22:42] <SirCavalier> I was just trying to find my copy to determine that.
[20:23:08] <Beldon_AA-23> He didn't do this for any of these articles
[20:23:29] <WookieeWinterz> so he didn't really solve the issue
[20:23:38] <Beldon_AA-23> I'm willing to extend for this, so that he can fix them properly and also so CC can take a look at them for accuracy, parsing
[20:23:59] <SirCavalier> I'd agree with that.
[20:24:03] <WookieeWinterz> a spare-extend then? Maybe a SH?
[20:24:13] <Beldon_AA-23> SH really isn't necessary 
[20:24:41] <Beldon_AA-23> Extend, then
[20:25:00] <SirCavalier> Extend
[20:25:31] <Beldon_AA-23> Winterz?
[20:25:47] <WookieeWinterz> ok extend
[20:26:07] <Beldon_AA-23> All of those articles are extended 
[20:26:14] <Beldon_AA-23>
[20:26:15] <Beldon_AA-23> Redlink
[20:26:38] <Beldon_AA-23> Years are tough, since sources rarely explicitly say a BBY/ABY date
[20:26:48] <SirCavalier> Year article. Probably deleted in that round of year deletions.
[20:26:49] <Beldon_AA-23> It's usually being culled from some other indirect reference, like "ten years later"
[20:27:13] <Beldon_AA-23> Probe
[20:27:17] <SirCavalier> Probe
[20:27:45] <Beldon_AA-23> Winterz?
[20:28:04] <Beldon_AA-23> EJ votes probe
[20:28:08] <Beldon_AA-23> Kao Cen Darach probed
[20:28:12] <Beldon_AA-23> Checking the bin...
[20:28:23] <Beldon_AA-23> Nothing in there
[20:28:26] <Beldon_AA-23> Anyone else have anything?
[20:28:46] <SirCavalier> Nope.
[20:28:53] <Beldon_AA-23> Ok, let me check duties
[20:29:12] <Beldon_AA-23> Winterz is on paperwork
[20:29:17] <Beldon_AA-23> Floyd schedules Meeting 82
[20:29:29] <Beldon_AA-23> The meeting is hereby adjourned, thank you for showing up
[20:29:49] <Beldon_AA-23> Winterz actually said he had a discussion item
[20:29:51] <Beldon_AA-23> I missed that on the page
[20:29:59] <Beldon_AA-23> If he comes back and wants to do that, we can
[20:30:05] <SirCavalier> Fair enough
[20:31:15] <SirCavalier> I think I'm going to remove that redlink in Kro Var. It appears to be a reference to various training temples, rather than a specific location.
[20:31:59] <Beldon_AA-23> Sure
[20:33:15] <SirCavalier> Done. If Ataru wants to argue the point that it should have an article, then he can.
[20:45:49] <WookieeWinterz> back
[20:45:50] <WookieeWinterz> sorry
[20:46:04] <WookieeWinterz> it's not really a discussion item per se
[20:46:38] <WookieeWinterz> as you've probably noticed I'm not really active any longer
[20:46:47] <WookieeWinterz> nor have I been keeping up with my AC duties
[20:47:06] <WookieeWinterz> considering how few and how weak my reviews actually are by now
[20:48:20] <WookieeWinterz> and how I can't find time nor will to do what is required of a AC member
[20:48:30] <WookieeWinterz> I've decided to leave the AgriCorps
[20:49:16] <WookieeWinterz> I'll do this meeting's paperwork as my final task and then I'm out
[20:50:05] <Beldon_AA-23> Thank you for letting us know
[20:50:17] <Beldon_AA-23> You may remove your name from the AC page if you prefer
[20:50:29] <WookieeWinterz> thanks for the giving me the chance
[20:50:40] <WookieeWinterz> it's been a good ride
[20:50:48] <WookieeWinterz> but I'm just not cut for it anymore
[20:51:19] <WookieeWinterz> Thanks for all and bye.
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