[00:15:54] <IFYLOFD> Time for the makeup AC Meeting 86
[00:16:01] <IFYLOFD> First up, old articles
[00:16:07] <IFYLOFD>
[00:16:13] <IFYLOFD>
[00:16:32] <CavalierOne> Ah, this old chestnut
[00:16:36] <exiledjedi> I think this is finally fixed.
[00:16:37] <IFYLOFD> This thing has been extended /four/ times, which may be a recoerd
[00:16:38] <IFYLOFD> *record
[00:16:58] <IFYLOFD> I think it's finally time to get this one off the ledger
[00:16:59] <IFYLOFD> Keep
[00:17:04] <exiledjedi> Keep
[00:17:12] <CavalierOne> Keep
[00:17:52] <IFYLOFD> Kao Cen Darach kept
[00:18:03] <IFYLOFD>,_3653_BBY
[00:18:07] <IFYLOFD>,_3653_BBY
[00:18:42] <IFYLOFD> Kill
[00:18:46] <CavalierOne> I really don't want to kill over redlinks, but with no first hand knowledge of the subject ...
[00:18:48] <CavalierOne> Kill
[00:18:52] <exiledjedi> Kill
[00:19:00] <IFYLOFD> Chancery election killed
[00:19:08] <IFYLOFD>
[00:19:14] <IFYLOFD>
[00:19:24] <IFYLOFD> Knighthunters was the Star Wars equivalent of the TV hit Knight Rider
[00:19:28] <IFYLOFD> Kill
[00:19:30] <CavalierOne> If you want to extend I'll take it on.
[00:19:41] <CavalierOne> Referencing shouldn't be that hard.
[00:20:22] <IFYLOFD> Fine with me
[00:20:25] <IFYLOFD> Extend
[00:20:28] <exiledjedi> Sure.
[00:20:32] <CavalierOne> Extend
[00:20:59] <IFYLOFD> Knighthunters extended
[00:21:05] <IFYLOFD>
[00:21:10] <IFYLOFD>
[00:22:17] <IFYLOFD> Kill
[00:22:28] <exiledjedi> Kill
[00:22:32] <CavalierOne> Kill
[00:22:39] <IFYLOFD> Stinger killed
[00:22:48] <IFYLOFD>
[00:22:52] <IFYLOFD>
[00:23:28] <CavalierOne> Kill
[00:23:43] <IFYLOFD> Kill
[00:23:57] <exiledjedi> Kill
[00:24:01] <IFYLOFD> Thirsty Bantha killed
[00:24:05] <IFYLOFD> Onto the maintenance page
[00:24:14] <IFYLOFD> Update tag, CSWE
[00:24:17] <IFYLOFD> Probe
[00:24:20] <exiledjedi> Probe
[00:24:22] <CavalierOne> Probe
[00:24:42] <IFYLOFD> TC-22 probed
[00:24:44] <IFYLOFD> Discussion
[00:29:16] <IFYLOFD> The GAN's in probably a shittier state than the FAN considering the articles are much shorter
[00:29:51] <CavalierOne> Agreed. Review more, do better
[00:30:03] <IFYLOFD> For one
[00:30:25] <IFYLOFD> If one of you wants to review that, we could pass that tonight
[00:30:29] <IFYLOFD> It's been on the GAN /forever/
[00:31:16] <CavalierOne> Doesn't Tope still have an outstanding objection?
[00:31:17] <IFYLOFD> Also, Cav, you have a few unstruck objections
[00:31:19] <exiledjedi> Well, there are open objections on that.
[00:31:27] <IFYLOFD> Yeah, but that's been addressed since fucking January
[00:31:28] <CavalierOne> I do? Fuck.
[00:31:31] <IFYLOFD> So we can vote to strike it now
[00:31:52] <IFYLOFD> Because Tope's not around to strike it any time soon
[00:32:44] <CavalierOne> Sounds reasonable as long as its been addressed.
[00:33:18] <exiledjedi> I'm trying to determine what the objection was.
[00:34:07] <IFYLOFD> Honestly, I really don't see any referencing issues with the article as it stands
[00:34:25] <exiledjedi> Tope's objection implies that this "
[00:34:25] <exiledjedi> Shortly before the Battle of Yavin[1]" needs additional sourcing.
[00:34:50] <exiledjedi> So, I don't think it has been entirely addressed.
[00:35:13] <IFYLOFD> Does it actually, though?
[00:35:59] <IFYLOFD> I mean, from the synopsis, it's pretty obviously a retelling of the opening scenes of Episode IV
[00:36:03] <IFYLOFD> That's just common sense
[00:36:32] <exiledjedi> Yeah, but you can't get that information from the book.
[00:37:13] <IFYLOFD> What could you properly cite that to, then
[00:37:17] <IFYLOFD> ANH?
[00:37:56] <exiledjedi> I would think a reference saying that the book is an adaptation of the first scenes of ANH.
[00:38:03] <CavalierOne> Possibly with a ref note explaining that the book retells a portion of the story of ANH.
[00:38:29] <IFYLOFD> Shit, I can do that now
[00:38:44] <IFYLOFD> This thing has been an eyesore on the GAN page forever and I just want to get rid of it
[00:39:07] <CavalierOne> But I think its self-explanatory as it is at the same time.
[00:39:17] <exiledjedi> I don't know about writing Reception sections, but something about it doesn't seem right.
[00:40:01] <IFYLOFD> Then leave objections then :P
[00:40:04] <exiledjedi> It seems overly focused on user reviews.
[00:40:48] <IFYLOFD> I just left a new ref note in the infobox
[00:41:21] <IFYLOFD> So do we want to vote to strike Tope's objection?
[00:42:01] <CavalierOne> Channel vote or on the GAN page itself?
[00:42:20] <IFYLOFD> We're here, might as well do a channel vote
[00:42:25] <exiledjedi> I don't feel comfortable striking an AC's objections without consulting with them first. I seem to remember talking to Tope about it and him saying that there was still something else left.
[00:42:52] <IFYLOFD> Well, we can wait to see if he comes back, but we don't know when that's going to be
[00:42:59] <IFYLOFD> I wouldn't be advocating this if he was around
[00:43:04] <CavalierOne> I've had objections struck without consultation before now.
[00:44:44] <IFYLOFD> Without him around to actually explain things, all it becomes is an obstacle
[00:45:03] <exiledjedi> Well, if you want to strike it you can find someone else to vote on it. I don't want to pass an article that I don't think is ready and I don't have the time to review it right now.
[00:45:14] <IFYLOFD> Fine, we can wait, that's OK with me
[00:45:59] <IFYLOFD> If we don't have anything left to discuss, let's do meeting duties
[00:46:29] <IFYLOFD> Paperwork is me, shit
[00:46:35] <IFYLOFD> Scheduling is EJ
[00:46:40] <IFYLOFD> Meeting 86 is officially closed
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