23:17:52<@Toprawa>  Here it is
23:17:59<@Toprawa>  We'll start with last meeting's articles
23:18:23<@Toprawa>  It was extended from Meeting 94
23:18:45<@Toprawa>  Apparently Eyrezer and Hanzo did stuff
23:18:55<@ecks> yep, seems fixed
23:19:14<@Toprawa>  Keep, then
23:19:17<@Imperators>  keep
23:19:18<@ecks> keepers
23:19:20<@exiledjedi>  Keep
23:19:21<@MasterFred>  Yeah, checks out. Keep
23:19:29<@Toprawa>  Amorphiian kept
23:20:09<@Toprawa>  Whatever error in the referencing appears to be gone
23:20:18<@ecks> keep
23:20:21<@Toprawa>  Keep
23:20:22<@Imperators>  Lewisr the Machine-Man has saved the day
23:20:24<@Imperators>  keep
23:20:24<@MasterFred>  Keep
23:20:25<@exiledjedi>  Keep
23:20:34<@Toprawa>  Siege of Mandalore kept
23:20:43<@Toprawa>  ok, several things in the Maintenance bin
23:20:58<@Toprawa> needs an update
23:21:00<@Toprawa>  eh
23:21:20<@Toprawa>  Probe
23:21:26<@exiledjedi>  Probe
23:21:28<@Imperators>  EJ has been digging
23:21:29<@Imperators>  probe
23:21:34<@ecks> Probe
23:21:37<@MasterFred>  Probe
23:21:40<@Toprawa>  Magda Keto probed
23:21:47<@Toprawa>  Needs an update
23:21:48<@ecks> tfw it's been like three years since Legends came to an end and we still have to probe Legends articles
23:21:58<@MasterFred>  ^
23:22:03<@ecks> probe
23:22:05<@Toprawa>  CSWE is 10 years old next year :P
23:22:08<@exiledjedi>  probe
23:22:11<@MasterFred>  probe
23:22:12<@Toprawa>  Probe
23:22:21<@Imperators>  real men still do Legends
23:22:23<@Imperators>  probe
23:22:27<@Toprawa>  Kallaarac probed
23:22:29<@Toprawa> update
23:22:30<@exiledjedi>  A lot of these are BTS Updates due to the quality of the CSWE.
23:22:43<@Toprawa>  Probe
23:22:48<@exiledjedi>  Probe
23:22:52<@MasterFred>  probe
23:22:53<@Imperators>  probe
23:22:55<@Toprawa>  You mean the quality they copied from Wookieepedia? :P
23:23:02<@exiledjedi>  Probably.
23:23:08<@MasterFred>  hahaha
23:23:27<@exiledjedi>  I think there was one entry that contradicted itself.
23:23:28<@ecks> Probe
23:23:31<@Toprawa>  Melida/Daan Unified Congress Building probed 
23:23:36<@Toprawa>  update
23:23:38<@Toprawa>  Probe
23:23:43<@exiledjedi>  Probe
23:23:45<@Imperators>  probe
23:23:46<@ecks> Probe
23:23:51<@MasterFred>  probe
23:23:52<@Toprawa>  Chankar Kim probed 
23:23:54<@Toprawa> update
23:23:57<@Toprawa>  Probe
23:24:06<@exiledjedi>  Probe
23:24:08<@MasterFred>  probe
23:24:09<@Imperators>  probe
23:24:20<@ecks> probe
23:24:22<@Toprawa>  Saras Loorne probed
23:24:24<@Toprawa> update
23:24:26<@Toprawa>  Probe
23:24:29<@ecks> probe
23:24:35<@ecks> I swear if I'm on paperwork...
23:24:37<@exiledjedi>  Probe
23:24:39<@Toprawa>  heh
23:24:48<@MasterFred>  ecks XD
23:24:51<@Imperators>  probe
23:25:24<@Toprawa>  Fred?
23:25:43<@Toprawa>  Moving along, Ashii Nermani probed
23:25:50<@Toprawa> update, not from CSWE
23:25:51<@MasterFred>  probe
23:25:53<@MasterFred>  sorry
23:25:57<@ecks> Fred messed up. He's no longer in the AgriCorps
23:25:59<@Toprawa>  Probe
23:26:07<@ecks> Probe
23:26:07<@exiledjedi>  Probe
23:26:09<@Imperators>  probe, lol
23:26:14<@MasterFred>  probe
23:26:16<@Toprawa>  Vess Kogo probed
23:26:27<@Toprawa>  This apparently has a Fact tag
23:26:45<@Toprawa>  "leaving behind only ashes and small pieces of plastoid and metal[source?]"
23:26:49<@Toprawa>  shrug
23:26:52<@Toprawa>  Probe
23:27:00<@exiledjedi>  Probe
23:27:08<@ecks> Probe
23:27:09<@MasterFred>  probe
23:27:15<@Imperators>  yeah, Star Wars in 100 scenes is apparently not canon after all, so someone removed all the stuff from it
23:27:17<@Imperators>  probe
23:27:19<@Toprawa>  Funeral of Anakin Skywalker probed
23:27:21<@Toprawa>  huh
23:27:24<@Toprawa>  Ok, then
23:27:27<@MasterFred>  dang, I liked that article :P
23:27:30<@Toprawa>  Anything else from anyone?
23:27:32<@Toprawa>  That's all in the bin
23:27:54<@exiledjedi>  I don't have anything else.
23:28:00<@MasterFred>  Thanks again for the readmission. Looking forward to working with you guys. :D
23:28:07<@ecks> nothing from me
23:28:13<@Toprawa>  If there are no more articles, looking at meeting duties....
23:28:37<@Toprawa>  EJ schedules Meeting 96
23:28:43<@exiledjedi>  Cool.
23:29:38<@Toprawa>  But in the meantime, Fred, you're welcome to add your name to the AC page roster
23:29:42<@MasterFred>  That seems fair.
23:29:46<@MasterFred>  Ok, sounda good.
23:30:11<@Toprawa>  Ok, that's all for AC Meeting 95. Thanks everyone for coming.
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