23:18:16<@ecks> Welcome to Meeting XCIV
23:18:19<@ecks> no idea if that's correct
23:18:22<@ecks> Meeting 94
23:18:28<@Imperators>  :D
23:18:29<@ecks> Starting with old stuff
23:18:49<@ecks> Tags changed to IU Canon. Should be all set. Hanzo Hasashi (talk) 09:25, May 21, 2017 (UTC) 
23:18:53<@ecks> this has been extended once
23:19:16<@ecks> the reason it was extended: [2017-04-15 23:09:03] <Imperators> EJ votes extend: "I disagree with making this a real world article. At the previous EC meeting, we said it should be canon-only."
23:19:56<@ecks> but I've no idea since Hanzo undid his only edit to the article
23:20:38<@ecks> EJ, can you maybe explain this a bit?
23:20:39<@exiledjedi>  He didn't really undo it.
23:20:41<@ecks> I'm a bit lost
23:20:57<@exiledjedi>  He just added the good back as part of a revert...
23:21:09<@exiledjedi>  It has been changed to a Canon article.
23:21:21<@exiledjedi>  The legends reference was removed.
23:21:26<@Imperators>  seems alright to me
23:21:46<@ecks> yeah, ok
23:21:50<@exiledjedi>  I don't remember what "Missing info from the TCW Season Four video release" entailed.
23:22:31<@exiledjedi>  I think everything has been done.
23:22:35<@exiledjedi>  Keep
23:22:38<@ecks> Keep
23:22:58<@Imperators>  keep Canon Legends real-life giant turtle
23:23:08<@ecks> Gampassa kept
23:23:36<@ecks> [2017-04-15 23:10:48] <Imperators> again, EJ votes extend: "The established by date can be made to be more specific than that. I believe we have a source for the newer TOR dates."
23:23:53<@ecks> don't see any changes here
23:24:19<@exiledjedi>  Okay, it looks like that wasn't added to the review page though.
23:25:18<@exiledjedi>  No one asked what the issue was though.
23:25:35<@ecks> ugh
23:25:54<@ecks> it's perfectly established in the log imo
23:26:30<@Imperators>  Kasra's activity seems to be...erratic
23:26:44<@exiledjedi>  If someone had asked about it, then I would feel differently, but no one did. Kill
23:26:54<@Imperators>  kill
23:27:05<@ecks> kill
23:27:12<@ecks> Jedi Temple Guard killed
23:27:35<@ecks> update needed
23:27:37<@ecks> no changes
23:27:38<@ecks> kill
23:27:48<@exiledjedi>  kill
23:27:54<@Imperators>  kill no-change article #1
23:28:07<@ecks> Tarn Mison killed
23:28:22<@Imperators>  unidentified no-change article 1
23:28:31<@ecks> update needed
23:28:35<@ecks> no changes
23:28:36<@ecks> Kill
23:28:39<@exiledjedi>  Kill
23:28:47<@Imperators>  kill
23:28:54<@ecks> KILLED
23:29:09<@ecks> Update needed. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 17:09, April 24, 2017 (UTC)
23:29:09<@ecks>     Updated. --Eyrezer (talk) 13:36, May 22, 2017 (UTC) 
23:29:48<@ecks> seems ok
23:29:55<@ecks> I don't even wanna ask what pluri-interface means though
23:30:22<@exiledjedi>  I think the BTS should probably say something about it.
23:30:48<@Imperators>  about SkyeWalkers, you mean?
23:30:58<@exiledjedi>  Yeah.
23:31:26<@ecks> yeah
23:31:31<@ecks> I'm ok with extend
23:32:42<@exiledjedi>  All right, extend with: "The BTS should note the mention of the species in SkyeWalkers."
23:32:58<@ecks> ^
23:33:10<@Imperators>  extend 1978 androids, then
23:33:55<@ecks> extended
23:34:19<@ecks> update needed
23:34:21<@ecks> no changes
23:34:22<@ecks> kill
23:34:52<@Imperators>  kill No-Change Two
23:34:56<@exiledjedi>  I even sent Tope an email about this one with the material needed for the update.
23:34:58<@exiledjedi>  Kill
23:35:29<@ecks> dead
23:35:34<@ecks> moving on to new articles
23:35:45<@ecks> Christya - hair, eye and skin color infobox-exclusive. Imperators II(Talk) 18:37, May 19, 2017 (UTC)
23:35:45<@ecks>     Added, and the last part of the behind the scenes was just another example of how nobody maintains quality articles on this site anymore, addressing the player as "you" in a mainspace article. Hanzo Hasashi (talk) 01:57, May 20, 2017 (UTC) 
23:36:52<@ecks> Spare, and for the record, clearly SOMEONE is maintaining quality articles on this site because it's on the AC agenda
23:37:22<@exiledjedi>  Spare, per ecks.
23:37:29<@Imperators>  Spare
23:37:36<@ecks> Spared
23:37:46<@ecks> Siege of Mandalore — There is an error with reference 15.--Exiled Jedi (talk) 02:17, May 24, 2017 (UTC) 
23:38:10<@exiledjedi>  I don't even know what that reference should be.
23:39:05<@exiledjedi>  Probe
23:39:06<@Imperators>  it should be something, though. probe
23:39:12<@ecks> something to do with this but I'm lost
23:39:13<@ecks> probe
23:39:22<@ecks> Probed
23:39:31<@ecks> oh boy, maintenance page has some stuff
23:39:41<@ecks> Update tag
23:39:48<@exiledjedi>  That's not a month old yet.
23:39:52<@ecks> yep
23:39:54<@ecks> May 2
23:39:55<@ecks> spare for now
23:41:21<@exiledjedi>  I believe all of the others were already under review.
23:41:55<@ecks> correct
23:42:01<@Imperators>  um, sorry, where is this "one month" thing written?
23:42:26<@ecks> I do believe the AC and the Inq agreed at one point to not probe articles whose new material is under a month old
23:43:19<@exiledjedi>  I'm not 100% sure that it is written down anywhere. I think it is more of a courtesy policy.
23:43:36<@Imperators>  hmm
23:43:38<@ecks> yep
23:43:40<@Imperators>  ok, spare then
23:44:10<@exiledjedi>  Spare\
23:44:24<@ecks> spared
23:44:32<@ecks> anyone got something else they'd like to probe?
23:44:56<@exiledjedi>  Not off the top of my head.
23:44:59<@Imperators>  not
23:45:05<@ecks> discussion items?
23:45:29<@exiledjedi>  Not I.
23:47:20<@ecks> I'm gonna go ahead and shuffle the list for the duties
23:47:31<@ecks> SCHEDULING
23:47:35<@ecks>     Toprawa and Ralltiir*
23:47:35<@ecks>     Exiledjedi*
23:47:35<@ecks>     Ifindyourlackoffaithdisturbing*
23:47:35<@ecks>     Imperators II
23:47:35<@ecks>     Xd1358
23:47:35<@ecks>     Cavalier One*
23:47:53<@ecks> PAPERWORK
23:47:54<@ecks>     Cavalier One*
23:47:54<@ecks>     Exiledjedi*
23:47:54<@ecks>     Imperators II
23:47:54<@ecks>     Xd1358
23:47:54<@ecks>     Toprawa and Ralltiir*
23:47:54<@ecks>     Ifindyourlackoffaithdisturbing*
23:48:01<@ecks> poor EJ 8)
23:48:23<@ecks> ecks is on paperwork for this meeting
23:48:28* @ecks considers retiring
23:48:35<@ecks> that concludes Meeting XCIV
23:48:40<@exiledjedi>  Well, you get paperwork for this meeting, so I don't feel bad yet.
23:48:40<@ecks> meeting adjourned, thanks for coming
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