[20:02:12] <Toprawa> Welcome to AC Meeting 111
[20:02:31] <Toprawa> We'll begin with probed articles from last meeting
[20:02:36] <Toprawa>
[20:02:41] <Toprawa>
[20:02:48] <Toprawa> No change
[20:02:53] <Tommy-Macaroni> Kill
[20:02:58] <exiledjedi> Kill
[20:03:22] <Toprawa> Kill
[20:03:25] <Toprawa> Serra Keto killed
[20:03:33] <Toprawa>
[20:03:39] <Toprawa>
[20:03:51] <Toprawa> Not everything completed
[20:04:17] <Toprawa> Kill
[20:04:21] <Tommy-Macaroni> I think if he was gonna try and fix the date he would have done
[20:04:23] <Tommy-Macaroni> Kil
[20:04:25] <Toprawa> Yeah
[20:04:27] <exiledjedi> Kill
[20:04:34] <Toprawa> Fan has been making drive-by fixes on a few objections but not fixing everything
[20:04:38] <Toprawa> Korto Vos killed
[20:04:43] <Toprawa>
[20:04:47] <Toprawa>
[20:04:53] <Toprawa> No change
[20:05:04] <exiledjedi> Kill
[20:05:05] <Tommy-Macaroni> kill
[20:05:12] <Toprawa> Kill
[20:05:14] <Toprawa> Zharia Vos killed
[20:05:22] <Toprawa>
[20:05:27] <Toprawa>
[20:05:33] <Toprawa> No change
[20:05:35] <Tommy-Macaroni> kill
[20:05:37] <Toprawa> Kill
[20:05:40] <exiledjedi> Kill
[20:05:45] <Toprawa> Sa Cuis killed
[20:05:48] <Toprawa>
[20:05:53] <Toprawa>
[20:05:59] <Toprawa> No change
[20:06:01] <Tommy-Macaroni> kill
[20:06:06] <Toprawa> Kill
[20:06:32] <exiledjedi> Kill
[20:06:38] <Toprawa> Wilk (wolf) killed
[20:06:43] <Toprawa>
[20:06:46] <Toprawa>
[20:06:55] <Toprawa> No change
[20:06:59] <Tommy-Macaroni> kill
[20:07:02] <exiledjedi> Kill
[20:07:03] <Toprawa> Kill
[20:07:12] <Toprawa> Early death dog killed
[20:07:16] <Toprawa>
[20:07:20] <Toprawa>
[20:07:29] <Toprawa> No change
[20:07:30] <exiledjedi> Kill
[20:07:37] <Toprawa> Kill
[20:07:40] <Tommy-Macaroni> kill
[20:07:43] <Toprawa> Heraklon-class transport killed
[20:07:48] <Toprawa> Moving on to new articles
[20:07:52] <Toprawa> None of which are listed on the agenda
[20:07:55] <Toprawa> So let us look at the Bin
[20:08:29] <Toprawa> One or more are from updates less than 30 days old
[20:08:33] <Toprawa>
[20:08:39] <Toprawa> Update needed
[20:09:16] <Toprawa> Probe
[20:09:19] <exiledjedi> Probe
[20:09:19] <Tommy-Macaroni> Probe
[20:09:23] <Toprawa> Kubindi probed
[20:09:30] <Toprawa>
[20:09:37] <Toprawa> Scum and Villainy came out in October, for the record
[20:09:38] <Toprawa> Update needed
[20:10:17] <exiledjedi> Probe
[20:10:23] <Toprawa> Probe
[20:10:40] <Tommy-Macaroni> Probe
[20:10:43] <Toprawa> Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate probed
[20:10:46] <Toprawa>
[20:10:48] <Toprawa> Update needed
[20:11:17] <Toprawa> (I'm letting you guys vote first, since I'm the host)
[20:11:34] <Tommy-Macaroni> Duplicate link
[20:11:37] <Tommy-Macaroni> Kill
[20:11:43] <Toprawa> Kill
[20:11:50] <exiledjedi> Probe (Hopefully, I can get to this before the time is up.)
[20:12:00] <Toprawa> Do you want to request an extension?
[20:12:05] <Toprawa> I think we can grant that
[20:12:18] <exiledjedi> We haven't probed it yet.
[20:12:29] <exiledjedi> I think I should be able to get to it before the next meeting.
[20:12:30] <Tommy-Macaroni> Oh wait did I say kill?
[20:12:34] <Toprawa> An extension for not-probing it, I mean
[20:12:40] <Toprawa> I think we can grant that if you're actively working on it
[20:12:43] <exiledjedi> Ah.
[20:12:44] <Tommy-Macaroni> oops, I meant probe lolz
[20:12:57] <exiledjedi> Yeah, I should be able to fix it today or tomorrow.
[20:13:01] <Toprawa> Ok, cool
[20:13:04] <Toprawa> We'll let it slide for this meeting
[20:13:04] <Tommy-Macaroni> Im okay with that
[20:13:13] <Toprawa> Great
[20:13:14] <Toprawa>
[20:13:17] <Toprawa> Update needed
[20:13:40] <exiledjedi> Unsourced BTS
[20:13:41] <Tommy-Macaroni> I think some of those paragraphs could be split up
[20:13:57] <Toprawa> Probe
[20:14:04] <exiledjedi> The date references probably need to use TERC.
[20:14:06] <exiledjedi> Probe
[20:14:07] <Tommy-Macaroni> I also have my doubts about the date ref
[20:14:11] <Tommy-Macaroni> yeah 
[20:14:12] <Tommy-Macaroni> probe
[20:14:14] <Toprawa> Yevra probed
[20:14:19] <Toprawa>
[20:14:21] <Toprawa> Update needed
[20:14:31] <exiledjedi> BTS is unsourced.
[20:14:52] <Tommy-Macaroni> Double ref not ordered counting up
[20:15:04] <Toprawa> Probe
[20:15:08] <exiledjedi> Probe
[20:15:10] <Tommy-Macaroni> Duplicate links
[20:15:11] <Tommy-Macaroni> Probe
[20:15:13] <Toprawa> Worlohp probed
[20:15:17] <Toprawa>
[20:15:18] <Toprawa> Update needed
[20:15:42] <Tommy-Macaroni> Split up the intro
[20:15:52] <exiledjedi> BTS unsourced.
[20:15:56] <Tommy-Macaroni> Date refs likely need updating
[20:16:08] <Tommy-Macaroni> Dup links
[20:16:10] <Tommy-Macaroni> Probe
[20:16:15] <Toprawa> Probe
[20:16:17] <exiledjedi> Probe
[20:16:19] <Toprawa> Peragus II probed
[20:16:24] <Toprawa> Ok, we issue
[20:16:32] <Toprawa>
[20:16:36] <Toprawa> I'm trying to figure out what happened here
[20:16:40] <Toprawa> This was probed at Meeting 107
[20:16:53] <Toprawa> Did someone forget to add it to Meeting 108?
[20:17:26] <Toprawa> No
[20:17:34] <Toprawa> Did Fred miss it in his paperwork?
[20:17:38] <Toprawa> Apparently
[20:17:42] <exiledjedi> It isn't in the list.
[20:17:53] <exiledjedi> So yeah.
[20:17:55] <Toprawa> Vob Bitas was indeed killed at Meeting 108
[20:17:57] <Toprawa> Fred missed it
[20:17:59] <Toprawa> Ok
[20:18:04] <Toprawa> Any other articles from anyone else?
[20:18:24] <Tommy-Macaroni> Not from me I'm afraid
[20:18:29] <exiledjedi> I think I had something, let me see.
[20:19:22] <exiledjedi> Nope that was an FA, nevermind.
[20:19:25] <Toprawa> Ok
[20:19:28] <Toprawa> Moving on to meeting discussions
[20:19:44] <Toprawa> Imperators lists:
[20:19:48] <Toprawa> To quote:
[20:19:50] <Toprawa> The EduCorps have proposed a system, where Comprehensive articles that have surpassed 250 words would be sent to the GA redux page to be upgraded to Good status. This proposal is to be forwarded to the AgriCorps panel for approval.
[20:20:20] <Toprawa> The EduCorps seems to have gotten a rather inflated opinion of itself. ^.^
[20:21:04] <Toprawa> It appears ecks was the only one to comment on it in the absentee notes:
[20:21:07] <Toprawa> "I'm not sure about the EC proposal, since I'm not sure if we want to see any GAs bypass the GAN process, but I'll let you meeting attendees figure it out."
[20:21:15] <Toprawa> I agree 100%
[20:21:33] <Tommy-Macaroni> Yeah that is a good point
[20:21:57] <Tommy-Macaroni> the only way an article should be a GA should be through the GAN
[20:22:05] <Tommy-Macaroni> That's the point of it
[20:22:10] <Toprawa> Yeah
[20:22:15] <Toprawa> There are no easy outs :P
[20:22:51] <Tommy-Macaroni> What do you think EJ?
[20:23:57] <exiledjedi> I agree with ecks' comment. I also think that in all likelihood that this wouldn't really come up that often either.
[20:24:23] <Toprawa> Ok, so proposal is formally rejected then
[20:24:28] <Toprawa> Any other discussion topics?
[20:25:08] <Toprawa> If not, we'll look at meeting duties
[20:25:10] <Tommy-Macaroni> I'll speak with Fred when I next see him, to see if he would like me to propose his OOU thing next meeting
[20:25:20] <Toprawa> Ok
[20:25:21] <exiledjedi> I don't have anything.
[20:25:28] <Tommy-Macaroni> Yeah, nothing from me
[20:25:34] <Toprawa> Meeting duties, then:
[20:25:39] <Toprawa> Toprawa on paperwork
[20:25:44] <Toprawa> EJ schedules Meeting 112
[20:25:46] <Toprawa> That's it
[20:25:48] <Toprawa> Thanks for coming, guys
[20:25:57] <Tommy-Macaroni> Lovely
[20:25:58] <exiledjedi> Cool, thanks for hosting, Tope.
[20:26:01] <Tommy-Macaroni> Thanks for hosting
[20:26:03] <Toprawa> No problem
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