20:59:30<@MasterFred>  Ok, now, welcome to Meeting 115.
21:00:19<@MasterFred>  First up, old articles
21:00:21<@MasterFred>  This'll be fun :D
21:00:45<@MasterFred>  no change
21:00:47<@MasterFred>  kill
21:00:49<@Toprawa>  Kill
21:00:53<@Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
21:00:54<@Ayrehead02>  Kill
21:01:05<@ecks> kill
21:01:09<@MasterFred>  Xi'Dec killed
21:01:35<@MasterFred>  no change
21:01:36<@MasterFred>  kill
21:01:37<@Toprawa>  Kill
21:01:38<@Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
21:01:56<@ecks> kill
21:02:14<@Ayrehead02>  kill
21:02:20<@MasterFred>  Muz killed
21:02:39<@MasterFred>  no change
21:02:40<@Ayrehead02>  kill
21:02:40<@MasterFred>  kill
21:02:41<@Toprawa>  Kill
21:02:42<@Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
21:02:46<@ecks> kill
21:02:52<@MasterFred>  Royal Chalcedony Shield killed
21:03:14<@MasterFred>  no change
21:03:15<@Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
21:03:15<@MasterFred>  kill
21:03:16<@Ayrehead02>  kill
21:03:25<@Toprawa>  Kill
21:03:55<@MasterFred>  ecks?
21:04:00<@ecks> kill
21:04:00<@ecks> sorry
21:04:03<@MasterFred>  no worries
21:04:06<@MasterFred>  Dorosii killed
21:04:28<@MasterFred>  no change
21:04:29<@MasterFred>  kill
21:04:30<@Toprawa>  Kill
21:04:32<@Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
21:04:36<@Ayrehead02>  kill
21:04:41<@ecks> kill
21:04:43<@MasterFred>  Plevitz Essential Guide to Species killed
21:05:04<@MasterFred>  no change
21:05:07<@MasterFred>  kill
21:05:09<@Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
21:05:10<@Toprawa>  Kill
21:05:13<@ecks> kill
21:05:14<@Ayrehead02>  kill
21:05:20<@MasterFred>  84-U hunting rifle killed
21:05:43<@MasterFred>  no change
21:05:44<@MasterFred>  kill
21:05:44<@Ayrehead02>  kill
21:05:46<@Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
21:05:48<@ecks> kill
21:05:48<@Toprawa>  Kill
21:05:52<@MasterFred>  Imperial long-range rocket rifle killed
21:06:15<@MasterFred>  no change
21:06:15<@MasterFred>  kill
21:06:16<@Ayrehead02>  kill
21:06:18<@Toprawa>  Kill
21:06:18<@Tommy-Macaroni>  kil
21:06:19<@Tommy-Macaroni>  l
21:06:38<@ecks> kill
21:06:38<@MasterFred>  Shiv (clone trooper) killed
21:07:00<@MasterFred>  no change
21:07:01<@MasterFred>  kill
21:07:01<@Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
21:07:04<@ecks> kill
21:07:03<@Toprawa>  Kill
21:07:09<@Ayrehead02>  kill
21:07:10<@MasterFred>  Ovarra killed
21:07:19<@MasterFred>  What. A. Rush. haha
21:07:30<@MasterFred>  That's it for the slaughter. Now onto new articles.
21:07:30<@Toprawa>  Exhilarating :P
21:07:43<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Excellent
21:08:00<@MasterFred>  History could probably be subsectioned. Maybe also another image for each subsection?
21:08:00<@MasterFred>  BTS not fully sourced
21:08:00<@MasterFred>  Dates in BTS would be nice
21:08:00<@MasterFred>  The article randomly alternates between "Alliance Fleet" and "Alliance fleet"; the former is the correct usage here
21:08:32<@Toprawa>  Probe
21:08:39<@MasterFred>  Probe
21:08:39<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
21:08:40<@Ayrehead02>  Probe
21:08:43<@ecks> probe
21:08:51<@MasterFred>  Braha'tok probed
21:09:25<@MasterFred>  The two webcomics in the Appearances list need to use the citation template, as well as in the referencing
21:09:25<@MasterFred>  I'm of the opinion that HoloNet News — A Galaxy Divided probably should use something too. We can still access the original mp3 file through the archived page.
21:09:25<@MasterFred>  The 22 BBY dates are not referenced properly
21:09:25<@MasterFred>  History might could be subsectioned. Maybe another image could be had too.
21:09:25<@MasterFred>  Dates in the BTS would be nice.
21:09:35<@ecks> probe
21:09:35<@Ayrehead02>  Probe
21:09:35<@Toprawa>  Probe
21:09:36<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
21:09:47<@MasterFred>  probe
21:09:50<@MasterFred>  Laudable probed
21:10:05<@MasterFred>  Webcomic should use citation template in Appearances and referencing
21:10:05<@MasterFred>  22 BBY cannot be sourced straight to ERC
21:10:05<@MasterFred>  Dates in the BTS would be nice
21:10:05<@MasterFred>  Are there really no other images that could be used? There is plenty of room in the Bio.
21:10:15<@Toprawa>  Probe
21:10:17<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
21:10:20<@MasterFred>  Probe
21:10:27<@ecks> probe
21:10:27<@Ayrehead02>  Probe
21:10:33<@MasterFred>  Mag (clone trooper) probed
21:10:55<@MasterFred>  The two webcomics in the Appearances list need to use the citation template, as well as in the referencing
21:10:56<@MasterFred>  I'm of the opinion that HoloNet News — A Galaxy Divided probably should use something too. We can still access the original mp3 file through the archived page.
21:10:56<@MasterFred>  22 BBY cannot be sourced straight to ERC
21:10:56<@MasterFred>  The placement of the second body image is just weird. It's sort of randomly dropped between the Bio and the P/T. It would be better to subsection the Bio, which would provide more room for that second image to fit within. An additional quote should also be added if available.
21:10:56<@MasterFred>  Dates in the BTS would be nice
21:11:09<@MasterFred>  What's with this not having dates in the Bts thing? Gross.
21:11:22<@ecks> probe
21:11:22<@MasterFred>  Also probe
21:11:22<@Toprawa>  Well, they're all from the same nominator originally 
21:11:23<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
21:11:25<@Ayrehead02>  Probe
21:11:26<@Toprawa>  Probe
21:11:30<@MasterFred>  Oh, that makes sense.
21:11:34<@ecks> Tope has a vendetta
21:11:33<@Toprawa>  That's why a lot of these all have similar issues
21:11:37<@Toprawa>  Nah :P
21:11:45<@MasterFred>  Ares Nune probed
21:12:03<@MasterFred>  A vendetta against sub-par GAs. :P
21:12:07<@Toprawa>  Yee :P
21:12:22<@MasterFred>  Webcomic should use citation template in Appearances and referencing
21:12:22<@MasterFred>  If the article's title calls it a "testing facility," why does the bolded name in the intro call it a space station? These should sync up.
21:12:22<@MasterFred>  The History paragraphs are sort of on the big side, which is probably a relic of Monobook. I could certainly see that section reorganized into two subsections and four paragraphs, which would allow for another image and quote if available.
21:12:22<@MasterFred>  Dates in the BTS would be nice
21:12:35<@MasterFred>  probe
21:12:37<@Toprawa>  Probe
21:12:39<@Ayrehead02>  Probe
21:12:39<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
21:12:53<@ecks> probe
21:12:55<@MasterFred>  Bormus testing facility probed
21:13:13<@MasterFred>  4 ABY cannot be sourced to the Databank
21:13:13<@MasterFred>  BTS not completely sourced
21:13:13<@MasterFred>  Dates in the BTS would be nice
21:13:13<@MasterFred>  The Imperial Sourcebook cannot be used as a straight source for the manufacturer, since that book does not mention the Eminence
21:13:13<@MasterFred>  CSWECite required for reference 3
21:13:24<@Toprawa>  Probe
21:13:26<@MasterFred>  probe
21:13:31<@ecks> probe
21:13:34<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
21:13:34<@Ayrehead02>  Probe
21:13:37<@MasterFred>  Eminence (Carrack-class) probed
21:13:52<@MasterFred>  CSWECite required for reference 1
21:13:52<@MasterFred>  22 BBY cannot be sourced straight to the HNN articles, which only use GrS dating
21:13:52<@MasterFred>  Neither the Separatist Crisis, which is not directly referenced in this particular HNN article
21:13:52<@MasterFred>  BTS isn't sourced, and this certainly isn't self-sourcing: "The HoloNet News volume was released on May 9, 2002."
21:13:52<@MasterFred>  Just remove the CSWE sentence in the BTS
21:14:00<@MasterFred>  probe
21:14:03<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
21:14:03<@Toprawa>  Neither can*
21:14:07<@Toprawa>  Neither can*
21:14:08<@Toprawa>  eh
21:14:09<@Ayrehead02>  Probe
21:14:10<@Toprawa>  Probe
21:14:15<@ecks> probe
21:14:14<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Speech 100
21:14:22<@MasterFred>  Jollin Resbin probed
21:14:24<@Toprawa>  I failed :P
21:14:38<@MasterFred>  Into exile, you must go.
21:14:58<@MasterFred>  Into could probably use a paragraph break
21:14:58<@MasterFred>  The image in the Description section really doesn't fit well where it is because of the size of the infobox. This no doubt looked better in Monobook, but the narrower margins in Oasis make this aesthetically poor.
21:14:58<@MasterFred>  History should definitely be subsectioned. Add additional images and quotes as available.
21:14:58<@MasterFred>  I'm certain this comic can't be used as a straight source for 22 BBY
21:14:58<@MasterFred>  BTS:
21:14:59<@MasterFred>  Unsourced
21:14:59<@MasterFred>  Comic author and illustrator would be nice
21:15:00<@MasterFred>  Comic publication date is not self-sourcing
21:15:00<@MasterFred>  Full release date for CSWE is unnecessary. Just say 2008.
21:15:17<@Toprawa>  Probe
21:15:19<@ecks> probe
21:15:19<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
21:15:20<@MasterFred>  Last four objections apply to the Bts since bullets don't carry over to IRC.
21:15:20<@Ayrehead02>  Probe
21:15:24<@MasterFred>  probe
21:15:42<@MasterFred>  Conqueror-class atmospheric dreadnaught probed
21:16:09<@MasterFred>  Reference 3 needs to explain how Star Wars Annual 2011 can be used as a reference for 21 BBY. This isn't a straight reference.
21:16:09<@MasterFred>  Webcomic should use citation template in Appearances and referencing
21:16:09<@MasterFred>  BTS:
21:16:09<@MasterFred>  Unsourced
21:16:09<@MasterFred>  Comic author and illustrator should be mentioned
21:16:10<@MasterFred>  Full publication date is not self-sourcing
21:16:13<@MasterFred>  Last three apply to Bts.
21:16:17<@MasterFred>  probe
21:16:19<@Toprawa>  Probe
21:16:22<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
21:16:40<@ecks> probe
21:16:40<@Ayrehead02>  Probe
21:16:53<@MasterFred>  Brassbound probed
21:17:15<@MasterFred>  I don't think the ROTS novel can be used as a straight source for 19 BBY
21:17:15<@MasterFred>  BTS unsourced
21:17:15<@MasterFred>  Just remove the CSWE sentence from the BTS
21:17:15<@MasterFred>  How can New Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology be used to source the manufacturer if the weapon isn't even mentioned in that book?
21:17:15<@MasterFred>  Is the mention of the Nightstinger really necessary if there's no explicit connection between these two weapons?
21:17:16<@MasterFred>  The image of the clone shadow trooper should be repositioned in the History, which is the only section of the article body that actually mentions these guys
21:17:25<@Toprawa>  Probe
21:17:27<@MasterFred>  probe
21:17:29<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
21:17:45<@ecks> probe
21:17:45<@Ayrehead02>  Probe
21:17:46<@MasterFred>  DC-19 "Stealth" carbine probed
21:18:08<@MasterFred>  Nothing in the maintenance bin.
21:18:28<@MasterFred>  Toprawa: You have the floor for your redux discussion item.
21:18:37<@Toprawa>  Let me gather myself
21:18:42<@Toprawa>  Ok...
21:18:43<@MasterFred>  no worries
21:18:54<@Toprawa>  Since we agreed to merge the Redux page into the GAN page, we really don't need this anymore
21:19:09<@Toprawa>  All of the relevant instructions there are or can be merged with the GAN page and/or the GA instructions page
21:19:28<@Toprawa>  I propose we redirect this page to either the GAN page or the instructions page
21:20:19<@Toprawa>  Or maybe just redirect it to the AC page, since it's a Wookieepedia:AC title
21:20:26<@Toprawa>  That might be technically more appropriate 
21:20:42<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Yes definitely, it is pointless
21:20:45<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Support
21:20:51<@Ayrehead02>  Support
21:21:03<@Toprawa>  Support
21:21:22<@MasterFred>  We can redirect it to the AC page and just make sure any Redux-specific instructions are on the GAN page.
21:21:29<@MasterFred>  Any that apply to regular editors.
21:21:30<@Toprawa>  Yeah
21:21:36<@Toprawa>  EJ votes Support
21:22:03<@MasterFred>  Support
21:22:11<@ecks> suppor
21:22:32<@MasterFred>  Motion passes 6:0
21:22:49<@Toprawa>  I have a second issue related to this
21:23:00* @MasterFred steps aside.
21:23:40<@Toprawa>  Wait, nevermind
21:23:46<@Toprawa>  "Reduxed articles will be subject to removal if objections are not addressed after a period of two weeks, pending the support of at least three AgriCorps members."
21:23:53<@Toprawa>  That last part about three AC members needing to remove something
21:24:07<@Toprawa>  I think that wasn't defined before
21:24:12<@Toprawa>  Maybe we did this at a recent meeting, I can't remember
21:24:17<@Toprawa>  But nevermind, it's there
21:24:20<@MasterFred>  Sounds familiar
21:24:27<@MasterFred>  Alrighty then
21:24:39<@MasterFred>  Anybody else have any other discussion items?
21:25:03<@Toprawa>  Noop
21:25:06<@ecks> nope
21:25:08<@Ayrehead02>  Nothing from me
21:25:20<@Tommy-Macaroni>  no no no
21:25:24<@Tommy-Macaroni>  (no no no)
21:25:29<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Stick to the stuff you know
21:25:29<@MasterFred>  Ok, now for duties
21:25:51<@MasterFred>  Tommy, we are about to have a HSM dance off RIGHT HERE AND NOW.
21:25:57<@MasterFred>  Anyway haha
21:26:10<@MasterFred>  Toprawa schedules Meeting 116
21:26:17<@MasterFred>  Imperators has paperwork for Meeting 115.
21:27:04<@Toprawa>  We done? :P
21:27:04<@MasterFred>  Thanks for coming,
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