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Administrators are experienced and trusted Wookieepedians who have been elected by the community to enforce site policies and carry out a wide range of maintenance tasks. Administrators have "sysop rights," a set of tools that allow them to delete pages and block users. Like every Wookieepedian, administrators are required to follow all policies, and as active community leaders, they can be contacted for advice and information about Wookieepedia.

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Administrators are Wookieepedia users with "sysop rights," which are fully listed on Special:ListGroupRights. Administrators are expected to use these sysop tools to enforce site policies on Wookieepedia, which are determined through a system of community consensus. The administration is responsible for acting in the interests of the Wookieepedia community as active leaders.

While administrators have access to certain features and are therefore responsible for maintaining them via sysop rights, the wider Wookieepedia community is encouraged to request changes, such as updating the site interface and adjusting protected templates; administrators should act on such suggestions as policies permit. The administrators' noticeboard is among various ways of contacting administrators.

The Administrators' how-to-guide, Administrators' reading list, and Special:AdminDashboard are also useful resources in carrying out administrative tasks.



Chat moderation

Administrators automatically receive server moderator status ("administrators" role) on Wookieepedia's official Discord server and have access to moderation tools on the Discussions forum. Both platforms have additional rules, as listed on Discord#Rules, Discussions#Rules, and Discussions Guidelines. Bureaucrats additionally have full Discord server permissions during their tenure, including viewing and managing all private channels, but consultation channels shall be deleted upon archiving.

  • Work with Discussions moderators in moderating both the Discord server and Discussions.
  • Manage bots and channel access and information on the Discord server, including use of the #announcements channel, consultation channels, and WookieeNights.
  • Monitor the Discord server's audit log and #admin-help and #admin-requests channels.



Interface management

Administrators can manage the appearance and functionality of Wookieepedia to the extent allowed by Fandom's Customization policy by editing Mediawiki pages.

Managing partnerships

Moving pages

  • Move pages to titles with /Legends suffix in accordance with the Naming policy.
  • Automatically move all associated subpages when moving a page.
  • Check Category:Files to be renamed and move files as appropriate.

Page protection


  • Use the Rollback tool.
  • Mark Rollback edits as bot edits.
  • Mentor elected Rollback users and work with them to combat vandalism.

User rights management

Becoming an administrator

Experienced and trusted Wookieepedians may be elected by the community to become administrators. A Request for adminship ("RFA") lasts for two weeks and is subject to the voting requirements listed on that page, which include the nominee needing to have contributed to the site for at least one year with regular interactions with fellow users in a fair and constructive manner.

Administrators may choose to resign, be blocked due to policy violations, or be otherwise demoted in accordance with Requests for removal of user rights or the Activity requirements.

Becoming a CheckUser

CheckUsers are administrators with access to the CheckUser tool, which allows them to look up the IP addresses of registered user accounts for the purposes of combating sockpuppetry. Fandom staff have the CheckUser tool as well.

CheckUsers are nominated through Requests for CheckUser ("RCU") and then granted the CheckUser tool at the discretion of Fandom. The current CheckUsers are:

Becoming a bureaucrat

Bureaucrats are administrators with additional powers and responsibilities. They use the RevisionDelete tool and manage user rights for bots and administrators in accordance with community consensus and policies.

Bureaucrats are elected through Requests for bureaucratship ("RFB"). The current bureaucrats are:

Activity requirements

Administrators should meet a regular level of productivity. Those who are unable should place the {{Vacation}} template or a similar message at the top of their userpage.

An administrator who does not make at least 250 non-userspace, non–talk page edits and use their sysop tools at least once within a six-month span of their adminship is eligible for removal (bot edits count toward the edit total if the administrator is actively using a bot). However, the administrator must first be cautioned by another administrator among the administration if the requirements are not being met. They may explain their relative inactivity and provide an expected date for returning to the required activity levels. The administrator shall be warned about their activity levels if they fail to achieve the activity requirements by their specified date; demotion will occur if they fail to either provide or adhere to another explanation and expected date of return.

Also, if an administrator has not edited or used their sysop tools for four months, then attempts to communicate should be made, including a warning—which should be repeated at five months of absence—that they shall be demoted at six months of absence.

Administrative autonomy

An administrator may not unilaterally overturn any administrative action by another administrator without a group consensus from the rest of the administration. The basis of this administrative autonomy policy is that administrators are responsible for enforcing site policies as a group, trusting each other with appropriately using their powers, such as deleting articles and blocking users, to keep Wookieepedia running as smoothly as possible.


  1. No single member of the administration may overturn any action by another administrator without a group consensus from the rest of the administration. The following exceptions apply:
    • Undeletion – An item may be undeleted if there is canonical evidence to justify its existence, pursuant to the Notability policy, or if it was clearly deleted erroneously, such as a file being deleted for being unused despite the contrary. A file may also be undeleted by request if it is intended to be used.
    • Page protection – If an administrator places a permanent protection of any level or type on an article, administrative autonomy expires six months after the protection's original institution.
    • Former administrators – Administrative autonomy does not apply to former administrators. With the exception of blocks (see below), any decision by a former administrator may be overturned by a current administrator at any time.
  2. Decisions approved by community consensus, such as page deletions voted through the Trash compactor process, are not affected by administrative autonomy (i.e. they should not be reversed without a community vote) as they are subject to the Consensus policy instead.

Reversing an administrator's decision

  1. In the event an administrator feels that another administrator's decision should be overturned, a good-faith effort should be made to discuss the issue with them.
  2. To determine whether to overturn any administrative decision, including blocks issued by a former administrator, the entire administration must be contacted (e.g. a ping on Discord)—with each administrator asked to respond and given the opportunity to participate in relevant discussions—and come to a majority agreement. If an administrator is on a hiatus (e.g. using {{Vacation}}), the administration need not wait for outstanding responses after a period of 2 days, though a longer waiting time is recommended for non-urgent matters.

Administrative abuse

If you think an administrator has acted improperly against you or another user or otherwise violated site policies, you may express your concerns directly to the administrator responsible and attempt to resolve the issue with the Dispute resolution guidance if you feel comfortable doing so. Otherwise, contact another administrator through any of the methods listed on the Contact page, including via Message Wall on Fandom's Community Central, which is regulated by its own staff rather than Wookieepedia administrators.

You may instead reach out to Fandom staff, such as Community Manager Spongebob456 (Chris), in severe cases.

In extreme circumstances, administrators can be removed from their positions via a Requests for removal of user rights vote.

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