Administrators of this site are expected to have an intimate knowledge and understanding of Wookieepedia's policies guidelines. They are also expected to consistently demonstrate comprehension of these policies and guidelines, and to operate within their bounds. This is especially important with regards to the use of sysop-tools entrusted to administrators, which are unavailable to regular users and editors of Wookieepedia.

The following items are considered highly recommended reading material. These pages detail prerequisite knowledge required by an administrator:

Should already know Edit

  • Help:Contents – The basics of being a contributor to Wookieepedia.
  • Wookieepedia:FAQ – Facts and questions that you should know, and probably will encounter during your time as an administrator.


Content policies Edit



  • Blocking policy
  • Blocking IP addresses – Due to vandalism concerns, we do not allow editing from open proxies. When they are found, they are to be blocked indefinitely and marked with {{proxy}}.

Page protectionEdit




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