[18:05]	<Graestan>	First, those which were put on probation at last meeting.
[18:05]	<Graestan>
[18:05]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[18:06]	<Graestan>	No real progress. Kill
[18:06]	<Graestan>	Tope?
[18:06]	<Toprawa>	Kill
[18:06]	<Graestan>	It's dead.
[18:06]	<Graestan>	Next up:
[18:07]	<Graestan>	GAcleanup is the newest revision. Kill.
[18:07]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[18:07]	<Toprawa>	ki
[18:07]	<Graestan>	And now:
[18:07]	<Graestan>	Kill.
[18:07]	<Toprawa>	k
[18:07]	<ChackJadson>	Kill it
[18:07]	<Graestan>
[18:08]	<Graestan>	Kill. TBH, this article will never, ever make GA or FA.
[18:08]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[18:08]	<Toprawa>	k
[18:08]	<Graestan>
[18:08]	<Graestan>	Kill.
[18:08]	<Toprawa>	k
[18:08]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[18:09]	<Graestan>	And next:
[18:09]	<Toprawa>	k
[18:09]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[18:09]	<Graestan>	Kill.
[18:10]	<Graestan>
[18:10]	<Toprawa>	k
[18:10]	<Graestan>	Still a mess. Kill.
[18:10]	<ChackJadson>	kill
[18:10]	<Graestan>
[18:10]	<Graestan>	The final probed one.
[18:11]	<ChackJadson>	kill
[18:11]	<Toprawa>	k
[18:11]	<Graestan>	Zero improvement.
[18:11]	<Graestan>	Kill.
[18:11]	<Graestan>	Hey, can we vote on new members before we continue?
[18:11]	<ChackJadson>	Let's
[18:12]	<Graestan>	I'll leave this portion of this stillborn meeting out of the log. :P
[18:12]	<Graestan>	(seriously, this is like the US Senate meeting on Thanksgiving)
[18:15]	-->|	GrandMoffTranner has joined #wookieepedia-agricorps
[18:16]	<Graestan>	So no to that.
[18:16]	<Graestan>	Welcome, Tranner.
[18:16]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Glad to be here.
[18:16]	<ChackJadson>	Congrats
[18:16]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Thanks, Chack.
[18:16]	<Graestan>	We're going to look at some articles and decide whether they should be put on probation or not now. Then we'll have a few discussion points.
[18:17]	=-=	Mode #wookieepedia-agricorps +o GrandMoffTranner by Toprawa
[18:17]	<Graestan>	Ah, yes. I'll give you access to the channel as well.
[18:17]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Much thanks.
[18:18]	<Graestan>	....after you register at some point with NickServ. ;)
[18:18]	<Graestan>	All right, back to business.
[18:18]	<Graestan>
[18:19]	<Graestan>	"A minor issue, but everything should be sourced if we're going to source that one item. Not officially a requirement, but perhaps someone would be willing to write a short little BTS. "
[18:19]	<Toprawa>	well, the second one is a requirement
[18:19]	<Toprawa>	and it hasn't been sourced properly
[18:19]	<Toprawa>	p
[18:20]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[18:20]	<Graestan>	I'll say put it on probation, then I'll probably fix it myself. It's really not much work. Greyman deployed again, else he'd have gotten it by now.
[18:20]	<Graestan>	Tranner?
[18:20]	<GrandMoffTranner>	I could probably help with it.
[18:21]	<Graestan>	So, probation?
[18:21]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Yes.
[18:21]	<Graestan>	Alright, that one's probed.
[18:21]	<Graestan>	Next up:
[18:21]	<Toprawa>	i dont even know what the deal is with this anymore
[18:22]	<Toprawa>	i cant understand any of those two messages
[18:22]	<ChackJadson>	Keep
[18:22]	<Graestan>	It appears it needs the {{Ref| }} around the ref tags in the infobox, but that ain't nothin but a thang.
[18:22]	<Graestan>	Keep.
[18:22]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Looks good to me. Keep.
[18:23]	<Toprawa>	k
[18:23]	<Graestan>
[18:23]	<Graestan>	"This thing needs to be cleaned up. It seems like it's a casualty of time deterioration. We've got unsourced items, improper use of quotes, some BTS stuff that desperately needs sourcing, a Trivia section. "
[18:23]	<Graestan>	Probation./
[18:23]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Definitely.
[18:23]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[18:23]	<Toprawa>	p
[18:24]	<Graestan>	And its sister article:
[18:24]	<Graestan>	"Unsourced infobox, at least one BTS claim requiring a source. Honestly, I think this thing could be expanded a fair bit. "
[18:24]	<Graestan>	Very short article.
[18:24]	<ChackJadson>	Probe. I might do this one later (though I probably will forget about it)
[18:24]	<Toprawa>	p
[18:24]	<Graestan>	The Aftermath section is badly in need of expansion.
[18:24]	<Graestan>	Probe.
[18:24]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Probe.
[18:25]	<Graestan>	Next up:
[18:25]	<Graestan>	"Unsourced infobox "
[18:25]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[18:25]	<Toprawa>	p
[18:25]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Probe.
[18:25]	<Graestan>	Probe. It's an easy fix, but I also see potential issues with context.
[18:26]	<Graestan>	Definite issues with context.*
[18:26]	<Graestan>	Next up:
[18:27]	<Graestan>	"Seems like a Featured article for about half the way through, but then we drop into unsourced paragraphs and improvement tags "
[18:27]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[18:27]	<Toprawa>	p
[18:27]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Probe.
[18:27]	<Graestan>	This article's a real mess. Probe. I wish we could insta-kill.
[18:27]	<ChackJadson>	Seriously
[18:27]	<Graestan>
[18:27]	<ChackJadson>	brb
[18:28]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[18:28]	<Graestan>	"Unsourced items and fact tags across the infobox and article. "
[18:28]	<Toprawa>	p
[18:28]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Probe.
[18:28]	<Graestan>	That fact tag is inappropriate.
[18:28]	<Graestan>	Probe on the handful of unsourced items. Also an easy fix; this article isn't a mess at all.
[18:29]	<Graestan>	Oh, Lord.
[18:29]	<Graestan>	Probe.
[18:29]	<Toprawa>	p
[18:29]	<Graestan>	"Nothing is sourced, horrid list sections. "
[18:29]	<Graestan>	Horrible.
[18:29]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Probe.
[18:30]	<Graestan>
[18:31]	<Graestan>	"Sourcing issues throughout, improper use of quotes, sectioning needs work. Could benefit from an all-around cleanup "
[18:31]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Probe.
[18:31]	<Toprawa>	arguable salvageable
[18:31]	<Toprawa>	p
[18:31]	<Toprawa>	y*
[18:31]	<Graestan>	Probe.
[18:31]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[18:31]	<Graestan>
[18:32]	<Graestan>	"In need of a good cleanup. Some sourcing items, some ugly list sections
[18:32]	<Graestan>	* Removed the list and sourced everything. Will do a grammar cleanup a little later. Chack Jadson (Talk) 19:12, 20 December 2008 (UTC) "
[18:32]	<Toprawa>	someone take out that quote out of the middle of the article
[18:32]	<ChackJadson>	Am doing it now :P
[18:32]	<Toprawa>	no BTS
[18:32]	<ChackJadson>	Ah. Probe it, then, and I'll clean it up
[18:32]	<Toprawa>	Apps and Sources list is seemingly skimpy
[18:33]	<Graestan>	The article is far, far from comprehensive. Every Tale from Jabba's Palace short story should have a volume of info added.
[18:33]	<Toprawa>	p
[18:33]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Probe.
[18:33]	<Graestan>	Probe.
[18:33]	<ChackJadson>	Honestly, it is pretty poor
[18:33]	<Graestan>
[18:33]	<Graestan>	Too short.
[18:33]	<Toprawa>	p
[18:33]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[18:33]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Indeed. Probe.
[18:34]	<Graestan>	Probe.
[18:34]	<Graestan>
[18:34]	<Graestan>	This article could be great.
[18:34]	<Graestan>	I like the prices section.
[18:34]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[18:34]	<Graestan>	"I don't understand why some items are sourced and some aren't, if there's only one source in the list. Should be cleaned up. "
[18:34]	<ChackJadson>	Though it's a technicality, almost
[18:35]	<Graestan>	Needs quite a bit of cleanup. Probe.
[18:35]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Probe.
[18:35]	<Toprawa>	I'd like the sectioning to conform to our unofficial location standards
[18:35]	<Toprawa>	p
[18:35]	<Graestan>
[18:35]	<ChackJadson>	Sigh. brb again. Probe everyhting else
[18:35]	<Graestan>	alright
[18:36]	<Graestan>	Fondor is missing so much information it's disgusting.
[18:36]	<Toprawa>	p
[18:36]	<Graestan>	Probe.
[18:36]	<GrandMoffTranner>	I'm afraid I must leave as well. I vote probe for everything else.
[18:36]	<--|	GrandMoffTranner has left #wookieepedia-agricorps
[18:36]	<Graestan>	alright
[18:36]	<Graestan>
[18:37]	<Toprawa>	p
[18:37]	<Graestan>	Probe.
[18:37]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[18:37]	<Graestan>
[18:37]	<Graestan>	Sourcing.
[18:37]	<Graestan>	Probe.
[18:37]	<Toprawa>	p
[18:37]	<Graestan>	Should be a LONG FA.
[18:38]	<Graestan>
[18:38]	<Graestan>	"Serious issues regarding the legitimacy of information in this article due to a recent FA nomination by a certain vandal who was blocked, as some Inqs may recall. "
[18:39]	<Graestan>	Shaelas?
[18:39]	<Toprawa>	I dont remember if I and Chack were Inqs at this point, but I think everyone remembers Shaelus's raping of this article
[18:39]	<Toprawa>	Hydro said a lot of the GATORW sourcing is questionable
[18:39]	<Graestan>	I have a conspiracy theory about Shaelas and Mitth.
[18:39]	<Toprawa>	I just dont know how much I trust it
[18:39]	<Toprawa>	And I'd like someone to confirm it
[18:39]	<Graestan>	Probe.
[18:39]	<Toprawa>	p
[18:40]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[18:40]	<Graestan>
[18:40]	<Graestan>	Probe. I'll talk to Fiolli about the spec.
[18:40]	<Toprawa>	"The arena was most likely rebuilt, as a dueling was active on Taris during the Galactic Civil War. "
[18:40]	<Toprawa>	Uhh, really?
[18:41]	<Toprawa>	p
[18:41]	<Graestan>
[18:42]	<Graestan>	"Sourcing could be cleaned up in select body section, unsourced infobox
[18:42]	<Graestan>	* Sourced most of the infobox and a bit of the body. I don't have access to other sources needed to finish it all.* Cylka * 03:43, 10 December 2008 (UTC) "
[18:42]	<Graestan>	This is where I get somewhat annoyed.
[18:42]	<Toprawa>	that's not even the issue to me
[18:42]	<Graestan>	A lot of sourcing being added to bad articles doesn't make them OK.
[18:42]	<Toprawa>	it doesnt conform to the LG
[18:42]	<Toprawa>	no Description section, Inhabitants, etc.
[18:42]	<Toprawa>	Locations
[18:42]	<Graestan>	Ah yes.
[18:43]	<Graestan>	Probe, then.
[18:43]	<Toprawa>	p
[18:43]	<Graestan>	The ambiguously (in)famous
[18:43]	<Toprawa>	p
[18:43]	<Graestan>	"Yeah, this isn't in the meeting category, but the article's a list, it doesn't fit the MoS, and users are using it as a model for OOU GA's. This one needs to be killed fast. DC 22:31, 10 December 2008 (UTC) "
[18:43]	<Graestan>	Should never have made it into the GA.
[18:43]	<Graestan>	Probe.
[18:44]	<Graestan>	Oh, yuck:
[18:44]	<Toprawa>	well, we agreed in a CT to allow galleries for that
[18:44]	* Toprawa	shrugs
[18:44]	<Toprawa>	not that I supported it, mind you
[18:45]	<Graestan>	The sort of CT that would close in exactly two weeks with a 20-2 nowadays.
[18:45]	<Graestan>	Alright, no more articles.
[18:46]	<Graestan>	Chack, it's ironic you're the only other person here for this portion of the meeting.
[18:46]	<ChackJadson>	lol
[18:46]	<Graestan>	"It is becoming a concern that the post-meeting "paperwork" isn't getting done. Myself and Grae have been the only ones do it, and while I don't mean this as a bad thing, since we're happy to do it, we just don't always have the time to get everything done. As I write this, all the talkpage article milestone work for probed articles still isn't finished. I know it's a bitch, but this is...
[18:46]	<Graestan>	...everyone's responsibility, and I would like to get everyone involved in this to be fair. I was hoping we could agree to designate someone "paperwork bitch" every meeting, and it becomes their responsibility that time around to archive and remove GAs, etc. Toprawa and Ralltiir 02:17, 5 December 2008 (UTC) "
[18:46]	<Toprawa>	I find it disturbingly appropriate
[18:46]	<Toprawa>	Any objections?
[18:46]	<Graestan>	Not it! :P
[18:46]	<ChackJadson>	Just one thing
[18:47]	<ChackJadson>	Since almost no one else shows up, what are we going to do just assign users who don't come to the meetigns this duty once?
[18:47]	<ChackJadson>	Get what I'm asking?
[18:47]	<Graestan>	Well, Tope and I are always here.
[18:48]	<Toprawa>	I wouldnt even mind using this as sort of a benign warning measure to inactive users
[18:48]	<Toprawa>	You don't do anythign anyways, the least you can do is the paperwork
[18:48]	<ChackJadson>	Yeah, just are we going to make someone like Xadun (who never comes) do this once?
[18:48]	<Graestan>	I wouldn't mind snipping a name or two off the list for extreme site inactivity.
[18:48]	<ChackJadson>	I agree Grae.
[18:48]	<Toprawa>	Well, for the time being, I think Tranner should do this.
[18:48]	<Graestan>	And forcibly conscripting Acky.
[18:49]	<Toprawa>	I'm willing to give our two most serious inactive members the benefit of a few more meetings to start showing up
[18:49]	<Graestan>	We have to show Tranner how.
[18:49]	<ChackJadson>	Could we talk about Grae's idea now? Measures to remove them, at least in the future. Maybe after next meeting, if they haven't stepped up, kick them out
[18:49]	<Graestan>	We just vote 'em out. It's nice and easy when it's just us three or us and DC.
[18:49]	<Toprawa>	Next meeting will be the review of Character articles, most likely a humongous meeting
[18:50]	<Toprawa>	I want to give us a chance to have the most members possible
[18:50]	<ChackJadson>	Yeah, at that meeting do you want to, perhaps?
[18:50]	<Toprawa>	So I can wait to kick people until after that
[18:50]	<Graestan>	Assuming Tranner will become a fixture, too, though, considering he's pretty committed.
[18:50]	<ChackJadson>	If they don't contribute more?
[18:50]	<ChackJadson>	I could split the paperwork with Tranner for this meeting, BTW
[18:50]	<Toprawa>	I can support that - begin looking at removal measures next meeting
[18:50]	<Graestan>	I wouldn't mind doing the chatlog and results.
[18:50]	<Graestan>	Just not keen on all the rigamarole afterwards, not tonight, at least.
[18:51]	<Graestan>	I'd be willing to do it at the next meeting.
[18:51]	<ChackJadson>	Shoot, gotta run off for a sec
[18:51]	<Toprawa>	Chack must have explosive diarrhea
[18:51]	<ChackJadson>	lol, sorry Nintendo Wii issues
[18:52]	<ChackJadson>	My sister keeps trying to get me to fix it
[18:53]	<Toprawa>	So what do we think? Begin considering removal measures next meeting?
[18:53]	<Graestan>	Okiedokie.
[18:53]	<Graestan>	Wii suck.
[18:54]	<Toprawa>	I'll inform Tranner we're assigning him to learn the post-meeting paper work
[18:54]	<Graestan>	heehee
[18:54]	* Graestan	promises he'll be the bitch next time if the meet's on a Sat night or Sun afternoon
[18:54]	<Graestan>	alright
[18:54]	<Graestan>	Meeting adjourned?
[18:54]	<Toprawa>	Yes
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