[17:12]	<Graestan>	Alright, I'll start the log, and perhaps others will trickle in.
[17:12]	<Graestan>	Welcome, both of you, to the first meeting of the AgriCorps.
[17:12]	<Graestan>	:P
[17:12]	* Darthchristian	cheers loudly.
[17:13]	<Graestan>	And another welcome to Acky, who helped to found this panel yet decides to manipulate it from behind the scenes until further notice. :P
[17:13]	<AdmirableAckbar>	:)
[17:14]	<Grey-man>	ha
[17:14]	<Grey-man>	first item to be beaten brutally?
[17:14]	<Graestan>	I'd like to start off welcoming Greyman into the group; he received unanimous blessings and would have been in anyhow.
[17:14]	<Grey-man>	wheee
[17:15]	* Grey-man	nods his head in greeting
[17:15]	* Darthchristian	pats Grey-man on the shoulder, even though he's thousands of miles away
[17:15]	<Darthchristian>	:)
[17:15]	<Graestan>	Alright, I am not going in order of Agenda. There's an item that needs an answer, and now.
[17:15]	<Graestan>	How many votes to remove a GAN from the page?
[17:15]	<Darthchristian>	3.
[17:16]	<Grey-man>	hm, is it finding difficult to find enough votes?
[17:16]	<Graestan>	That's the popular answer so far, since the group is still small and we can pretty much trust anyone.
[17:16]	<Grey-man>	3 is good to start with, and we can always bump it up if need be
[17:16]	<Darthchristian>	It's already been enforced as three, and no way we order five AC to remove a nom
[17:16]	<Darthchristian>	We don't know if five can be consistant
[17:16]	<Graestan>	Ah, you already have a precedent going from the past week?
[17:17]	<Graestan>	That's good, I imagine Toprawa was complicit in this
[17:17]	<Darthchristian>	Toprawa removed a nom that had three removal votes on it from me, you, and him
[17:18]	<Graestan>	Okay. I am guessing it's three for now.
[17:18]	<Grey-man>	sounds good
[17:18]	<Graestan>	About the waiting time, you put that item on the agenda, DC, do you have an idea? Greyman, what did you usually do before?
[17:18]	* Grey-man	looks
[17:19]	<Grey-man>	hm, waiting time?
[17:19]	<Darthchristian>	I say two weeks before a vote starts to remove it.
[17:19]	<Grey-man>	ah
[17:19]	<Graestan>	Two weeks of inactivity?
[17:19]	<Darthchristian>	Yes.
[17:20]	<Grey-man>	I would even say a month, to be honest
[17:20]	<Graestan>	GAs do tend to sit longer than FAs.
[17:20]	<Grey-man>	I've seen plenty of GAN's in the past take more than a month of good work to pass, and it is a slower process at times than the FAN page
[17:20]	<Graestan>	(on average :P we all know some terminal FANs)
[17:20]	<Grey-man>	I always used a month as a measuring stick in the past when I killed noms
[17:20]	<AdmirableAckbar>	A month since last unaddressed objection was left, I'd suggest.
[17:21]	<Darthchristian>	Meh...
[17:21]	<Grey-man>	exactly
[17:21]	<Grey-man>	Alot of the time, the GAN page is the starting point for new don't really want to scare them off after only two weeks. That's just my opinion
[17:22]	<Grey-man>	Whatever we decide, I'll enforce :P
[17:22]	<AdmirableAckbar>	Sometimes a nom will sit there for months even though there's nothing wrong with it.
[17:22]	<Graestan>	Indeed, though we are going to try and remedy that.
[17:22]	<Grey-man>	ya, and that's when the AgriCorps step in and should review it to see what is going on
[17:22]	<Graestan>	The GAN is quite short at this time.
[17:22]	<Darthchristian>	Grey-man: that's true
[17:22]	<Grey-man>	if it's dead, kill it...if it's good, but inactive, re-activate it
[17:22]	-->|	Eyrezer has joined #wookieepedia-agricorps
[17:22]	<Grey-man>	I've done it before, it's easy
[17:22]	<Graestan>	Hey Eyre
[17:22]	<Grey-man>	Ey, buddy
[17:22]	<Eyrezer>	ello, ello
[17:23]	<Graestan>	Do you want to join the group, or just watch?
[17:23]	<Graestan>	:D
[17:23]	<Darthchristian>	Join...don't be like Acky....
[17:23]	<Eyrezer>	I think just watch. I'm not much of a meeting person -"I'm a maverick!"
[17:23]	<Graestan>	:|
[17:23]	<Grey-man>	hah
[17:23]	<Graestan>	Say "maverick" one more time.
[17:23]	<Eyrezer>	:p
[17:23]	<Graestan>	Say it, please.
[17:24]	<Graestan>	</samuelL>
[17:24]	<Eyrezer>	But maybe we can be a team of mavericks
[17:24]	* Graestan	dies a little inside
[17:24]	<Graestan>	Sorry, US politics are killing me.
[17:24]	<Eyrezer>	Don't worry Grae, I recognise the "ultimate bridge to nowhere" when I see it
[17:24]	<Graestan>	Hahaha
[17:24]	<Graestan>	Ten four.
[17:24]	<Darthchristian>	Okay, let's get back on topic.
[17:25]	<Graestan>	Good idear
[17:25]	<Eyrezer>	Anyone, I gather an INQ vote would count, so I don't really feel a need to join this prestigious group
[17:25]	<Graestan>	So, I think a month, for now, until we hit our stride.
[17:25]	<Graestan>	Then we can talk about shortening.
[17:25]	<Darthchristian>	:(
[17:25]	* Darthchristian	concedes
[17:25]	-->|	Fiolli has joined #wookieepedia-agricorps
[17:26]	<Graestan>	Two-to-one isn't a painful outvote. XD
[17:26]	<Darthchristian>	A month it is
[17:26]	<Graestan>	hey Fiolli.
[17:26]	<Darthchristian>	Fiolli!
[17:26]	<Grey-man>	yo, Fiolli
[17:26]	<Fiolli>	Hello!
[17:26]	<Graestan>	Any other rules etc. for proposals, DC?
[17:26]	<Darthchristian>	Meeting times
[17:27]	<Graestan>	I'd like to say up front that everyone following WP:CIVIL on the page should be expected.
[17:27]	<Graestan>	Meeting times are going to be tough.
[17:27]	|<--	Grey-man has left
[17:27]	<Graestan>	Cav and Xadun have both told me that their Sat. evenings aren't so good for them.
[17:28]	<Darthchristian>	So, what about Fridays and Sundays?
[17:28]	<Graestan>	Sunday afternoons (our time) are good for them.
[17:28]	<Darthchristian>	It wouldn't kill me to show up on Sunday afternoons
[17:28]	<Graestan>	I figured we could have meetings switch back and forth between times (since each one is pre-scheduled) or settle on Sun. afternoons if everyone seems cool.
[17:29]	<Graestan>	So, try for a Sunday next time?
[17:29]	<Darthchristian>	Yes.
[17:29]	<Graestan>	I'll give a few weeks' warning this time.
[17:29]	<Darthchristian>	We need as many Ac's to show up as we can.
[17:30]	<Graestan>	Yeah. Although, I was thinking we could try something like running dialogue forums on the AC page in order for everyone to keep abreast without having to attend meetings all the time.
[17:30]	<Graestan>	In addition to meetings, that is.
[17:31]	<Darthchristian>	How would this work?
[17:31]	<Graestan>	Just instead of policy decisions being only for meetings, they could be proposed and voted on in forums, giving everyone a chance at chiming in.
[17:31]	<Graestan>	Article review could go for meetings, as well as brainstorming etc.
[17:32]	<Darthchristian>	Yes.
[17:32]	-->|	Grey-man has joined #wookieepedia-agricorps
[17:32]	=-=	Mode #wookieepedia-agricorps +o Grey-man by chanserv
[17:32]	<Grey-man>	hm, stupid Hadji internet...
[17:32]	<Graestan>	Well, if I see an opportunity for it, I'll probably take it and make a forum.
[17:32]	<Grey-man>	sorry about that, guys
[17:32]	<Graestan>	No prob.
[17:32]	<Graestan>	We were talking about meeting times.
[17:32]	<Darthchristian>	Grey-man: We decided on Sunday afternoon for the next meeting
[17:33]	<Graestan>	Those times are good for Cav and Xadun.
[17:33]	<Graestan>	Future meetings, I'd play it by ear.
[17:33]	<Grey-man>	cool
[17:33]	<Grey-man>	sounds good
[17:33]	<Darthchristian>	And...
[17:33]	<Darthchristian>	[18:30] <Graestan> Yeah. Although, I was thinking we could try something like running dialogue forums on the AC page in order for everyone to keep abreast without having to attend meetings all the time.
[17:33]	<Darthchristian>	[18:30] <Graestan> In addition to meetings, that is.
[17:33]	<Darthchristian>	[18:30] <Darthchristian> How would this work?
[17:33]	<Darthchristian>	[18:31] <Graestan> Just instead of policy decisions being only for meetings, they could be proposed and voted on in forums, giving everyone a chance at chiming in.
[17:34]	<Darthchristian>	Was what we were just discussing...
[17:34]	<Grey-man>	sweet, I am caught up :)
[17:35]	<Graestan>	I am going to wait for the next policy decision that comes to mind, and try the forum thing out.
[17:35]	<Graestan>	Okay, moving on:
[17:35]	<Graestan>	"Some form of former GA status, similar to former FAs, needs to be set up. GT informs me some of this infrastructure is already in place, so we just need to figure out how we'll make everything fit. "
[17:35]	<Darthchristian>	Okay.
[17:35]	<Graestan>	I wish GT was around. Are you aware of what he mentioned, Greyman?
[17:36]	<Grey-man>	Nah, sorry
[17:36]	<Graestan>	He says it's built into the templates, something like "delisted GA"
[17:36]	<Grey-man>	oh
[17:36]	<Grey-man>	yes
[17:36]	<Grey-man>	SoT and I made one a year or so ago
[17:36]	<Grey-man>	hm, let me dig it out
[17:36]	<Darthchristian>	k
[17:37]	<Graestan>	Here it is
[17:37]	<Graestan>
[17:37]	<Graestan>	Wanna just go with that, DGA?
[17:37]	<Grey-man>	Oh, I thought you were talking about this
[17:37]	<Graestan>	Ah, I like that one.
[17:37]	<Grey-man>	ha, my mistake
[17:38]	<Graestan>	We will make that one our favorite.
[17:38]	<Graestan>	Here's a new one: do we want to have an eras tag for these delisted GAs?
[17:38]	<Grey-man>	Feel free to retool that cleanup template to whatever you want...SoT and I made that long before people were even interested in the GAN page, so he would be loving the AgriCorps
[17:38]	<Grey-man>	in fact...I may send him an email about it
[17:38]	<Graestan>	Ah, nice.
[17:38]	<Grey-man>	Grae > It wouldn't hurt
[17:39]	<Graestan>	I might ask Gonk or someone to make one.
[17:39]	<Grey-man>	kewl.
[17:39]	<Graestan>	Oh boy, after all the infrastructure work I did making the AC, I get to see even more! :P
[17:39]	<Darthchristian>	hahaha
[17:39]	<Grey-man>	:P
[17:40]	* Darthchristian	is a tad lost with this template stuff.
[17:40]	* Graestan	learned how to make forum indices etc.
[17:40]	<Grey-man>	hah
[17:40]	<Grey-man>	fun
[17:40]	* Grey-man	loves making template, fooling around with wiki-code
[17:40]	<Grey-man>	*templates
[17:40]	<Graestan>	Oh, by the way:
[17:41]	<Graestan>	I also made a userbox.
[17:41]	<Grey-man>	as Graestan says, I like making things "pretty"...hah
[17:41]	<Graestan>	Yes. And you do well. Fiolli is also good at this.
[17:41]	<Fiolli>	Huh?
[17:41]	<Graestan>	Making pretty templates.
[17:41]	<Grey-man>	just smile and nod, Fi :P
[17:41]	<Fiolli>	Oh
[17:42]	* Fiolli	smiles and nods. :p
[17:42]	<Graestan>	Ah, also:
[17:42]	<Grey-man>	:)
[17:42]	<Graestan>	"The GA checklist needs to be updated to look more like the FA checklist. "
[17:42]	<Graestan>	I might sit down with GT and have him help me do this, as well as set up the DGA stuff.
[17:42]	* Darthchristian	has been smiling and nodding the whole time this topic has been up
[17:43]	<Graestan>	He does so well with the FA stuff in this regard, I figured I could learn from the master.
[17:43]	<Grey-man>	sounds like a plan
[17:43]	<Graestan>	When I made the meeting page I was burned out on legwork, as you can see, but I am more than willing now.
[17:43]	<Darthchristian>	Yep.
[17:44]	<Graestan>	Okay, next up is the new GA rules.
[17:44]	<Graestan>
[17:44]	<Graestan>	These are quite a bit tighter than the old ones.
[17:44]	<Grey-man>	which is excellent, btw
[17:44]	<Darthchristian>	Ah, the ones Toprawa made. Or Graestan. Whatever.
[17:44]	<Darthchristian>	:P
[17:45]	<Graestan>	GT did :P
[17:45]	<AdmirableAckbar>	Gt.
[17:45]	<Grey-man>	"What do you mean I can't nominate that 3 word article for GAN?"
[17:45]	<Grey-man>	hah
[17:45]	<Graestan>	And Greyman and Fourdot proposed these a year ago
[17:45]	<Grey-man>	yes...
[17:45]	<Grey-man>	lol
[17:45]	<Graestan>	I think these new GA rules might call for another article level just below, for the decent articles that aren't long enough
[17:45]	* Grey-man	laughed when he saw the site flip-flop
[17:45]	* Graestan	might have kissed the right asses this time around XD
[17:45]	<Darthchristian>	Meh?
[17:46]	<Darthchristian>	XD
[17:46]	<AdmirableAckbar>	That's for someone else to carry out, methinks.
[17:46]	<Grey-man>	So what needs to be done with the GAN rules, Grae?
[17:46]	<Graestan>	Meh for now. I think some adminny types are working on a proposal.
[17:46]	<Graestan>	I just wanted to make everyone aware they changed, but you guys are the cream of the crop so I did it halfheartedly.
[17:46]	<Grey-man>	heh
[17:47]	<Graestan>	Okay, agenda stuff is done.
[17:47]	<Graestan>	But I think Fiolli has some articles he wants us to take a look at.
[17:47]	<Darthchristian>	Yeah, we all know the rules and archiving
[17:47]	<Darthchristian>	Article reviews?
[17:47]	<Fiolli>	Yes, I do.
[17:47]	<Fiolli>	Yes. Potential probing.
[17:47]	<Graestan>	Probation, haha.
[17:47]	<Darthchristian>	Ya for Probing!
[17:47]	<Graestan>	The GAcleanup template will hold them in our view.
[17:47]	* Darthchristian	has never done probing before
[17:47]	<AdmirableAckbar>
[17:48]	<Fiolli>	I want to start by introducing every thing in
[17:48]	<Fiolli>	Yep.
[17:48]	<Fiolli>	Next: [[Ryloth]] ( )
[17:48]	<AdmirableAckbar>	[[Arcona]]
[17:48]	<Fiolli>	Next: - no sourcing in the BtS
[17:49]	* Graestan	stares at his now-heaping plate
[17:49]	<AdmirableAckbar>	That's one of Cav's. Isn't the BtS self-sourcing?
[17:49]	<Graestan>	Thanks. You guys are like the Toprawa Report all over again. :P
[17:49]	<Darthchristian>	Wait, the BtS sourcing isn't needed
[17:49]	<Darthchristian>	It's self sourcing
[17:49]	<Fiolli>	BtS must always be sourced.
[17:49]	<Fiolli>	Just like in FAs, no?
[17:49]	<Grey-man>	ah, well that list has been around since SoT and I made the template, lmao
[17:49]	<Graestan>	Eh, MOS supports self-sourcing.
[17:49]	<AdmirableAckbar>	Not if it's self-sourcing.
[17:50]	<Fiolli>	Bah. I'm starting a CT, then. I got screwed.
[17:50]	<Grey-man>	we should come up with a process for De-GA'ing something first, then look at that list
[17:50]	<Fiolli>	:\
[17:50]	<Grey-man>	imo, anyways :P
[17:50]	<Darthchristian>	Per Grey-man
[17:50]	<Graestan>	I concur, if only to put it off until my legwork is complete. XD
[17:51]	<Grey-man>	heh
[17:51]	<Darthchristian>	XD
[17:52]	<Darthchristian>	And we still haven't finshed the agenda yet
[17:52]	<Graestan>	?
[17:52]	<Darthchristian>	We still have to look at AC candidates
[17:52]	<Graestan>	Well, I think I speak for everyone I asked previously about Eyrezer and Acky.
[17:52]	<Graestan>	But they reject us. :P
[17:52]	<Darthchristian>	=(
[17:52]	-->|	Chack has joined #wookieepedia-agricorps
[17:53]	<Graestan>	Chack, hi!
[17:53]	<Darthchristian>	Chack!
[17:53]	<Chack>	Hey
[17:53]	<Graestan>	You just missed it!
[17:53]	<Chack>	Ah. Darn it!
[17:53]	<Grey-man>	ha, it's a sad day when I make a meeting, and you don't Chack :P
[17:53]	<Chack>	Heh
[17:53]	<Darthchristian>	Well, almost done.
[17:53]	<Grey-man>	;)
[17:53]	<Chack>	I saw Greyman joined
[17:53]	<Graestan>	Whoosh!
[17:53]	<Darthchristian>	Fiolli is giving the GA form of the Toprawa report
[17:53]	<Graestan>	Not quite XD
[17:54]	<Fiolli>	Nope.
[17:54]	<Fiolli>	I won't
[17:54]	<Graestan>	But it brings back memories
[17:54]	<Chack>	I know of a few poor GAs
[17:54]	<Fiolli>	Later, guys! Thanks for letting me lurk.
[17:54]	<--|	Fiolli has left #wookieepedia-agricorps
[17:54]	<Grey-man>	hah
[17:55]	<Grey-man>	I'm retooling some of my early TotJ GAs and going to take them to FA, so don't worry about those ones ;)
[17:55]	<Chack>	Neimoidian and
[17:55]	<Darthchristian>
[17:55]	<Darthchristian>	Yes, the ones in here
[17:55]	<Graestan>	Chack: We're going to work on the process of de-GA and then decide at the next meeting what gets probation or goes outright (if it's had it for some time)
[17:55]	<Chack>	All right
[17:55]	<Darthchristian>	So, how does de-GAing work graestan?
[17:56]	<Graestan>	We'll see.
[17:56]	<Graestan>	I imagine it will be just like de-FAing except less glamorous.
[17:56]	<Graestan>	And we'll probably make an icon.
[17:56]	<Darthchristian>	haha
[17:56]	<Graestan>	Maybe a @%#$^
[17:57]	<Graestan>	like when someone in Family Circus curses
[17:57]	<Darthchristian>	We should just make a "failure" icon
[17:57]	<Grey-man>	heh
[17:57]	<Graestan>	Yes.
[17:57]	<Graestan>	Jar Jar's profile.
[17:57]	* Darthchristian	shouts EPIC FAIL to all bad GA's.
[17:57]	<Graestan>	Or perhaps Mr. Yuck.
[17:57]	<Graestan>	Mr Yuck would be nice.
[17:58]	<AdmirableAckbar>	A big X?
[17:58]	<Graestan>	no...
[17:58]	<Chack>	Mr.Yuck... I like it
[17:58]	<AdmirableAckbar>	I don't think an era icon is necessary, tbh.
[17:58]	<Graestan>
[17:58]	<Graestan>	This is a joke, mind you. XD
[17:58]	<Darthchristian>	lmfao
[17:58]	<Graestan>	From the old "poison" stickers for household products.
[17:58]	<AdmirableAckbar>	haha
[17:59]	<Grey-man>	hah
[17:59]	<Darthchristian>	Yes. Let all those who write bad GA's know that the article is as bad as badly advertised household shit.
[18:00]	<Graestan>	I am assuming we'll have to vote on the eras icon, but then again it might make a big stir on the site so maybe eschewing it wouldn't be a bad idea.
[18:00]	<Darthchristian>	I still want Mr. Yuck.
[18:00]	<Darthchristian>	:)
[18:00]	<Grey-man>	nah, no votes
[18:00]	<Graestan>	Voting is for fools!
[18:01]	<Grey-man>	if we decide it, I'll do it or approve it or whatever
[18:01]	<Grey-man>	it's all good
[18:01]	<Graestan>	Mesa proposin dat Mista Greyman be given muy muy supreme powah
[18:01]	<Grey-man>	too many little things get bogged down on the CT page by fools who don't understand what they are voting on :P
[18:01]	<Graestan>	Indeed
[18:01]	<Darthchristian>	Yep.
[18:02]	* Darthchristian	hates people that are of his age.
[18:02]	* Grey-man	slaps Graestan for talking like a Gungan, those things Lucas created to sellout Star Wars
[18:02]	<Grey-man>	:P
[18:02]	<Darthchristian>	XD
[18:02]	<Graestan>	</minstrelshow>
[18:02]	<Grey-man>	hah
[18:02]	<Grey-man>	anyways, if we are done, I shall retire myself from this meeting
[18:02]	<Grey-man>	anything else?
[18:02]	<Graestan>	Go back to bed, you madman.
[18:02]	<Darthchristian>	You need your sleep.
[18:03]	<AdmirableAckbar>	Oi, DC. :P
[18:03]	<Chack>	Are you in the Middle-East?
[18:03]	<Grey-man>	ha
[18:03]	<Grey-man>	Chack > Ya
[18:03]	<Graestan>	Okay, I am going to work on a log, and it will be up shortly.
[18:03]	<Graestan>	Text. No freakin PDF
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