[15:21]	<Graestan>	Here begins the meeting proper.
[15:21]	<Toprawa>	Can we kill some articles now? XD
[15:21]	<Toprawa>	Yes
[15:21]	<Graestan>	Tope, would you like to share links?
[15:21]	<Graestan>	Or shall I?
[15:21]	<Toprawa>	Um.
[15:21]	<ChackJadson>	Hey one thing real quick. If I'm not reviewing a ton, I apologize; it's probably 'cause I'm very active on the FAN page (Inqing)
[15:21]	<Toprawa>	One second.
[15:21]	<Toprawa>	...
[15:21]	<ChackJadson>	So, sorry if I'm not reviewing as much as some others occasionally
[15:21]	<Graestan>	It's cool, Chack. You're fine.
[15:22]	<ChackJadson>	Cool, cool. Anyway, let's begin when Tope's ready
[15:22]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Come on, I have an itchy trigger finger.
[15:22]	<Toprawa>	ugh
[15:22]	<Graestan>	First article:
[15:22]	<Graestan>	No change since the last meeting.
[15:22]	-->|	Ralltiir has joined #wookieepedia-agricorps
[15:22]	=-=	Mode #wookieepedia-agricorps +o Ralltiir by chanserv
[15:22]	<Ralltiir>	ok
[15:22]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill.
[15:22]	<Ralltiir>	I can link now
[15:22]	<Ralltiir>	Kill
[15:22]	<CavalierOne>	Kill
[15:22]	<Cylka>	kill
[15:22]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[15:22]	<Graestan>	Death to Balmorra
[15:23]	<Graestan>	Next up, the slovenly
[15:23]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[15:23]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill.
[15:23]	<Graestan>	A mess forever, regardless of changes. Kill.
[15:23]	<Ralltiir>	I'm not linking now?
[15:23]	<ChackJadson>	Like Mace Windu
[15:23]	<Ralltiir>	Kill
[15:23]	<CavalierOne>	Kill
[15:23]	<Cylka>	kill
[15:23]	<Graestan>	(link the ones to probe, I'll handle the old ones)
[15:23]	<Toprawa>	ok
[15:24]	<Graestan>	Death to the Chancellor.
[15:24]	<Graestan>	And now, its ugly partner:
[15:24]	<CavalierOne>	Its treason then?
[15:24]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill.
[15:24]	<Toprawa>	Kill
[15:24]	<Graestan>	No change.
[15:24]	<CavalierOne>	Kill
[15:24]	<Graestan>	Kill!
[15:24]	<Cylka>	kill
[15:24]	<ChackJadson>	kill
[15:24]	<Graestan>	Cylka, I see you already have a taste for killing.
[15:25]	<Graestan>	And here:
[15:25]	<Cylka>	I learned from the best :-P
[15:25]	<Toprawa>	if someone would have created a BTS for this, I would keep
[15:25]	<Toprawa>	that's all it really needs
[15:25]	<Graestan>	Naru fixed the infobox sourcing.
[15:25]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Needs the references from the intro removed.
[15:25]	<ChackJadson>	I'll do it, Tope
[15:25]	<Toprawa>	Keep on Chack's condition, then
[15:25]	<Toprawa>	and yes, remove intro sourcing
[15:25]	<ChackJadson>	I'll do that too, GMT
[15:25]	<CavalierOne>	Ditto
[15:25]	<Graestan>	Keep per Toprawa.
[15:25]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Keep.
[15:26]	<Cylka>	per Tope
[15:26]	<ChackJadson>	so keep
[15:26]	<Graestan>	Clemency? We are weaklings!
[15:26]	<Toprawa>	heh
[15:26]	<Graestan>	But Mandos aren't:
[15:26]	<Toprawa>	I blame myself :P
[15:26]	<Toprawa>	This article is an FA for half-way through
[15:26]	<Toprawa>	Then it becomes shite
[15:26]	<Toprawa>	Kill
[15:26]	<Graestan>	Very little change.
[15:26]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill the shite.
[15:26]	<Graestan>	Also part of Sentry's troll festival of the moment.
[15:26]	<Graestan>	Kill.
[15:26]	<ChackJadson>	kill
[15:26]	<Cylka>	Needs a lot of work. Kill it.
[15:26]	<CavalierOne>	Kill
[15:27]	<Graestan>	The buck stops here.
[15:27]	<Graestan>	Now:
[15:27]	<Toprawa>	looks decent...
[15:27]	<Graestan>	Grunny fixed the sourcing.
[15:27]	<GrandMoffTranner>	{{Fact}} tag in BTS, though.
[15:27]	<Toprawa>	oh wait
[15:27]	<Toprawa>	yes, per Tranner
[15:28]	<Graestan>	The last fact tag is erroneous.
[15:28]	<Toprawa>	Is it?
[15:28]	<Graestan>	It is a self-sourcing statement.
[15:28]	<Toprawa>	ok
[15:28]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Right.
[15:28]	<Graestan>	I say keep.
[15:28]	<Toprawa>	Well...
[15:28]	<Toprawa>	Keep
[15:28]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Keep.
[15:28]	<Cylka>	Keep.
[15:28]	<CavalierOne>	Keep
[15:29]	<ChackJadson>	keep
[15:29]	<Toprawa>	heh, this next one is a doozy
[15:29]	<Graestan>	And now it is time to lay this here ugly list to rest:
[15:29]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill.
[15:29]	<Graestan>	Kill it with fire.
[15:29]	<Toprawa>	Kill with fire
[15:29]	<Toprawa>	haha
[15:29]	<ChackJadson>	kill
[15:29]	<Cylka>	Kill
[15:30]	<Graestan>	It dies.
[15:30]	<Graestan>	Naru appears to have been busy:
[15:30]	<CavalierOne>	Fire it with kill
[15:30]	<Graestan>	What is wrong?
[15:30]	<Toprawa>	yeah, I helped Naru get this one to meet MOS
[15:30]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Ref in intro, and there are far more sources out there.
[15:30]	<Toprawa>	It looks ok, but I haven't read through
[15:30]	<Graestan>
[15:30]	<ChackJadson>	It's looks better, but is it enough?
[15:30]	<Toprawa>	right, per Chac
[15:30]	<Toprawa>	k
[15:30]	<Cylka>	I just looked at it. It needs a bit of work with the sourcing.
[15:31]	<Toprawa>	does it meet "broad coverage" requirement?
[15:31]	<ChackJadson>	The intro is terrible, BTW. It has sourcing and is bascially just a list of possible names for it
[15:31]	<ChackJadson>	But that's minor
[15:31]	<Toprawa>	there do appear to be a number of unreferences Sources
[15:31]	<Toprawa>	the BTS sucks too
[15:31]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Needs more work.
[15:31]	<Toprawa>	unreferenced*
[15:31]	<ChackJadson>	I'm leaning towards kill
[15:32]	<Cylka>	Intro doesn't match the article.
[15:32]	<Toprawa>	I am, despite a good effort by Naru
[15:32]	<GrandMoffTranner>	I say kill.
[15:32]	<CavalierOne>	Same
[15:32]	<Graestan>	Kill for now. I am sure Naru can work it back up to spec, it's getting there.
[15:32]	<Toprawa>	Kill
[15:32]	<ChackJadson>	Kill FTW!
[15:32]	<Cylka>	Needs too much work. Kill
[15:33]	<Graestan>	I tell you it dead.
[15:33]	<Graestan>
[15:33]	<Graestan>	Kill this monstrosity.
[15:33]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[15:33]	<Toprawa>	convince me to keep it, Chack :P
[15:33]	<ChackJadson>	And yes, it's mine. But it's poor
[15:33]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill.
[15:33]	<Cylka>	Kill
[15:33]	<ChackJadson>	I gave up on it :(
[15:33]	<Toprawa>	the Sources list needs a lot more, I'd imagine
[15:33]	<Toprawa>	I can't believe this isn't referenced in everything...ever :P
[15:33]	<Toprawa>	Kill
[15:34]	<CavalierOne>	Kill
[15:34]	<Graestan>	Boom da gasser, den crashin da boss's heyblibber, den killed!
[15:34]	<Graestan>
[15:34]	<Graestan>	No change. Kill.
[15:34]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[15:34]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill.
[15:34]	<Toprawa>	is this the sub-250 word one?
[15:34]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Yep.
[15:35]	<Toprawa>	Kill
[15:35]	<Cylka>	Kill.
[15:35]	<CavalierOne>	Kill
[15:35]	<Graestan>	I hate Bothans anyway.
[15:35]	<Graestan>
[15:35]	<Graestan>	Gonk fixed it up a bit.
[15:35]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Looks good enough to keep.
[15:36]	<ChackJadson>	Keep
[15:36]	<Toprawa>	doesn't really meet LG if we were to assume that location articles are to meet something akin to planet LG standards
[15:36]	<Toprawa>	I dislike when we have random section titles
[15:36]	<Toprawa>	But that could be cleaned up
[15:36]	<CavalierOne>	Keep
[15:36]	<Graestan>	I'd say it falls under GA okayness as is, now. Keep.
[15:36]	<Cylka>	Keep
[15:37]	<Graestan>	If it were FA, though. ROAR!
[15:37]	<Graestan>	Tope?
[15:37]	<Toprawa>	Ugh, I reluctantly keep, I guess. I think I'm going to work with this one
[15:37]	<Graestan>	It's a kept article. Gonk wouldn't mind helping, I bet.
[15:37]	<Toprawa>	Just section it more per the LG
[15:37]	<Graestan>
[15:37]	<Graestan>	Very little change.
[15:37]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill.
[15:37]	<Toprawa>	Destroy that planet
[15:37]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[15:38]	<Graestan>	I say let the Vong invade.
[15:38]	<Cylka>	Kill
[15:38]	<CavalierOne>	Kill
[15:38]	<Graestan>	Killt.
[15:38]	<Graestan>
[15:38]	<Graestan>	Greatest lead quote evar.
[15:38]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill.
[15:39]	<Graestan>	But still a shite article. Kill.
[15:39]	<ChackJadson>	Nuke
[15:39]	<Toprawa>	Jehoshaphat system?
[15:39]	<Toprawa>	Kill
[15:39]	<Cylka>	Korriban scares me. It needs to die.
[15:39]	<CavalierOne>	killilty kill
[15:39]	<Graestan>	Another shithole of a planet that it appears someone vandalized.
[15:40]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill.
[15:40]	* Graestan	storms off to see who removed the tag and ban them
[15:40]	<ChackJadson>	Destroy
[15:40]	<Toprawa>	I love the non-sourcing.
[15:40]	<Toprawa>	Kill
[15:40]	<Cylka>	Kill
[15:40]	<Graestan>	Ban accomplished. Now we can kill the article.
[15:41]	<CavalierOne>	Have to step out for a short while - kill this and Cloak. Accept majority on the other three. Probe all character articles discussed until I get back.
[15:41]	<Graestan>	Very well.
[15:42]	<Toprawa>	Graestan vote?
[15:42]	<Graestan>	Kill!
[15:43]	<Toprawa>	I wonder what would happen if we killed an article that's current a FAN? :P
[15:44]	<ChackJadson>	XD
[15:44]	<Graestan>	The perennial favorite:
[15:44]	<Toprawa>	currently*
[15:44]	<Cylka>	It's missing a lot of infromation.
[15:44]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill.
[15:44]	<Graestan>	Base Delta Zero it.
[15:44]	<Cylka>	Kill it.
[15:44]	<Toprawa>	Kill
[15:44]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[15:44]	<Cylka>	I'll work on it eventually.
[15:44]	<Graestan>	Effectively sterilized with turbolaser fire.
[15:45]	<Graestan>
[15:45]	<Graestan>	Fiolli fixed it.
[15:45]	<Graestan>	Keep.
[15:45]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Keep.
[15:45]	<Cylka>	Keep.
[15:45]	<Toprawa>	Keepity keep
[15:45]	<Toprawa>	this is how I want to see Exovar's laid out, btw
[15:45]	<ChackJadson>	Keep
[15:46]	<Graestan>	Keepded.
[15:46]	<Graestan>	Now for Cylka's Opus:
[15:46]	<Graestan>	I say keep.
[15:46]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Keep.
[15:46]	<Graestan>	I looked at it long and hard.
[15:46]	<Toprawa>	Are we /allowed/ to kill FANs? :P
[15:46]	<Toprawa>	Keep
[15:46]	<Graestan>	Yeah, they have no status.
[15:46]	<Cylka>	Keep.
[15:47]	<Ralltiir>	do I get to vote too?
[15:47]	<ChackJadson>	No :P
[15:47]	<Graestan>	Probably.
[15:47]	<Ralltiir>	I vote kill too
[15:47]	<Cylka>	:-P
[15:47]	<Graestan>	You're in the minority, Ralltiir lad.
[15:47]	<Graestan>	Toprawa, is that your mentally deficient sibling? :P
[15:47]	<Toprawa>	We should have taken him out back and shot him a long time ago
[15:48]	<Graestan>
[15:48]	<Graestan>	Great book, bad article. Kill.
[15:48]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill!
[15:48]	<ChackJadson>	Falcon Punch it
[15:48]	<ChackJadson>	That means kill :P
[15:48]	<Cylka>	Kill.
[15:49]	<Toprawa>	Kill, though I wish we had an OOU format for the MOS.
[15:49]	<Graestan>	"It was set to stun, I swear!"
[15:49]	<Toprawa>	Besides the "Appearances" list
[15:49]	<Ralltiir>	oh, am I linking now?
[15:50]	<Graestan>	Your turn, Carl from "Sling Blade."
[15:50]	<Ralltiir>	Ok, sports fans.
[15:50]	* Graestan	eats some French-fried puhtaters
[15:50]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Okay, I have to go. My notes are on the meeting page.
[15:50]	<ChackJadson>	See ya
[15:50]	<Graestan>	Bye Tranner.
[15:50]	<Ralltiir>	Now we decide whether to probe these articles for kill-review next meeting.
[15:50]	<--|	GrandMoffTranner has left #wookieepedia-agricorps
[15:50]	<Cylka>	Bye
[15:50]	<Ralltiir>
[15:51]	<Ralltiir>	Unsourced infobox and biography items. No P/T. Everything just seems a little skimpy, especially the BTS. Probably not a huge fix, but it would definitely benefit from someone taking the time to improve this one.
[15:51]	<ChackJadson>	Kill this
[15:51]	<ChackJadson>	Well, probe
[15:51]	<Ralltiir>	Probe.
[15:51]	<Graestan>	Probe and replace with the Hermione Granger article from HPW.
[15:51]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[15:52]	<Ralltiir>	Probed.
[15:52]	<Ralltiir>
[15:52]	<Ralltiir>	4dot fixed this, and it's currently an FAN
[15:52]	<Graestan>	Leave it, no bother killing.
[15:52]	<Ralltiir>	Keep
[15:52]	<ChackJadson>	Keep
[15:52]	<Cylka>	Keep
[15:52]	<Graestan>	His beard has a reservoir tip. :S
[15:53]	<Ralltiir>	Kept
[15:53]	<Ralltiir>
[15:53]	<Ralltiir>	No sourcing at all
[15:53]	<Graestan>	Bibble looks like Socrates from Bill and Ted:
[15:53]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[15:53]	<Graestan>	Probe Depa's ruined mind.
[15:53]	<Ralltiir>	Probe
[15:53]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[15:53]	<Ralltiir>	Probed
[15:53]	<Ralltiir>
[15:54]	<Ralltiir>	Unsourced ref links, was Acky's article, who admits expansion is needed
[15:54]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[15:54]	<Graestan>	Probe per Acky the Man Himself.
[15:54]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[15:54]	<Ralltiir>	Probe
[15:54]	<Ralltiir>	Article probed.
[15:54]	<Ralltiir>
[15:55]	<Ralltiir>	Xandel Carivus - Unsourced infobox and succession box. Should be easy enough for someone knowledgeable
[15:55]	<Graestan>	Probe. Terrible article layout.
[15:55]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[15:55]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[15:55]	<Graestan>	No P&T
[15:55]	<Graestan>	No BtS
[15:55]	<Ralltiir>	Probe
[15:55]	<Ralltiir>	Article probed.
[15:56]	<Ralltiir>
[15:56]	<Ralltiir>	My page comments:
[15:56]	<Ralltiir>	- I think this article does well to exemplify what a "broad-coverage GA" should be. Over 1,000 words, but not enough detail to be an FA. Still, some very minor infobox sourcing issues, and it should have a Powers and Abilities section.
[15:56]	<Graestan>	Probe Moses.
[15:56]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[15:56]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[15:56]	<Ralltiir>	Probe
[15:56]	<Ralltiir>	Article probed.
[15:56]	<ChackJadson>	I should FA him, to go with Joruus :P
[15:57]	<Ralltiir>
[15:57]	<Ralltiir>	Needs a P/T
[15:57]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[15:57]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[15:57]	<Graestan>	Formbi deserves a P&T and a real BtS. Probe.
[15:57]	<Ralltiir>	unsourced infobox
[15:57]	<Ralltiir>	Probe.
[15:57]	<Ralltiir>	Article probed.
[15:57]	<Ralltiir>
[15:57]	<Ralltiir>	no P/T or BTS
[15:58]	<Ralltiir>	who does he look like?
[15:58]	<Ralltiir>	he reminds me of an actor or something
[15:58]	<Graestan>	Probe.
[15:58]	<Graestan>	Charlie Sheen.
[15:58]	<Ralltiir>	Kind of
[15:58]	<Cylka>	Probe
[15:58]	<ChackJadson>	Probe him
[15:58]	<Ralltiir>	Probed.
[15:58]	<Graestan>	He's also apparently dastardly:
[15:58]	<Ralltiir>
[15:58]	<Graestan>	You skipped Choi?
[15:59]	<Ralltiir>	did I?
[15:59]	<ChackJadson>	yeah
[15:59]	<Ralltiir>	ok
[15:59]	<Ralltiir>	rewind
[15:59]	<Ralltiir>
[15:59]	<Graestan>	Give Choi a P&A. Probe.
[15:59]	<ChackJadson>	Probe. No improvement
[15:59]	<Ralltiir>	Infobox and article sourcing issues. Could use a P/A, I assume
[15:59]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[15:59]	<Ralltiir>	Probe.
[15:59]	<Ralltiir>	Article probed.
[15:59]	<Graestan>	Definitely aP&A, he was a good Jedi.
[15:59]	<Ralltiir>
[15:59]	<Ralltiir>	Article had unique intro info.
[15:59]	<Ralltiir>	Apparently fixed?
[16:00]	<Cylka>	Goodwood fixed it.
[16:00]	===	#Wookieepedia
[16:00]	<Ralltiir>	Keep
[16:00]	<Ralltiir>	No probe
[16:00]	<Cylka>	Keep.
[16:00]	=-=	CavalierOne was booted from #wookieepedia-agricorps by YOU (Graestan)
[16:00]	<Ralltiir>	but why?!
[16:00]	<Graestan>	No probe.
[16:00]	<Graestan>	I hate those Dobos.
[16:01]	===	You have invited CavalierTwo to #wookieepedia-agricorps.
[16:01]	<ChackJadson>	keep
[16:01]	-->|	CavalierTwo has joined #wookieepedia-agricorps
[16:01]	<Ralltiir>	Article not probed.
[16:01]	<Ralltiir>	CavalierTWO
[16:01]	<Ralltiir>	*Holy* crap
[16:01]	<Ralltiir>	Next up
[16:01]	<Ralltiir>
[16:01]	<Graestan>	He just wasn't cavalier enough.
[16:01]	<Ralltiir>	4dot definitely fixed this.
[16:02]	<ChackJadson>	keep, silly
[16:02]	<Ralltiir>	I want to review it.
[16:02]	<Graestan>	Keep Dofine. The absentees say keep, too.
[16:02]	<ChackJadson>	I just read it. It's excellent, IMO
[16:02]	<Ralltiir>	Keep
[16:02]	<CavalierTwo>	Keep.
[16:02]	<Cylka>	No probe. Keep.
[16:02]	<Ralltiir>	Article kept.
[16:02]	<Ralltiir>
[16:02]	<Ralltiir>	Weak sourcing
[16:02]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[16:02]	<Graestan>	Fourdot removed the GAcleanup.
[16:02]	<Graestan>	:|
[16:02]	<Ralltiir>	heh
[16:03]	<Ralltiir>	We shall...speak..with him :P
[16:03]	<Graestan>	I will.
[16:03]	<Graestan>	Probe Dorsk.
[16:03]	=-=	Mode #wookieepedia-agricorps +o CavalierTwo by Graestan
[16:03]	<Ralltiir>	that is the worst infobox picture ever, by the way
[16:03]	<CavalierTwo>	Probe
[16:03]	<Ralltiir>	Probe
[16:03]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[16:03]	<Ralltiir>	someone apparently removed the tag on that one too
[16:03]	<Ralltiir>	no wait
[16:03]	<ChackJadson>	No, just wasn't added, I think
[16:04]	<Ralltiir>	there was no tag.
[16:04]	<Ralltiir>	because it wasn't probed
[16:04]	<Graestan>	hahaha
[16:04]	<Graestan>	Whoops.
[16:04]	<Ralltiir>	haha
[16:04]	<Graestan>	Good thing I never jumped the gun. :S
[16:04]	<Ralltiir>
[16:04]	<ChackJadson>	Probe quickly
[16:04]	<Graestan>	You skipped Durane.
[16:04]	<Ralltiir>	God damnit
[16:04]	<Ralltiir>
[16:05]	<Graestan>	No sourcing on Durane. Probe.
[16:05]	<CavalierTwo>	probe
[16:05]	<Ralltiir>	No sourcing
[16:05]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[16:05]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[16:05]	<Ralltiir>	Probe
[16:05]	<Ralltiir>	Care to convince us otherwise, Cav?
[16:05]	<Ralltiir>	:P
[16:05]	<Ralltiir>	Article probed.
[16:06]	<Ralltiir>
[16:06]	<Graestan>	Probe Durrei. No P&A or BtS.
[16:06]	<CavalierTwo>	Why would I? Not my article :P
[16:06]	<ChackJadson>	Probation for the sucker
[16:06]	<CavalierTwo>	Probe
[16:06]	<Ralltiir>	Just a formality :P
[16:06]	<Cylka>	Really skimpy. Probe.
[16:06]	<Ralltiir>	Probe
[16:06]	<Ralltiir>	Article probed.
[16:06]	<Ralltiir>
[16:06]	<Ralltiir>	This one hurts my soul
[16:06]	<Cylka>	I never understood this article.
[16:06]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[16:07]	<Ralltiir>	Some really poor speculation and OR. Serious MOS issues.
[16:07]	<Graestan>	Bad joke article. Probe.
[16:07]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[16:07]	<Ralltiir>	it was an old commercial from like 1994 or something
[16:07]	<Ralltiir>	I probably would have deleted it on sight as a new creation
[16:07]	<Ralltiir>	Probe
[16:07]	<Graestan>	Now Pizza Hut Girl, that was a real dame.
[16:07]	<CavalierTwo>	Probe.
[16:07]	<Ralltiir>	Article probed.
[16:07]	<Ralltiir>
[16:07]	<Ralltiir>	No sourcing. The BTS claims that it is unclear whether she's a Jedi, but the entire article treats her as one. Not so good.
[16:08]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[16:08]	<Ralltiir>	(My meeting comments)
[16:08]	<Graestan>	Apparently birds need cleavage? Probe.
[16:08]	<Ralltiir>	well, duh
[16:08]	<Graestan>	Oh, she's a harpy.
[16:08]	<Graestan>	But a very agreeable one.
[16:08]	<CavalierTwo>	Hey, if trees can have cleavage ....
[16:09]	<Ralltiir>	Probe
[16:09]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[16:09]	<CavalierTwo>	Probe
[16:09]	<Ralltiir>	Article probed.
[16:09]	<Ralltiir>
[16:09]	<Ralltiir>	Unsourced infobox, paragraph in the bio, succession box. No P/A section.
[16:09]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[16:09]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[16:10]	<CavalierTwo>	Probe
[16:10]	<Ralltiir>	Probe
[16:10]	<Ralltiir>	Graestan?
[16:10]	<Graestan>	Hang on....
[16:11]	<Ralltiir>	Stay on target...
[16:11]	<Graestan>	This is an obnoxious article about how people hapy DK.
[16:11]	<Graestan>	hate*
[16:11]	<Graestan>	Probe it.
[16:11]	<Ralltiir>	Donkey Kong?
[16:11]	<Ralltiir>	Article probed.
[16:11]	<Ralltiir>
[16:11]	<ChackJadson>	Probe. No refs
[16:11]	<Ralltiir>	Unnecessary speculative bits that should be cleaned up.
[16:11]	<Cylka>	No sourcing. Probe
[16:12]	<CavalierTwo>	Probe
[16:12]	<Ralltiir>	Probe
[16:12]	<Ralltiir>	The sourcing isn't a huge issue, but it's that we're sourcing a speculative statement
[16:12]	<Ralltiir>	which makes no sense
[16:12]	<Ralltiir>	otherwise, the sourcing is unnecessary
[16:12]	<Graestan>	Probe. Not a hard fix.
[16:13]	<Ralltiir>	Article probed.
[16:13]	<Ralltiir>
[16:13]	<Ralltiir>	no P/T
[16:13]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[16:13]	<Cylka>	probe.
[16:13]	<Graestan>	Probe.
[16:13]	<Ralltiir>	Probe
[16:13]	<CavalierTwo>	Probe
[16:13]	<Ralltiir>	Article probed.
[16:14]	<Ralltiir>
[16:14]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[16:14]	<Ralltiir>	Lots of relics of a bygone era of article quality. No infobox sourcing, unlinked references, no P/T, no BTS.
[16:14]	<CavalierTwo>	Probe
[16:14]	<Graestan>	You skipped one again
[16:14]	<Ralltiir>	we'll come back to it :P
[16:14]	<ChackJadson>	lol
[16:14]	<Graestan>	Probe Ismaren.
[16:14]	<Ralltiir>	This is what you get for using IE
[16:14]	<Ralltiir>	Probe Ismaren
[16:14]	<Graestan>	Ismaren could be an FA easily.
[16:14]	<Ralltiir>	Yeah
[16:15]	<Cylka>	Ismaren - Probe.
[16:15]	<Ralltiir>	Article probed.
[16:15]	<Ralltiir>	Backtracking...
[16:15]	<Ralltiir>
[16:15]	<Ralltiir>	no P/T or BTS
[16:15]	<Graestan>	PROBE
[16:15]	<CavalierTwo>	Probe
[16:15]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[16:15]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[16:16]	<Ralltiir>	Probe
[16:16]	<Ralltiir>	Article probed.
[16:16]	<Ralltiir>
[16:16]	<Graestan>	Shimrra's glittering eyes qualify for Dumbest Shit Ever in the EU
[16:16]	<Graestan>	Probe.
[16:16]	<Ralltiir>	Apparently DC worked on this one, but Chack wanted to discuss it
[16:16]	<ChackJadson>	I'd say probe.
[16:16]	<Graestan>	He deserves a P&A, too.
[16:16]	<CavalierTwo>	Me too
[16:16]	<ChackJadson>	Yeah, I think it could be a /lot/ more comprehensive, even for GA
[16:16]	<Ralltiir>	I would abstain only because I don't know, and it appears to meet broad coverage, but on Chack's word I probe
[16:17]	<ChackJadson>	I am honored
[16:17]	<Ralltiir>	heh
[16:17]	<Ralltiir>	Cylka? Care to lawyer this one?
[16:17]	<Graestan>	She's mesmerized by his glowing eyes.
[16:18]	<Ralltiir>	Article probed then.
[16:18]	<Ralltiir>	Next up
[16:18]	<Ralltiir>
[16:18]	<Cylka>	I'm not sure.
[16:18]	<Ralltiir>	no BTS, but handled
[16:18]	<Ralltiir>	as in, now a BTS
[16:18]	<Graestan>	Keep Jin-Jin per DC's addition.
[16:18]	<Ralltiir>	Keep
[16:18]	<CavalierTwo>	Keep
[16:18]	<ChackJadson>	keep
[16:19]	<Cylka>	Keep
[16:19]	<Ralltiir>	Article not probed.
[16:19]	<Ralltiir>
[16:19]	<Ralltiir>	serious sourcing issues
[16:19]	<Graestan>	Probe him AND his hat.
[16:19]	<Ralltiir>	haha
[16:19]	<ChackJadson>	What, specifically, Tope?
[16:19]	<Ralltiir>	Look through it
[16:19]	<CavalierTwo>	Probe him. Leave the hat alone.
[16:19]	<Ralltiir>	Whole sections are unsourced
[16:19]	<Ralltiir>	Probe
[16:20]	<ChackJadson>	Ok. Oh, I see. Probe
[16:20]	<Ralltiir>	Cylka?
[16:20]	<Cylka>	Probe
[16:20]	<Ralltiir>	Article probed.
[16:20]	<Ralltiir>
[16:20]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[16:20]	<Ralltiir>	No sourcing, P/T, or BTS
[16:21]	<Ralltiir>	he could even have a P/A, in a sense
[16:21]	<Cylka>	Probe
[16:21]	<Ralltiir>	not a Force-user, but wields faux Force powers
[16:21]	<Graestan>	Neat article, but probe per lacking sections.
[16:21]	<CavalierTwo>	Probe
[16:21]	<Ralltiir>	it's a cool CSW story
[16:21]	<Ralltiir>	I would even rewrite this
[16:21]	<Ralltiir>	but Probe
[16:21]	<Ralltiir>	Article probed.
[16:21]	<Ralltiir>	last one
[16:21]	<Ralltiir>	special addition to agenda
[16:21]	<Ralltiir>
[16:22]	<ChackJadson>	Just skip to kill :P
[16:22]	<Ralltiir>	I wish we could.
[16:22]	<Ralltiir>	Probe
[16:22]	<Ralltiir>	not even 250 words, for starters
[16:22]	<CavalierTwo>	Probity probe
[16:22]	<Graestan>	Probe. Wish we had insta-kill.
[16:22]	<Cylka>	How did this end up as a GA?
[16:23]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[16:23]	<Ralltiir>	lax standards of prehistoric days
[16:23]	<Graestan>	I have no idea.
[16:23]	<Graestan>	Pre Celebration IV.
[16:23]	<Ralltiir>	Article probed.
[16:23]	<Ralltiir>	That's concludes the review.
[16:24]	<Ralltiir>	Graestan has the floor
[16:24]	<Ralltiir>	along with anyone else who wants to discuss anything
[16:24]	* Graestan	does the electric boogaloo
[16:24]	<CavalierTwo>	BTW, Grae - the timeings for UTC are still screwed up. They're an hour out for me.
[16:24]	<Graestan>	I yield the floor to Toprawa, who has the only discussion item.
[16:24]	<Graestan>	Cav: I didn't make this meeting page.
[16:24]	<Graestan>	I am aware of GMT and Summer Time, etc.
[16:25]	<Graestan>	Check the Mofference page to see if I got it right.
[16:25]	<CavalierTwo>	Apologies, Grae.
[16:25]	<Ralltiir>	I do?
[16:25]	<Ralltiir>	oooh yeah
[16:25]	<CavalierTwo>	Just thought I'd point it out.
[16:25]	<Ralltiir>	Ok.
[16:25]	<CavalierTwo>	Ralltiir: Yep. Meeting started at nine pm for me,
[16:25]	<Graestan>	Cav:
[16:26]	<Ralltiir>	Cav> We'll fix it.
[16:26]	<Ralltiir>	We take care of our European brothers :P
[16:26]	<Cylka>	Meeting was at ten for me
[16:26]	<Ralltiir>	Discussion item 1:
[16:27]	<Ralltiir>	At Meeting 1, I believe it was, a discussion was held pertaining to how long a nomination should sit on the page idle, with outstanding objections, before a removal vote can be started.
[16:27]	<Ralltiir>	Currently, we have no policy.
[16:27]	<Ralltiir>	I propose making a 3-week idle policy along with a notification on the page warning users that their noms are subject to removal after this time if there are outstnading objections not handled
[16:27]	<ChackJadson>	3 weeks sounds good to me
[16:27]	<Ralltiir>	Granted, we would allow leeway if they're still working on it
[16:27]	<Graestan>	I'm so glad the Inq does the beta-testing for us on shit like this.
[16:28]	<CavalierTwo>	Notification to the user who's nom it is should also be made.
[16:28]	<Cylka>	Three weeks is enough time to show up and do a little work.
[16:28]	<Ralltiir>	Cav> To be nice to them, that would be good, but I for one am not going to be hunting down nominators to handle my objections
[16:29]	<Ralltiir>	they need to look over their own nominations
[16:29]	<CavalierTwo>	Fair enough. I was thinking a template just to put on their talk page saying - its gone if you don't show up type of thing.
[16:29]	<Ralltiir>	I would leave a special note on their nomination
[16:30]	<Ralltiir>	That's a fair proposal, though
[16:30]	<Ralltiir>	Thoughts?
[16:30]	<Ralltiir>	To Cav's suggestion, that is
[16:30]	<Cylka>	Maybe a notification right before their time is up
[16:30]	<Graestan>	At the one-hour mark. :P
[16:31]	<Cylka>	But I'm not sure it should be an official policy
[16:31]	<Cylka>	10 minutes left
[16:31]	<ChackJadson>	We done?
[16:31]	<Ralltiir>	as a measure of courtesy, it would be nice, but I still say they need to be active on the GAN page, which should encompass their being aware of a warning left on their nom
[16:32]	<Ralltiir>	I think taking it off the page is unnecessary
[16:32]	<Cylka>	Fair enough Tope.
[16:32]	<Graestan>	Cylka: 10 minutes left of what?
[16:32]	<Cylka>	Sorry. I'm trying to handle a couple of kids on the KOTOR page
[16:32]	<Ralltiir>	Until we all die, of course
[16:32]	<Graestan>	Hahaha
[16:33]	<Ralltiir>	So, 3-week length and page disclaimer approved, barring last minute objections?
[16:33]	<CavalierTwo>	yep
[16:33]	<Ralltiir>	Plus a talk page message if you're nicer than Toprawa :P
[16:33]	<Cylka>	Yes
[16:33]	<ChackJadson>	Cool
[16:33]	<Ralltiir>	Approved.
[16:33]	<Ralltiir>	Any last minute concerns?
[16:33]	<Ralltiir>	Chack can go, since he looks like he has to pee :P
[16:34]	<ChackJadson>	Nah. Just tired of sitting here :P
[16:34]	<Ralltiir>	And Graestan has volunteered to be the paperwork pitch, for the record.
[16:34]	<Ralltiir>	bitch*
[16:34]	<Graestan>	Yo mama.
[16:34]	<Ralltiir>	That concludes AC Meeting 5.
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