[15:24]	<Graestan>	It's articles time.
[15:25]	<Graestan>	Sit back, relax, and strap it down, AgriCorps.
[15:25]	<Ralltiir>	:D
[15:25]	<Graestan>	First up are the probations:
[15:25]	<Graestan>
[15:26]	<Graestan>	That dirty old hag, errrr, Annie's mom.
[15:26]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[15:26]	<Ralltiir>	KEEL HER
[15:26]	<Cylka>	Kill
[15:26]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill her, Tusken style.
[15:26]	<Darthchristian>	Kill
[15:26]	<Ralltiir>	haha
[15:26]	<Graestan>	Honestly, no real improvement.
[15:26]	<Ralltiir>	per Tranner
[15:26]	<Graestan>	Seems some people did some of the peripheral stuff to it.
[15:26]	<Graestan>	Strap her to a wooden frame and flog her until her son kills us all?
[15:26]	<ChackJadson>	O_o
[15:26]	<Ralltiir>	Sourcing issues still
[15:27]	<Cylka>	Legacy is completely unsourced.
[15:27]	<Ralltiir>	Affiliation: Watto's shop
[15:27]	<Graestan>	Well, then.
[15:27]	<Ralltiir>	That's funny
[15:27]	<Cylka>	Punctuation problems.
[15:27]	<Graestan>	She gone.
[15:28]	<Graestan>	Here's an unedited one for us to zap immediately:
[15:28]	<Graestan>	Death.
[15:28]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill.
[15:28]	<Cylka>	Kill.
[15:28]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[15:28]	<Ralltiir>	Kill
[15:28]	<Graestan>	And now:
[15:28]	<Darthchristian>	Kill
[15:28]	<Graestan>	Doesn't look so bad, I think. Thoughts?
[15:29]	<Ralltiir>	Eyrezer fixed it up.
[15:29]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Looks good.
[15:29]	<Ralltiir>	The P/A is probably unnecessary on this part, which is partially my fault
[15:29]	<Ralltiir>	but it works
[15:29]	<Ralltiir>	Keep
[15:29]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Yeah, keep.
[15:29]	<ChackJadson>	Keep, I suppose
[15:29]	<Darthchristian>	Keep
[15:29]	<Cylka>	Keep.
[15:29]	<Graestan>	A kept Rodian.
[15:29]	<Graestan>
[15:29]	<Graestan>	I will never be satisfied with this as a GA.
[15:29]	<Ralltiir>	KILL THAT DIRTY MAN
[15:29]	<Ralltiir>	BLOW HIM UP
[15:29]	<Graestan>	Not to sound political.
[15:30]	<Graestan>	Destroy his whole planet.
[15:30]	<Darthchristian>	Crappola. Die.
[15:30]	<Graestan>	And all his bleeding heart subjects, too.
[15:30]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Make his adopted daughter watch him die.
[15:30]	<Cylka>	Yeah, kill.
[15:30]	<ChackJadson>	Destroy him!
[15:31]	<Graestan>	To the Graveyard with Bail.
[15:31]	<Graestan>
[15:31]	<Graestan>	Not too bad, but a horrible image farm.
[15:31]	<Ralltiir>	Kill.
[15:31]	<Ralltiir>	No P/T
[15:31]	<Graestan>	Whoa!
[15:31]	<Ralltiir>	expansion is prob needed
[15:31]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill.
[15:31]	<Graestan>	Am I rusty or what,folks?
[15:31]	<Ralltiir>	that could be a huge P/T too
[15:31]	<Graestan>	Death to her.
[15:31]	<Cylka>	Kill.
[15:31]	<Darthchristian>	Die.
[15:32]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[15:32]	<Graestan>	Be done killed.
[15:32]	<Graestan>
[15:32]	<Graestan>	No change.
[15:32]	<Graestan>	Kill.
[15:32]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill.
[15:32]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[15:32]	<Ralltiir>	Kill
[15:32]	<Cylka>	Kill.
[15:32]	<Darthchristian>	Kill
[15:32]	<Graestan> Kill, no change.
[15:32]	<Ralltiir>	Kill
[15:32]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[15:33]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill.
[15:33]	<Cylka>	Kill.
[15:33]	<Graestan>	Hey, the only change was a poorly punctuated quote! Kill.
[15:33]	<Darthchristian>	Do I even need to say it
[15:33]	<ChackJadson>	Ha, KILL!
[15:33]	<Ralltiir>	The anons ruined this one.
[15:33]	<Ralltiir>	I helped it through originally
[15:33]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill.
[15:33]	<Ralltiir>	but Kill now
[15:33]	<Cylka>	Kill
[15:33]	<Darthchristian>	Kill
[15:33]	<Graestan>	And now, Corpsey's bro:
[15:33]	<Graestan>
[15:33]	<Graestan>	Keep.
[15:34]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Keep
[15:34]	<ChackJadson>	Keep
[15:34]	<Ralltiir>	Keep. I'll check for ROTJ junior novel appearance
[15:34]	<Cylka>	Keep.
[15:34]	<Darthchristian>	Keep
[15:34]	<Graestan>	This Jedi looks like the people who try to sell tourists copies of free newspapers in Grant Park:
[15:35]	<Graestan>	No real change. Kill.
[15:35]	<Ralltiir>	Seriously
[15:35]	<Ralltiir>	He does
[15:35]	<ChackJadson>	Kill the dude
[15:35]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill
[15:35]	<Ralltiir>	Kill
[15:35]	<Cylka>	He looks like a gansta.
[15:35]	<Cylka>	Kill
[15:35]	<ChackJadson>	Per Cylka
[15:35]	<Darthchristian>	Kill
[15:35]	<Graestan>	Time to kill this changeless baloney:
[15:35]	<Graestan>	Kill!
[15:35]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill
[15:35]	<Darthchristian>	Kll
[15:36]	<Ralltiir>	Kill
[15:36]	<Cylka>	Kill.
[15:36]	<Graestan>	What's with all the no-changes! Whatever happened to watchlist Naziism?
[15:36]	-->|	MoffTranner (n=473b4018@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #wookieepedia-agricorps
[15:36]	=-=	Mode #wookieepedia-agricorps +o MoffTranner by chanserv
[15:36]	<ChackJadson>	Kill the Killer Ewok
[15:36]	|<--	GrandMoffTranner has left ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
[15:36]	=-=	MoffTranner is now known as GrandMoffTranner
[15:36]	<Graestan>	Obi-Wan's boo looks like Britney Spears:
[15:37]	<Cylka>	That she does.
[15:37]	<Ralltiir>	P/T is weak
[15:37]	<Ralltiir>	no P/A
[15:37]	<Ralltiir>	Intro sourcing?
[15:37]	<Ralltiir>	Kill
[15:37]	<Darthchristian>	KILL
[15:37]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill.
[15:37]	<Graestan>	Whoa, the new Tachi pic makes her hot. Good work, Japanese people.
[15:37]	<ChackJadson>	Half-hearted fix attempt. Kill
[15:37]	<Graestan>	Death to her. Inevitable death to all Jedi.
[15:37]	<Cylka>	No P/A
[15:37]	<Cylka>	Kill.
[15:37]	<Graestan>	Changeless:
[15:37]	<Graestan>	Deep fry him.
[15:38]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[15:38]	<Ralltiir>	Huge expansion needed.
[15:38]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill
[15:38]	<Ralltiir>	Kill.
[15:38]	<Cylka>	Kill.
[15:38]	<Graestan>	He looks like a lanky Blooper.
[15:38]	<Darthchristian>	KILL
[15:38]	<ChackJadson>	Ha, he does, Grae
[15:38]	<Graestan>
[15:38]	<Ralltiir>	Eyrezer-fix
[15:38]	<Ralltiir>	Keep
[15:38]	<Graestan>	Keep.
[15:38]	<Graestan>	Eyre fixes well.
[15:39]	<ChackJadson>	Keep
[15:39]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Keep
[15:39]	<Cylka>	Keep.
[15:39]	<Darthchristian>	keep
[15:39]	<Graestan>
[15:39]	<Graestan>	No P&T
[15:39]	<Graestan>	No infobox sourcing
[15:39]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill.
[15:39]	<Graestan>	Death
[15:39]	<Ralltiir>	Ugh
[15:39]	<Ralltiir>	Kill
[15:39]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[15:39]	<Cylka>	Kill.
[15:39]	<Darthchristian>	Be right back
[15:40]	<--|	Darthchristian has left #wookieepedia-agricorps
[15:40]	<Graestan>
[15:40]	<Ralltiir>	Sheesh
[15:40]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill her on Kashyyyk.
[15:40]	<Ralltiir>	Kill
[15:40]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[15:40]	<Graestan>	Get her clones to do it
[15:41]	-->|	Darthchristian (n=182f117e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #wookieepedia-agricorps
[15:41]	=-=	Mode #wookieepedia-agricorps +o Darthchristian by chanserv
[15:41]	<Cylka>	Kill.
[15:41]	<Ralltiir>	Voting on Luminara, DC
[15:41]	<Darthchristian>	Oh, kill
[15:41]	<Graestan>	She dead.
[15:41]	<Graestan>
[15:41]	<Graestan>	Changeless.
[15:41]	<ChackJadson>	Kill him
[15:41]	<Graestan>	What were the original issues?
[15:41]	<Ralltiir>	Missing info from novel, junior novel, radio dramas
[15:41]	<Ralltiir>	Kill
[15:41]	<Graestan>	Ah, nice.
[15:41]	<Ralltiir>	The original nominator never checked those
[15:41]	<Graestan>	Another one of /those/ things.
[15:42]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill.
[15:42]	<Cylka>	Kill.
[15:42]	<Ralltiir>	BTM too
[15:42]	* Graestan	sure loves all that movie-nom source-chasing :S
[15:42]	<Darthchristian>	Kill
[15:42]	<Graestan>	Kill on the basis of changelessness.
[15:42]	<Ralltiir>	Me too :)
[15:42]	<Graestan>	Doc:
[15:43]	===	You have invited Grunny to #wookieepedia-agricorps.
[15:43]	<Ralltiir>	no P/T
[15:43]	<Ralltiir>	Intro expansion?
[15:43]	<Darthchristian>	Dead
[15:43]	-->|	Grunny (n=d12d8782@wikia/Grunny) has joined #wookieepedia-agricorps
[15:43]	<Ralltiir>	no BTS
[15:43]	<Ralltiir>	Grunny!
[15:43]	<ChackJadson>	Hey Grunny!
[15:43]	* Graestan	plays Price is Right music
[15:43]	<Cylka>	Yeah, no P/T. Kill.
[15:43]	<Ralltiir>	Welcome, our newest member!
[15:43]	<Grunny>	Haha
[15:43]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Welcome, Grunny!
[15:43]	<ChackJadson>	Congrats
[15:43]	<Grunny>	Hey :D
[15:43]	=-=	Mode #wookieepedia-agricorps +o Grunny by Graestan
[15:43]	<Grunny>	THank you :)
[15:43]	<Graestan>	No P&T on Doc, kill Doc.
[15:43]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Now, kill.
[15:43]	<Cylka>	Hey Grunny.
[15:44]	<Darthchristian>	Grundawg
[15:44]	<Grunny>	Cylka, DC :-)
[15:44]	<Graestan>
[15:44]	<Graestan>	Highly edited yet changeless.
[15:44]	<Graestan>	Kill.
[15:44]	<ChackJadson>	Kill the hag
[15:44]	<Ralltiir>	Sourcing
[15:44]	<Ralltiir>	Kill
[15:44]	<Grunny>	kill
[15:44]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill
[15:44]	<Cylka>	Kill.
[15:45]	<Darthchristian>	Kill
[15:45]	<Graestan>	Fuckin puppets
[15:45]	<Graestan>	Next:
[15:45]	<Graestan>
[15:45]	<Graestan>	Parenthitical statement!
[15:45]	<Graestan>	Quote in prose!
[15:45]	<Ralltiir>	Tommy seems to have fixed it enough.
[15:45]	<Grunny>	Tommy's working on it
[15:45]	<Ralltiir>	Oh?
[15:45]	<Ralltiir>	KILL :P
[15:45]	<Graestan>	Good enough, imo, though.
[15:45]	<Graestan>	He should just FA it.
[15:45]	<Ralltiir>	Keep
[15:45]	<Cylka>	Keep.
[15:45]	<Ralltiir>	Yeah
[15:45]	<Graestan>	Keepers.
[15:45]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Keep.
[15:45]	<Grunny>	Keep
[15:46]	<Graestan>	Okay, Lady and Germs:
[15:46]	<Darthchristian>	Keep
[15:46]	<Graestan>	On to the probes or no probes:
[15:46]	<Graestan>	IRC:
[15:46]	<ChackJadson>	Kill IRC!
[15:46]	<Graestan>	Give it a netsplit and a half.
[15:46]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[15:46]	<Ralltiir>	Probify
[15:46]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Probe it, and then we'll kill it later.
[15:46]	<Graestan>	Probe, it's like half OR, by the looks.
[15:46]	<Grunny>	Probe
[15:47]	<Graestan>	Looks like an essay.
[15:47]	<Darthchristian>	Probe
[15:48]	<Graestan>
[15:48]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[15:48]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Probe.
[15:48]	<Graestan>	Lame, probe.
[15:48]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[15:48]	<Grunny>	Probe
[15:48]	<Graestan>	I can't wait for the authors to read this log and then harangue me on my talk page. 9_9
[15:48]	<Darthchristian>	Probe
[15:49]	<Ralltiir>	Probe
[15:49]	<Graestan>
[15:49]	<Graestan>	Should be an FA. Probe.
[15:49]	<Ralltiir>	Probe
[15:49]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Probe.
[15:49]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[15:49]	<Cylka>	Probe
[15:49]	<Grunny>	Probe
[15:49]	<Graestan>	Same deal:
[15:49]	<Grunny>	Probe
[15:49]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[15:49]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Probe.
[15:49]	<Darthchristian>	Probe
[15:49]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[15:50]	<Graestan>	Proboscis.
[15:50]	<Graestan>	Well, folks, that was quick, wasn't it?
[15:50]	<Graestan>	Who wants to fight over agenda items now!?
[15:50]	<Darthchristian>	Sorry folks, I have to leave for like 15-20 minutes
[15:50]	<Ralltiir>	Probe
[15:50]	<Ralltiir>	sorry
[15:50]	<Ralltiir>	Ok
[15:50]	<Graestan>	Obviously not you. :P
[15:50]	<Ralltiir>	A few agenda items
[15:50]	<Ralltiir>	First.
[15:50]	<Ralltiir>	I'm just going to assume you've all read through this
[15:50]	<Ralltiir>
[15:51]	<Darthchristian>	YES YES YES
[15:51]	<Graestan>	It was all up in my head already
[15:51]	<Grunny>	Yes
[15:51]	<Graestan>	So sure
[15:51]	<Ralltiir>	Basically, nothing new, just kind of compiling everything we already do
[15:51]	<Graestan>	We should keep on it
[15:51]	<Graestan>	The Inq needs this, too
[15:51]	<Ralltiir>	We can always expand on this.
[15:51]	<ChackJadson>	Support
[15:51]	<Ralltiir>	Are there pressing concerns over the content?
[15:51]	<Grunny>	Support
[15:51]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Support.
[15:51]	<Darthchristian>	Meh, my brother can wait for now, support
[15:51]	<Ralltiir>	Support, naturally
[15:51]	<Cylka>	Support.
[15:52]	<Graestan>	I think it looks like shit
[15:52]	<Ralltiir>	Fuck you
[15:52]	<Graestan>	And I want to RFRA and ban the authors
[15:52]	<Ralltiir>	Bylaws passed.
[15:52]	<Ralltiir>	Second.
[15:52]	<Ralltiir>	A certain non-AC user has brought up a concern that I think holds some weight.
[15:52]	<Graestan>	I think he should join the AC :P
[15:52]	<Ralltiir>	We have a plethora of /humongo/ noms on the page right now.
[15:52]	<Ralltiir>	It's kind of silly.
[15:53]	<Ralltiir>	So.
[15:53]	<Graestan>	Yes, big noms suck. Especially when I don't want to Inq them, let alone AC them.
[15:53]	<Ralltiir>	Based on his recommendation, I formally float a proposal that we set a maximum word limit for nominations at 3000 words. 3000+ word noms would be removed and we will direct the nominator to the FAN page where something like that belongs.
[15:53]	<Ralltiir>	Thoughts?
[15:53]	<ChackJadson>	I like it
[15:53]	<Ralltiir>	Concerns?
[15:53]	<Grunny>	I like it
[15:53]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Sounds good.
[15:53]	<Cylka>	I support.
[15:54]	<ChackJadson>	What about for noobs though? That's my only concern.
[15:54]	<Graestan>	Well
[15:54]	<ChackJadson>	Should we give first-time nominators like 5000 words, or anything?
[15:54]	<Ralltiir>	Well, my idea is that they shouldnt be working on huge articles right off the bat anyway
[15:54]	<Cylka>	Noobs shouldn't be writing 3000 word articles.
[15:54]	<Ralltiir>	They should start off with what they can handle
[15:54]	<Ralltiir>	per Cylka
[15:54]	<Grunny>	That's true
[15:54]	<Graestan>	We can't keep letting people put bullshit on our page and have us rewrite/tell them exactly how to rewrite it to FA standards
[15:54]	<Graestan>	It's an abuse of our service
[15:54]	<Cylka>	Or, if they are good enough, then they'll pass FAN.
[15:54]	<Grunny>	Ordo Skirata :P
[15:54]	<ChackJadson>	Ok, that makes sense. 3,000 sounds fine, then
[15:54]	<Ralltiir>	the GAN is to help introduce noobies
[15:54]	<Ralltiir>	Not doing the job of the Inq
[15:54]	<Ralltiir>	5000 word noms are not in the spirit of the GAN
[15:55]	<Cylka>	3,000
[15:55]	<Ralltiir>	whatever :P
[15:55]	<Graestan>	I am happy to Inq articles on the FAN, but not twice.
[15:55]	<Graestan>	3,000
[15:55]	<Graestan>	Let's do it
[15:55]	<Ralltiir>	I support
[15:55]	<ChackJadson>	Yes
[15:55]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Support.
[15:55]	<Grunny>	Support
[15:55]	<Cylka>	Support.
[15:55]	<Graestan>	"U R a bunch of meaneies"
[15:55]	<Ralltiir>	It should be noted that current Good articles that surpass 3000 words will not be removed.
[15:56]	<Graestan>	We should make a funny template.
[15:56]	<Graestan>	"Sorry, pal"
[15:56]	<Ralltiir>	"Will someone get this big walking carpet out of my way"
[15:57]	<Graestan>	YES
[15:57]	<Graestan>	you win
[15:57]	<Grunny>	I like it :P
[15:57]	<ChackJadson>	I like Tope's
[15:57]	<Graestan>	ESB wins forever
[15:57]	<Ralltiir>	\m/
[15:57]	<Graestan>	I am watching it tonight with my mom
[15:57]	<Ralltiir>	Will you be kissing?
[15:57]	<Graestan>	"My hands are dirty, too, Mom..."
[15:57]	<Ralltiir>	Hot
[15:57]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Is this going on the log? :p
[15:57]	<Graestan>	Yep.
[15:57]	<Ralltiir>	Probably
[15:57]	<Graestan>	I hope Mom doesn't see it.
[15:58]	<Ralltiir>	Ok
[15:58]	<Ralltiir>	Well.
[15:58]	<Ralltiir>	Who wants to be the paperwork bitch.
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