[07:01]	<Toprawa>	AC Meeting 16 is now underway.
[07:01]	<Toprawa>	Thank you to those who have shown up.
[07:05]	<Toprawa>	.acsignal
[07:05]	<Dr_Ball_MD>	CavalierOne! CC7567! ChackJadson! Graestan! GrandMoffTranner! Grunny! Jujiggum! Toprawa and/or Ralltiir!
[07:05]	<Grunny>	.acmeeting
[07:05]	<Dr_Ball_MD>	Everyone shut up, the AC meeting is about to start!
[07:07]	<Toprawa>	Looking at probed articles from Meeting 15.
[07:08]	<Toprawa>
[07:08]	<Toprawa>
[07:08]	<CC7567>	( for the record)
[07:09]	<Toprawa>	I think there was actually more than that.
[07:09]	<Toprawa>	I dont' remember, to be honest.
[07:09]	<Toprawa>	from the Atlas, I mean
[07:10]	<CC7567>	The log from last time doesn't have anything else
[07:10]	<Toprawa>	At any rate.
[07:10]	<Toprawa>	I wanted to bring this up as well.
[07:10]	<Toprawa>	Unless I've missed it, I don't see any mention of this in there.
[07:10]	<Toprawa>	/some/ kind of mention should be included at least
[07:10]	<Grunny>	Extend probe?
[07:11]	<Toprawa>	Based on this new missing info, I say extend
[07:11]	<CC7567>	Extend, per that.
[07:11]	<Jujiggum>	Extend probe
[07:11]	<CavalierOne>	Extend.
[07:11]	<Dr_Ball_MD>	Extend
[07:11]	<Toprawa>	Acklay probe extended to next meeting.
[07:11]	<Dr_Ball_MD>	Oh wait, I'm not an AC
[07:11]	<Toprawa>
[07:11]	<Toprawa>
[07:12]	<Toprawa>	Jinzler sourced the infobox.
[07:12]	<Toprawa>	That was about it.
[07:12]	<CavalierOne>	It's been reffed, but that's it. Kill.
[07:12]	<Jujiggum>	Kill
[07:12]	<Toprawa>
[07:12]	<Toprawa>	Kill.
[07:12]	<Grunny>	still redlink in infobox
[07:12]	<Grunny>	kill
[07:12]	<CC7567>	Kill.
[07:12]	<Toprawa>	the BTS is still a disaster as well
[07:13]	<Toprawa>	Battle of Zaadja killed.
[07:13]	<Toprawa>
[07:13]	<Toprawa>
[07:13]	<Toprawa>	no change
[07:13]	<Jujiggum>	No changes have been made
[07:13]	<CavalierOne>	Kill.
[07:13]	<Jujiggum>	Kill
[07:13]	<Toprawa>	Kill
[07:13]	<Grunny>	kill
[07:13]	<CC7567>	Kill.
[07:14]	<Toprawa>	Battle of Kashyyyk killed.
[07:14]	<Toprawa>
[07:14]	<Toprawa>
[07:14]	<Toprawa>
[07:14]	<CC7567>	:|
[07:14]	<Grunny>	kill
[07:14]	<Toprawa>	haha
[07:14]	<Jujiggum>	Kill
[07:14]	<Toprawa>	Kill
[07:14]	<CC7567>	Kill.
[07:15]	<CC7567>	Don't think I need to say anything else. :P
[07:15]	<CavalierOne>	Kill.
[07:15]	<Toprawa>	Alto Stratus killed.
[07:15]	<Toprawa>
[07:15]	<Toprawa>
[07:15]	<Jujiggum>	All info has been added. Keep
[07:15]	<Toprawa>
[07:16]	<CavalierOne>	Keep.
[07:16]	<Toprawa>	Keep.
[07:16]	<CC7567>	I kinda feel that the Bio could be sectioned better, though
[07:16]	<Grunny>	keepers
[07:16]	<CC7567>	Though it's probably not worth a probe
[07:16]	<Toprawa>	You're probably right.
[07:16]	<CC7567>	So keep.
[07:16]	<Toprawa>	We could get Chack to look at it, probably
[07:16]	<CC7567>	Yeah.
[07:16]	<Jujiggum>	yeah
[07:16]	<Toprawa>	Sa Cuis kept, but tell Chack to look at it.
[07:16]	<Grunny>	Leave him a note
[07:16]	<Grunny>	yeah
[07:17]	<Toprawa>
[07:17]	<Dr_Ball_MD>	I agree
[07:17]	<Toprawa>
[07:17]	<CC7567>	All info has been added.
[07:17]	<Toprawa>	Evidently updated.
[07:17]	<CC7567>	So keep.
[07:17]	<Jujiggum>	Keep
[07:17]	<Grunny>	Keep
[07:17]	<Toprawa>	Keep.
[07:18]	<CavalierOne>	Keep.
[07:18]	<Toprawa>	Rugosa kept.
[07:18]	<Toprawa>
[07:18]	<Toprawa>
[07:18]	<Toprawa>	I'll let CC lawyer this one for us :P
[07:18]	-->|	ChackJadson (n=chatzill@wikia/ChackJadson) has joined #wookieepedia-agricorps
[07:18]	=-=	Mode #wookieepedia-agricorps +o ChackJadson by chanserv
[07:18]	<CC7567>	Eh.
[07:18]	<CC7567>	Hey Chack.
[07:18]	<Jujiggum>	Chack
[07:18]	<Toprawa>	hey Chack
[07:18]	<ChackJadson>	Hey guys
[07:18]	<ChackJadson>	Sorry I'm late
[07:18]	<CC7567>	In the midst of reviewing Operation: Knightfall
[07:18]	<Dr_Ball_MD>	Good day, Chack!
[07:19]	<ChackJadson>	Hi
[07:19]	<Grunny>	Hey, Chack
[07:19]	<Toprawa>	Chack> Toprawa>
[07:19]	<Toprawa>	<Toprawa>
[07:19]	<ChackJadson>	Ok, cool
[07:19]	<Toprawa>	<Toprawa> I'll let CC lawyer this one for us :P
[07:19]	<Toprawa>	That's where we're at
[07:19]	<CC7567>	I'd have to say that it's looking better
[07:19]	<CC7567>	How much better, not sure
[07:19]	<Toprawa>	I'd be lying if I read through the changes.
[07:19]	<Toprawa>	if I said I read*
[07:19]	<CC7567>	The fluffified context seems to be gone for the most part
[07:19]	<CC7567>	Though the Aftermath can still be organized much better
[07:20]	<CC7567>	Any other thoughts?
[07:20]	<Toprawa>	It passes the look test at least :P
[07:20]	<CavalierOne>	Indeed
[07:20]	<CC7567>	:P
[07:20]	<Toprawa>	I have nothing to legitimately oppose it on
[07:20]	<Toprawa>	I say keep.
[07:20]	<CavalierOne>	I'd say keep, but keep a close eye on it.
[07:20]	<Toprawa>	per Cav
[07:20]	<Jujiggum>	Per Cav
[07:21]	<ChackJadson>	Per them
[07:21]	<CC7567>	Yeah.
[07:21]	<Grunny>	per Cav
[07:21]	<Toprawa>	Operation: Knightfall kept.
[07:21]	<CC7567>	And if anyone's willing to reorganize the Aftermath, please do so :P
[07:21]	<Toprawa>
[07:21]	<Toprawa>
[07:21]	<Toprawa>	Evidently updated, with help from CC :P
[07:21]	<CC7567>	All info sufficiently added.
[07:22]	<CC7567>	(:P )
[07:22]	<Toprawa>	Keep
[07:22]	<Jujiggum>	Keep
[07:22]	<CC7567>	*( :P )
[07:22]	<CC7567>	Keep.
[07:22]	<Grunny>	keep
[07:22]	-->|	GrandMoffTranner (n=Tranner@wikia/GrandMoffTranner) has joined #wookieepedia-agricorps
[07:22]	=-=	Mode #wookieepedia-agricorps +o GrandMoffTranner by chanserv
[07:22]	<ChackJadson>	Tranner
[07:22]	<Toprawa>	Tranner.
[07:22]	<CC7567>	Oy Tranner.
[07:22]	<ChackJadson>	Keep
[07:22]	<CavalierOne>	Keep.
[07:22]	<Jujiggum>	hey Tran
[07:22]	<Dr_Ball_MD>	Good day, Tranner!
[07:22]	<CavalierOne>	Hey Tranner.
[07:22]	<Grunny>	Tranman
[07:22]	<Toprawa>	Tranner> Toprawa>
[07:22]	<Toprawa>	<Toprawa>
[07:22]	<Toprawa>	<Toprawa> Evidently updated, with help from CC :P
[07:22]	<Toprawa>	Everyone has voted keep so far :P
[07:22]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Dammit.
[07:22]	<Toprawa>	The pressure is on you to convince us otherwise :P
[07:23]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Sorry I'm late guys.
[07:23]	<Toprawa>	It's cool
[07:23]	<ChackJadson>	I was too, no worries
[07:23]	<Toprawa>	Thanks for coming
[07:23]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Keep, then.
[07:23]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Maybe some other time. :p
[07:23]	<Toprawa>	Axe kept.
[07:23]	<Toprawa>
[07:23]	<Toprawa>
[07:24]	<Toprawa>	Trayus handled it.
[07:24]	<CC7567>	Again, all info added.
[07:24]	<ChackJadson>	Keep
[07:24]	<Toprawa>	Keep
[07:24]	<Grunny>	keep
[07:24]	<Jujiggum>	Keep
[07:24]	* CC7567	is getting tired of these TCW noms
[07:24]	<CC7567>	Keep.
[07:24]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Looks good. Keep.
[07:24]	<Toprawa>	Gor kept.
[07:24]	<Toprawa>	Ok.
[07:24]	<Toprawa>	New reviews.
[07:24]	<Toprawa>	Ktriss - article format must follow established character-article layout, per Meeting 15 objection to Gor. Toprawa and Ralltiir 20:15, November 15, 2009 (UTC)
[07:24]	<Toprawa>
[07:24]	<Toprawa>	same thing we probed Gor on last meeting
[07:24]	<CavalierOne>	If CC is getting tired of the TCW noms, what chance do the rest of us have :P
[07:24]	<ChackJadson>	Ok, probe then
[07:24]	<Toprawa>	Non-sentient species characters still have personalities.
[07:24]	<Jujiggum>	Probe, then
[07:24]	<Toprawa>	Probe
[07:24]	<Grunny>	probify
[07:24]	<CavalierOne>	Probe.
[07:25]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Probify.
[07:25]	<CC7567>	Wait.
[07:25]	<CC7567>	Did Trayus handle it or not?
[07:25]	<Toprawa>	He did
[07:25]	<CC7567>	I could have sworn that I saw him change it.
[07:25]	<Toprawa>	He handled my objection anyway.
[07:25]	<Toprawa>	Was there other stuff to be updated?
[07:25]	<CC7567>	Not that I know of
[07:25]	<CC7567>	So do we still need to probe it?
[07:25]	<Toprawa>	on Gor or Ktriss?
[07:25]	<CC7567>	Ktriss.
[07:25]	<Toprawa>	Ktriss has not been changed.
[07:26]	<CC7567>	Oh. I see.
[07:26]	<CC7567>	Could've sworn that I saw it change. :|
[07:26]	<CC7567>	So probe, then.
[07:26]	<Toprawa>	Ktriss probed.
[07:26]	<Toprawa>
[07:26]	<Toprawa>	Giles Durane - virtually no information from The Princess Leia Diaries other than a short BTS mention and a picture that shows there is evidently enough information that it should be included in the biography, whether it's ambiguous or not. Toprawa and Ralltiir20:53, November 19, 2009 (UTC) 
[07:26]	<Toprawa>	This would be a nice case for our {{Tales-start}} template
[07:27]	<CC7567>	Probe.
[07:27]	<Jujiggum>	Probe it
[07:27]	<CavalierOne>	Indeed. Probe.
[07:27]	<Toprawa>	Probe.
[07:27]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Probe.
[07:27]	<Grunny>	probe
[07:27]	<ChackJadson>	P
[07:27]	<Grunny>	That's very lazy Chack :P
[07:27]	<ChackJadson>	:P
[07:27]	<Toprawa>	Assuming P means probe, Giles Durane is probed :P
[07:27]	<CC7567>	XD
[07:27]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Heh
[07:28]	<Toprawa>
[07:28]	<ChackJadson>	AC QDB :P
[07:28]	<Toprawa>	Taris dueling ring - Way too much "may have" and "possibly" speculation evidently regarding possible game-play paths. This info needs to be rewritten and presented in a more Wookified manner. Toprawa and Ralltiir22:18, November 24, 2009 (UTC) 
[07:28]	<CC7567>	Probe on those grounds
[07:28]	<Dr_Ball_MD>	Chack, my good sir, that was very lazy.
[07:28]	<Toprawa>	If anyone needs clarification of what I mean, please let me know
[07:28]	<ChackJadson>	haha
[07:28]	<Toprawa>	but I vote probe as well
[07:28]	<CC7567>	Also, I see some underlinking, so a copyedit might fly as well.
[07:28]	<Jujiggum>	Probe
[07:28]	<Grunny>	probe
[07:28]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Probe.
[07:29]	<CavalierOne>	Probe.
[07:29]	<Toprawa>	Taris dueling ring probed.
[07:29]	<Toprawa>
[07:29]	<Toprawa>	Fleebog - Sectioning needs to conform to species Layout Guide format. I'll leave it up to whoever is responsible to organize the information. Toprawa and Ralltiir19:29, November 29, 2009 (UTC)
[07:30]	<CC7567>	Meh.
[07:30]	<Toprawa>	It's actually a pretty simple fix, but like I said, I want to leave the organization to the writer.
[07:30]	<Toprawa>	he could choose to split into another section or not
[07:30]	<Grunny>	Probe then
[07:30]	<Jujiggum>	eh, probe I guessw
[07:30]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Probe the Fleebogs.
[07:30]	<Toprawa>	Probe
[07:30]	<CavalierOne>	Probe.
[07:30]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[07:30]	<CC7567>	Probe.
[07:30]	<Toprawa>	Fleebog probed.
[07:30]	<Toprawa>	Unless anyone has anything else, that's that.
[07:31]	<ChackJadson>	I have one more article
[07:31]	<Grunny>
[07:31]	<Grunny>	Update tag
[07:31]	<Toprawa>	Probe, then.
[07:31]	<Grunny>	Probe
[07:31]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Probe.
[07:31]	<CC7567>	Bah.
[07:31]	<CC7567>	That's one source I do not have.
[07:31]	<ChackJadson>	Probe
[07:31]	<Jujiggum>	Probe
[07:31]	<CC7567>	Probe.
[07:31]	<ChackJadson>	Any more, Grunny? :P
[07:31]	<Toprawa>	Plunk droid probed.
[07:31]	<Grunny>	Nope :P
[07:31]	<ChackJadson>	Since we probed Gor and Ktriss, we should probe this character, no?
[07:31]	<ChackJadson>
[07:32]	<CavalierOne>	Barbed penis ahoy!
[07:32]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Ah, the giant barbed penis.
[07:32]	<ChackJadson>	...
[07:32]	<Toprawa>	I didn't include him, because you could probably argue he doesn't have enough content to populate a section.
[07:32]	<GrandMoffTranner>	No "probe" jokes.
[07:32]	<GrandMoffTranner>	:p
[07:32]	<Dr_Ball_MD>	Barbed penis? Probe!
[07:32]	<ChackJadson>	Tope: I'm not sure
[07:32]	<CC7567>	We already had enough dirty ones thanks to you guys.
[07:32]	<CC7567>	-_-
[07:32]	<ChackJadson>	He could, he could not
[07:32]	<Toprawa>	He doesn't really do anything in the story but pop out of the garbage and try to eat people.
[07:32]	<Grunny>	.leeches
[07:32]	<Toprawa>	I've read it.
[07:32]	<Dr_Ball_MD>	You trying to drown that kid?! What are you injecting there?! Is this the bloody dark ages? Why don't you just throw some leeches in there? Oh, nobody listen to Dr. Ball, he's just an old fool.
[07:32]	<ChackJadson>	Ok, that's fine
[07:33]	<Toprawa>	it's like that snake thing in Beetlejuice
[07:33]	<ChackJadson>	Dr_Ball_MD: Yeah, you are an old fool :P
[07:33]	<ChackJadson>	So keep him?
[07:33]	<Toprawa>	I do not vote probe.
[07:33]	<GrandMoffTranner>	No to probing.
[07:33]	<CC7567>	No probe.
[07:33]	<Jujiggum>	no probe
[07:33]	<Grunny>	no probe
[07:33]	<CavalierOne>	No probe.
[07:34]	<Toprawa>	No probe for Ceasar.
[07:34]	<Toprawa>	Anything else? Last call.
[07:34]	<CC7567>	Nothing that I've seen.
[07:34]	<Toprawa>	If not, we'll move on to discussion items.
[07:34]	<Grunny>	Nope, I'm done
[07:34]	<Toprawa>	Which is also empty.
[07:34]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Heh
[07:34]	<Grunny>	\o/
[07:34]	<Toprawa>	So unless anyone has some compelling dinner conversation, that concludes this meeting.
[07:34]	<Grunny>	.boot ChackJadson
[07:35]	=-=	ChackJadson was booted from #wookieepedia-agricorps by Dr_Ball_MD (Good day, sir!)
[07:35]	<GrandMoffTranner>	XD
[07:35]	<Jujiggum>	haha
[07:35]	<Grunny>	That's the end of the meeting :P
[07:35]	<Toprawa>	Meeting 16 is hereby concluded.
[07:35]	<GrandMoffTranner>	.crazylaugh
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