[16:00]	<Darth_Burger>	Welcome to AC meeting 24.
[16:00]	<Darth_Burger>	Thank you to Chack, the only person who bothered to show up.
[16:00]	<Darth_Burger>	We'll start with previously probed articles, using absentee comments, of course.
[16:00]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:01]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:01]	<ChackJadson>	Kill, it's been poor quality for a while
[16:01]	<ChackJadson>	Yes, it's mine :P
[16:01]	<Darth_Burger>	All absentees vote kill as well.
[16:01]	<Darth_Burger>	As do I.
[16:01]	<ChackJadson>	One of my early ones, not the best work I've ever done
[16:01]	<Darth_Burger>	Akanah Norand Goss Pell killed.
[16:01]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:02]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:02]	<ChackJadson>	See, the only edit in this is someone removing the update tag without adding new info
[16:02]	<ChackJadson>	Which makes me think it might need an update after all
[16:02]	<ChackJadson>	They all said keep
[16:02]	<ChackJadson>	*might not need XD
[16:02]	<Darth_Burger>	Do you know who added the update tag?
[16:02]	<ChackJadson>	imp
[16:03]	<ChackJadson>
[16:03]	<Darth_Burger>	Well, it doesn't help when we don't specify what specifically needs to be updated.
[16:03]	<ChackJadson>	So apparently there is nothing to be added
[16:03]	<ChackJadson>	I vote keep, then
[16:03]	<Darth_Burger>	Two absentees vote keep as well.
[16:04]	<Darth_Burger>	I vote keep as well; if someone can actually name specific issues, we can look at this article again in the future.
[16:04]	<Darth_Burger>	Apatros not probed.
[16:04]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:04]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:04]	<ChackJadson>	Apparently fixed, so I say keep
[16:04]	<Darth_Burger>	Two absentees vote keep as well.
[16:04]	<Darth_Burger>	As do I.
[16:04]	<Darth_Burger>	Gor not probed.
[16:04]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:04]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:05]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[16:05]	<Darth_Burger>	All three absentees vote kill.
[16:05]	<Darth_Burger>	As do I.
[16:05]	<Darth_Burger>	Jhor-Kai removed.
[16:05]	<Darth_Burger>	Apatros was kept, by the way
[16:05]	<Darth_Burger>	It was already probed.
[16:05]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:06]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:06]	<ChackJadson>	kill
[16:06]	<Darth_Burger>	All three absentees vote kill.
[16:07]	<Darth_Burger>	It should be noted that Darth Karika fixed some of the linking issues.
[16:07]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:07]	<Darth_Burger>	But the other issues remain.
[16:07]	<Darth_Burger>	I vote kill as well.
[16:07]	<Darth_Burger>	Kaleb Darme killed.
[16:07]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:07]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:07]	<Darth_Burger>	Jugs updated the Allies bit.
[16:07]	<Darth_Burger>	New points were raised, however.
[16:08]	<ChackJadson>	What do you think about extending the probe? It's a real easy fix
[16:08]	<Darth_Burger>	One absentee votes keep.
[16:08]	<Darth_Burger>	Jugs votes to extend probe as well.
[16:08]	<Darth_Burger>	There are more serious issues with Lando.
[16:09]	<ChackJadson>	True, it needs an update
[16:09]	<Darth_Burger>	I'm not pasting the entire meeting page discussion here, so please see that for yourselves, anyone who is reading this, including Chack
[16:09]	<Darth_Burger>	I also noted significant Layout Guide problems shortly before this meeting started.
[16:09]	<ChackJadson>	I'm gonna say kill, based on the LG and also the update Xicer noticed
[16:10]	<ChackJadson>	Apparently has shoddy linking as well?
[16:10]	<ChackJadson>	*-?
[16:10]	<Darth_Burger>	Well, these points were raised relatively late; i.e., they weren't included in the original reasons for probing.
[16:10]	<Darth_Burger>	Considering that, I could extend probe one last time.
[16:10]	<ChackJadson>	That is true
[16:10]	<ChackJadson>	I'll change my mind to extend based on that, actually
[16:11]	<Darth_Burger>	Very well.
[16:11]	<Darth_Burger>	I think that is best too.
[16:11]	<Darth_Burger>	These new issues will be raised on the Lando review page.
[16:11]	<Darth_Burger>	And next time it will be on the chopping block.
[16:11]	<Darth_Burger>	Lando probe extended.
[16:11]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:11]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:11]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[16:12]	<Darth_Burger>	All three absentees vote kill.
[16:12]	<Darth_Burger>	Wait a second.
[16:13]	<Darth_Burger>	What exactly is the deal with this?
[16:13]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:13]	<Darth_Burger>	Why was this update tag added yesterday?
[16:13]	<Darth_Burger>	Refresh my memory from last meeting.
[16:13]	<ChackJadson>	I have no clue...lemme check
[16:13]	<Darth_Burger>	We identified this update issue already, and the tag was just not added?
[16:14]	<ChackJadson>	I guess, though it was on this
[16:14]	<ChackJadson>	IIRC, Ey requested it be reviewed (and killed)
[16:14]	<ChackJadson>	Ey=the writer
[16:14]	<Darth_Burger>	Ah, just no one added the update tag.
[16:14]	<Darth_Burger>	That's fine.
[16:14]	<Darth_Burger>	No change has been made.
[16:14]	<Darth_Burger>	I vote kill as well.
[16:14]	<Darth_Burger>	Lol sector killed.
[16:14]	<ChackJadson>	lol
[16:14]	<Darth_Burger>	Thank you for humoring me :P
[16:15]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:15]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:15]	<Darth_Burger>	Expansion needed, no change made.
[16:15]	<ChackJadson>	Kill, no update
[16:15]	<ChackJadson>	*expansion, not update
[16:15]	<Darth_Burger>	All absentees vote kill.
[16:15]	<Darth_Burger>	As do I.
[16:15]	<Darth_Burger>	Q9-X2 killed.
[16:15]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:16]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:16]	<Darth_Burger>	No change made
[16:16]	<ChackJadson>	Kill
[16:16]	<Darth_Burger>	All absentees vote kill.
[16:16]	<Darth_Burger>	As do I.
[16:16]	<Darth_Burger>	Second Battle of Abridon killed.
[16:16]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:16]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:17]	<Darth_Burger>	No change.
[16:17]	<Darth_Burger>	Same deal with Lol sector
[16:17]	<ChackJadson>	Yep, kill
[16:17]	<Darth_Burger>	All absentees vote kill as well.
[16:17]	<Darth_Burger>	As do I.
[16:17]	<Darth_Burger>	Thesme sector killed.
[16:17]	<Darth_Burger>	Now on to new articles.
[16:17]	<Darth_Burger>	Lando, which is listed, was discussed. So moving on from that.
[16:17]	<Darth_Burger>
[16:17]	<Darth_Burger>	Melvin Fett—There was some first name usage that I already killed, but there's still a lot of "fate unknown" and "it is likely/unlikely" stuff in there, written in the present tense. There's probably underlinking as well (that Jawa could use an article). Also, is there actually anything that says when the story takes place, or when Melvin was born? Or that he's even Human? We've never seen...
[16:17]	<Darth_Burger>	...his face and Jango's sibling could have had a child with a non-Human for all we know. The "Equipment" section also appears to contain a great deal of speculation. Basically, this thing needs some fact-checking and a really good copyedit. Xicer9(Combadge) 23:06, July 15, 2010 (UTC)
[16:18]	<ChackJadson>	Probe, as per that
[16:18]	<Darth_Burger>	All absentees vote probe as well.
[16:18]	<Darth_Burger>	As do I.
[16:18]	<Darth_Burger>	Melvin Fett probed.
[16:18]	<Darth_Burger>	That's it for the meeting agenda.
[16:18]	<Darth_Burger>	Have you anything else for us, Chack?
[16:18]	<ChackJadson>	Nope
[16:19]	<Darth_Burger>	Nothing else in the maintenance page.
[16:19]	<Darth_Burger>	AC Meeting 24 is hereby adjourned.
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