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[22:00]	<Darth_Burger>	Welcome to AC Meeting 28.
[22:00]	<Darth_Burger>	Thank you all for showing up.
[22:01]	<Darth_Burger>	As always, we'll start with the remaining agenda from Meeting 27.
[22:01]	<Darth_Burger>	First up:
[22:01]	<Darth_Burger>
[22:01]	<Darth_Burger>
[22:01]	<Darth_Burger>
[22:01]	<Darth_Burger>	No change has been made.
[22:01]	<CC7567>	Kill
[22:01]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Kill.
[22:01]	<Xd1358>	Kill
[22:02]	<Darth_Burger>	Kill
[22:02]	<Darth_Burger>	Jin-Jin killed
[22:02]	<Darth_Burger>
[22:02]	<Darth_Burger>
[22:02]	<Darth_Burger>	I'm not even sure what the clean-up edit was.
[22:03]	<CC7567>
[22:03]	<CC7567>	I think
[22:03]	<Darth_Burger>	Looks good to me
[22:03]	<Darth_Burger>	I see no problems
[22:03]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Some IP keeps changing information. I'm not sure what's correct.
[22:04]	<CC7567>	Didn't seem to be sourced, anyhow
[22:04]	<CC7567>	Keep
[22:04]	<GrandMoffTranner>	I suppose it can be kept.
[22:04]	<Darth_Burger>	I place no credibility in random crappy anon editing, FWIW
[22:04]	<GrandMoffTranner>	I don't know enough about it to say otherwise.
[22:05]	<Darth_Burger>	So keep, unless someone who matters can prove me otherwise
[22:05]	<Xd1358>	Keepify
[22:05]	<Darth_Burger>	All absentees vote keep as well
[22:05]	<Darth_Burger>	Ratts Tyerell kept
[22:06]	<Darth_Burger>
[22:06]	<Darth_Burger>
[22:06]	<Darth_Burger>	Frankly, I don't see how Naru resolved this issue at all, nor where he claims it's already resolved.
[22:07]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Same.
[22:07]	<Darth_Burger>	All he did is remove a perfectly valid entry descriptor from CSWE
[22:07]	<Xd1358>
[22:07]	<Darth_Burger>	Whether it's correct or not, that needs to be discussed
[22:08]	<CC7567>	Does the CSWE explicitly mention the Showdown on Coruscant as the "Jedi Rebellion"?
[22:08]	<CC7567>	I think he's claiming that it doesn't
[22:08]	<Darth_Burger>	IIRC, yes
[22:08]	<Xd1358>	Hold on.
[22:08]	<Xd1358>
[22:09]	<Xd1358>	There's what the CSWE says?
[22:11]	<Darth_Burger>	well, it seems "Jedi Purge" is the relevant entry
[22:11]	<Darth_Burger>	if CSWE applies that as the canonical name, again whether it's correct or not, it should at least be noted in the BTS
[22:11]	<Darth_Burger>	Is it?
[22:11]	<Xd1358>	Confusing. :S
[22:12]	<Darth_Burger>	No, it's not.
[22:12]	<Darth_Burger>	I agree it's confusing, because it's more a contradiction than anything
[22:12]	<Darth_Burger>	It's not in the BTS, I mean
[22:12]	<Xd1358>	But does it say Jedi Purge is the canonical name?
[22:12]	<Xd1358>	That looks like a part of the Jedi purge entry.
[22:12]	<Darth_Burger>	That's the entry it's under, according to that post from Master Jonathan
[22:12]	<Xd1358>	note in the Bts could be good, yeah
[22:13]	<Darth_Burger>	That might also be interpreted to say this duel is part of the Purge
[22:13]	<CC7567>	Yeah
[22:13]	<Darth_Burger>	which is noted in the infobox under "Conflict"
[22:13]	<CC7567>	I'd say extend probe, then, since this issue really isn't resolved
[22:13]	<Darth_Burger>	I could do that.
[22:14]	<Darth_Burger>	Then explain our reasoning on the probe page.
[22:14]	<CC7567>	Yeah, sure
[22:14]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Sounds good to me.
[22:14]	<Xd1358>	Agreed
[22:15]	<Darth_Burger>	Ok, Showdown on Coruscant probe extended
[22:15]	<Darth_Burger>
[22:16]	<Darth_Burger>
[22:16]	<Darth_Burger>	CC?
[22:16]	<Xd1358>	CC's brainchild. :P
[22:16]	<CC7567>	I finished the update for that one about an hour ago
[22:16]	<CC7567>	Should be good
[22:16]	<Xd1358>
[22:17]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Keep.
[22:17]	<Xd1358>	Keep
[22:17]	<Darth_Burger>	Keep
[22:17]	<Xd1358>	But expand the intro and FA it. ;)
[22:17]	<Darth_Burger>	First Battle of Felucia kept.
[22:17]	<Darth_Burger>
[22:17]	<Darth_Burger>
[22:17]	<Darth_Burger>	CC? :P
[22:18]	<CC7567>	Same, though I finished that a few days ago :P
[22:18]	<Darth_Burger>	Keep
[22:18]	<Xd1358>	Keep
[22:18]	<CC7567>, for the record
[22:18]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Keep.
[22:19]	<Darth_Burger>	Keep
[22:19]	<Darth_Burger>	Or Kept*
[22:19]	<Darth_Burger>	Moving on
[22:20]	<Darth_Burger>	New articles for review.
[22:20]	<Darth_Burger>
[22:20]	<Darth_Burger>	# L8-L9—Underlinking, excessive referencing and could use a good copy-edit. The Bts could also use some expansion. 1358 (Talk) 17:00, October 19, 2010 (UTC)
[22:20]	<Xd1358>	Excessive references has been taken care of.
[22:20]	<Xd1358>	Still could use copy-edit, linking, contenxt
[22:20]	<Darth_Burger>	I have no idea of the subject matter myself, but I agree the prose just looks very skimpy
[22:20]	<Xd1358>	context*
[22:20]	<Darth_Burger>	The detail looks like it could be expanded
[22:20]	<Xd1358>	Probe
[22:20]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Agreed.
[22:21]	<Darth_Burger>	Probe
[22:21]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Probe.
[22:21]	<CC7567>	Probe
[22:21]	<Darth_Burger>	L8-L9 probed.
[22:21]	<Darth_Burger>
[22:21]	<Darth_Burger>	I'll let you peruse the discussion on the meeting page at your leisure.
[22:21]	<Xd1358>	Meh, not a valid reason to probe. :P
[22:21]	<Xd1358>	Nominator has been contacted
[22:21]	<Darth_Burger>	Ordo Skirata—way over 3,000 words; needs to be taken to the FAN. 1358 (Talk) 17:00, October 19, 2010 (UTC)
[22:22]	<Darth_Burger>	That was the original notice
[22:22]	<Xd1358>	He said he'd take it to the FAN once he has time.
[22:22]	<Darth_Burger>	Yeah, grandfathered clause and whatnot
[22:22]	<Darth_Burger>	No probe
[22:22]	<Xd1358>	No probe
[22:22]	<CC7567>	No probe
[22:22]	<GrandMoffTranner>	No probe, of course.
[22:22]	<Darth_Burger>	Ordo Skirata not probed.
[22:22]	<Darth_Burger>
[22:22]	<Darth_Burger>	Again, peruse the meeting page discussion as you will
[22:22]	<Darth_Burger>	Second Duel in the Iron Citadel—Probably needs an update from Timeline 10, which depicts the duel radically different from the comic. Xicer9(Combadge)01:04, November 2, 2010 (UTC)
[22:23]	<Darth_Burger>	Original notice
[22:23]	<Darth_Burger>	Tommy claims to have updated.
[22:23]	<Darth_Burger>	The huge gawking whitespace in the Aftermath section isn't necessary
[22:23]	<Darth_Burger>	but, I'm fine with it otherwise
[22:23]	<CC7567>	Same here
[22:24]	<Darth_Burger>	No probe
[22:24]	<GrandMoffTranner>	And no probe.
[22:24]	<Xd1358>	No probe
[22:24]	<Darth_Burger>	Second Duel in the Iron Citadel not probed.
[22:24]	<Darth_Burger>	And that, outstanding people, is it
[22:24]	<Darth_Burger>	Nothing else in the maintenance bin either
[22:25]	<CC7567>	Yay :P
[22:25]	<Darth_Burger>	Anything else anyone wants to talk about?
[22:25]	<Xd1358>	Something minor.
[22:25]	<Xd1358>	/Very/ minor.
[22:25]	<Xd1358>	What to do with species with ambiguos (sp?) sentience?
[22:25]	<Xd1358>	on WP:GA, I mean.
[22:25]	<Xd1358>	under what heading, or create a separate one?
[22:26]	<Darth_Burger>	If we /really/ need to, I guess we could just create an ambiguous subsection
[22:26]	<Darth_Burger>	but I think we only have like one article like that right now
[22:26]	<Xd1358>	There was one ambiguos afaik.
[22:26]	<Darth_Burger>	When the need arises, I say look at again
[22:26]	<Xd1358>	ambiguous*
[22:26]	<CC7567>	If it's only one, I'd say it's not necessary
[22:26]	<Darth_Burger>	I'm not really concerned, personally, at this juncture
[22:26]	<Xd1358>	Yeah, agreed.
[22:26]	<CC7567>	We can look at that later if need be
[22:26]	<Xd1358>	but for now, under what heading?
[22:27]	<Xd1358>	Probably the non- and semi sentient
[22:27]	<Darth_Burger>	it should default to the non/semi-sentient
[22:27]	<Xd1358>	Yeah, me and grunny agreed to that.
[22:27]	<Darth_Burger>	cool
[22:27]	<Darth_Burger>	Ok, anything else?
[22:27]	<CC7567>	Not from me
[22:27]	<Xd1358>	Neither from me
[22:27]	<GrandMoffTranner>	I suppose not.
[22:27]	<Darth_Burger>	That's it for Meeting 28.
[22:27]	<Darth_Burger>	I can do paperwork.
[22:28]	<Xd1358>	Cool. Happy reviewing, folks.
[22:28]	<Darth_Burger>	Meeting adjourned.
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