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On April 1, 2008, Wookieepedia and Darthipedia altered their look for April Fools' Day. It was part of an executed plan termed Order Awesome, which combined both wikis in an effort to create a multi-layered effect of humor.

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The Main Page

The English text of the Main Page was completely replaced with in-universe Aurebesh, with working links. For an alternate English version, users could click on a link at the top of the page, which directed them to a page hosted at Darthipedia, which translated Wookieepedia as "Wookiepedia," a common misspelling even amongst fans. Darthipedia used either Monobook or Monoco on all its pages, appearing identical to Wookieepedia, however the Darthipedia articles there could be seen, and some links in the navigation bar went to random pages. Darthipedia didn't change back to its normal self until April 4th.

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An example of the two wikis' jokes.

  • The Wookieepedia logo was altered to Aurebesh.
  • Users with Monaco at the Darthipedia page got a surprise when they found that some of the AT-ATs were humping each other, an image commonly used to represent 4chans Rule 34. Also, Darthipedia sported a "Wookiepedia" logo, reflecting a name change to the wrong but not uncommon designation Wookieepedia is often given by casual fans, members of the press, and the visually impaired.
  • Rotatable search icons were replaced with Bib Fortuna and the Rise of the Dark Falls, Derek J. Reda, Earth, The Shadow War Chronicles, and a disco ball representing 1979 (a reference to's 2001 April Fool's joke).
  • The text "search" was replaced with Aurebesh.

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