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Wookieepedia's main page.

On April 1, 2009, Wookieepedia went "purist", declaring all Expanded Universe works non-canon with the following site-wide announcement:

After reviewing George Lucas' statements on Star Wars canon, the consensus of the Wookieepedia administrators is to only accept the Star Wars films as canon. Expanded Universe material will be treated as non-canon from here on. We will be updating the site accordingly over the next few weeks.

The Main Page was changed to accommodate Wookieepedia's new direction (see here for an archived version). Among the changes:

  • The Quote of the Day was an out-of-context quote by George Lucas from an interview in Starlog, seemingly supporting the announcement.
  • The Featured article was a movie-only version of Boba Fett, declaring that he died in the sarlacc in Return of the Jedi.
  • Did You Know? offered many helpful purist facts, including the fact that Mara Jade did not exist (the link to Mara was slightly changed so the article appeared to be gone).
  • Random featured article and good article had disclaimers that they were non-canon.
  • In the news only included releases of Star Wars movies. There wasn't much news. Similarly, "On this day" had the perfunctory announcement that "No Star Wars movie events happened."
  • The article navigation lost its Expanded Universe section.
  • Only search images with pictures from the movies were allowed.

As in previous years, a {{USERNAME}} entry was added to the Wookieepedian of the Month page, causing everyone who visited the page to see themselves "nominated" for the award, with both positive and negative comments abounding, all in good fun of course.


Reaction was…heated. A Senate Page topic created as part of the prank soon attracted a number of posts, some catching the joke, some believing it to be serious—and irate about it. Administrator Atarumaster88 pretended to leave to form his own splinter wiki where the Expanded Universe was allowed.

User JMAS created a declaration of Rebellion against the oppressive tyranny of the administration, but Administrator Chack Jadson declared the petition illegal. Fortunately, the standoff was resolved with the end of the day, and hence the joke.

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