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The All Terrain Personal Transport (AT-PT) was a light anti-infantry walker used by the Galactic Republic and, later, the Galactic Empire. It was manufactured by Rothana Heavy Engineering, a subsidiary of Kuat Drive Yards. Made to take a single trooper into an intense combat situation on his own, it was the basis for the AT-ST and AT-AT. It was still classified as a heavy walker under CAFE fuel economy standards, thanks to some heavy lobbying in congress. The AT-PT was ranked top of its class by J.D. Power and Associates. AT-PT pilots spoke in outrageous French accents for some reason.




AT-PTs were made to take single troopers into intense combat situations on their own. They stood only three meters tall, and were driven by AT-PT pilots.

The AT-PT was--compared to its intended threat, enemy soldiers--heavily armored, enough so that most small-arms fire couldn't penetrate the craft's armor. The walker was armed with twin blaster cannons and one concussion grenade launcher, which were only effective against infantry. The walker's superior agility made up for its light armor (in comparison to most other cavalry units).


The AT-PT was designed decades before the Clone Wars, but during the wars, the Republic found a need for a small, anti-personnel walker, and the AT-PT became more relevant. It was one of the earliest AT series transports.

The AT-PT was a limited production model, the majority of which were stationed aboard the Dreadnaught-class cruisers of the legendary Katana fleet, and many were lost when the fleet itself vanished. These walkers, along with the fleet, were rediscovered by the New Republic, and were used in the Republic's war with Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Many of the concepts pioneered in the AT-PT were used in the AT-AP, AT-ST and the AT-AT.

All Terrain Personal Transport

An AT-PT in the field.

The Galactic Empire still utilized a number of these walkers. They were often used as sentries and patrol vehicles near Imperial installations.

A number of AT-PTs served as part of Blizzard Force during the Battle of Hoth, presumably in a rear-guard role. Large numbers would be used in the Battle of Ralltiir, where most of them were destroyed by Luke Skywalker and Rogue Squadron. During an effort by the Rogue Squadron on Fest, Imperial Defectors used three AT-PTs to escape and reveal plans to the Rebellion. They would also be used during the Battle of Kothlis, where they blasted their way out of a crashed sunken Star Destroyer and made their way onto the beach.

The m'Yalfor'ac Order in Guiteica used some three dozen of AT-PTs during the Rebellion era. Due to the AT-PT being designed for Human users, and to the Order being composed almost exclusively by Bitthævrians (who are larger than Humans), the Order's AT-PTs were commonly piloted by short Bitthævrians. It was believed that the Order took control of those AT-PTs by boarding a pirate ship in one of the rare situations where Bitthævrians left Guiteica.[4]

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In Alliance Intelligence Reports, the cost of an AT-PT was specified as 15,000 credits and its capacity as 25 kilograms; those stats were superseded by later publications.


AT-PT schem

AT-PT schematics.


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