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This page or section is considered an official policy on Wookieepedia.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone must follow. Please use the Consensus track to propose changes to this policy.

Blocking is the means by which an administrator prevents a user from editing Wookieepedia. Blocks are preventative rather than punitive measures, designed to stop disruption and enforce site policies. Block lengths may vary, depending on the severity of the disruption, but in most cases a block may be lifted if the offending user agrees to stop the disruptive behavior.

When considering issuing a block, administrators should remember the aphorism, "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity." For example, article blanking or the addition of fanon may simply be a user's well-meaning, if misguided, attempt to improve Wookieepedia. Always assume good faith, but remember that all site policies apply to everyone.

How blocks work

Administrators may issue blocks to registered user accounts and IP addresses by utilizing Special:Block, which is only accessible to administrators and other Fandom personnel. This page allows administrators to select the username or IP address of the intended blocking target, the duration of the block, and the reason for the block. A block duration may be temporary or permanent. Once blocked, a username or IP address will not be able to edit Wookieepedia until the block expires. Blocks may be removed via Special:Unblock.

Alternatively, administrators may issue preemptive blocks through the AbuseFilter MediaWiki extension, which allows for certain actions to be taken in response to edits that match defined criteria. For example, users who remove external links from articles may be automatically blocked. Such blocks will appear in the Block log as having been performed by User:Abuse filter.

A list of all currently blocked users on Wookieepedia can be found here, while the Block log lists the complete blocking history of Wookieepedia. Any individual user's blocking history can also be accessed via the "block log" link on their contributions page.

Grounds for blocking

The following section lists some of the most common reasons for which a block may be issued on Wookieepedia. This list is by no means comprehensive, and administrators are not bound by these specific cases. All blocks issued by administrators are protected by Administrative autonomy.

  1. Vandalism — Any edit made to deliberately lower the quality of Wookieepedia, such as adding nonsense to articles or blanking pages
  2. Disruption — Behavior that damages Wookieepedia and its community
  3. Fanon — Adding unofficial fan-made content to Wookieepedia. Fanon may be more welcome on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki. See also: Wookieepedia's Canon policy.
  4. Personal attacks — Users personally attacking other users, which usually occurs in relation to a disagreement over article content. See also: Wookieepedia's Civility policy.
  5. Sockpuppetry — An attempt by a user to evade an existing block in order to continue to edit Wookieepedia
    • Proxies: Proxy servers and web hosting services are typically banned on sight due to their potential for abuse. Public access ports such as schools, libraries, and restaurants may also be banned if suspected of abuse.
  6. Consensus violation — Deliberate attempts to counteract Wookieepedia policies
  7. Spam — Adding commercial links or content to articles

Rules and guidelines

Specific rules

  1. Blocking on Wookieepedia is the exclusive purview of the Wookieepedia administration. Except in cases of cross-wiki vandalism, local blocks may not be unilaterally issued by Fandom Staff, Fandom Helpers, the Spam Obliteration and Prevention (SOAP) task force, or any other user group with global blocking rights on the Fandom network. Users from these groups must first obtain express consent from a Wookieepedia administrator before issuing a local block. Note that global blocks issued by Fandom personnel will prevent users from editing across the Fandom network, including Wookieepedia.
  2. Discussions Moderators do not have blocking authority on Wookieepedia and must request the intervention of an administrator in cases of disruption. However, the Wookieepedia wiki community may grant limited blocking authority to certain Discussions Moderators if deemed necessary. Note that blocks on Wookieepedia apply to both the wiki and the Discussions forum simultaneously.
  3. Although blocks are most typically made in response to violations of Wookieepedia site policy, there are no specific parameters for when or how an administrator must issue a block on Wookieepedia. An initial warning is generally recommended before issuing a block, and successive blocks will then incrementally increase in duration, but this is by no means required, and all blocking decisions fall under the rules of Administrative autonomy.

Blocking IP addresses

Due to the dynamic nature of IP addresses, administrators should not block an IP address permanently, with the exception of proxy servers and web hosting services. Administrators may also apply range blocks to a specific group of IP addresses.


The AbuseFilter MediaWiki extension may only be modified by the Wookieepedia administration. As with all blocking decisions, any AbuseFilter modification designed to issue a block falls under Administrative autonomy, though false-positive blocks issued by the AbuseFilter may be immediately removed by any administrator.

Reminders for administrators

  • Wookieepedia administrators are to remember that blocking should be considered a last-resort option for dealing with a problem, when no other course of action will reasonably diffuse a situation. Blocking is not a substitute for a failure to know how to talk to people.
  • Blocking is a privilege granted to you by the Wookieepedia community. This privilege can and will be stripped from you if you abuse it, and administrators can be blocked the same as any other user.
  • See the Administrators' how-to guide, What adminship is not, and Advice for new administrators for more information and guidance on how to responsibly wield the blocking tool

I've been blocked. What do I do?

If you were blocked on Wookieepedia, you should have been issued a standard message on your talk page using the {{Blocked}} template, specifying the reason you were blocked and for how long. That message also invites you to appeal your block by contacting the blocking administrator, which can be done through Wookieepedia's IRC channel or Discord server, where you can explain if you believe your block was unjustified or made in error. See Fandom's "I have been blocked" help page for more information and advice.

Above all, remember two things:

  1. All blocks fall under Administrative autonomy and cannot be overturned by another administrator
  2. Fandom Staff will not unblock you unless your block was made in violation of Fandom's Terms of Use