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This page or section is an official policy on Wookieepedia.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone must follow. Please use the Consensus track to propose changes to this policy.

Wookieepedia's Deletion policy defines how administrators are responsible for deleting and undeleting content, as well as how other users can be involved in the process. Users have the right to request and contest deletions, as detailed below.

The deletion log lists all deletions and undeletions along with the users who performed the actions, with whom you may contact if you wish to clarify or contest a deletion. Deletion and undeletion requests, including the use of RevisionDelete, may be made in the #admin-help channel on Wookieepedia's Discord server or on the Administrators' noticeboard.

Trash compactor

The Trash compactor forum is where the Wookieepedia community discusses and votes on whether a page should be deleted. Additional options include merging content with other pages, turning a page into a redirect, and reversing previous deletions. Administrators are responsible for implementing community consensus.

Speedy deletion

Administrators may also delete pages without a preceding consensus vote through the "speedy deletion" process, as defined below. Any user may use the {{Delete}} template to request the speedy deletion of a page; it may be contested using the {{Holdon}} template, and corresponding explanations should be discussed on the relevant talk page.

Similarly, the {{Verify}} template can be used to request that a page be reliably sourced; the page may be deleted after seven days if it remains unverified. In all cases, disputes should be resolved in a civil and non-disruptive manner. It may be more appropriate to use the Trash compactor process for contested deletions.

Per the User page and profile policy, users may request to have their user page and subpages deleted at any time. RevisionDelete may also be helpful for privacy concerns.

Conditions for speedy deletion

  1. Speedy deletion applies to pages that are clearly vandalism, nonsense, or of very low quality. An article or Interactive Map may also be speedy deleted if the subject is not verifiable to an official source (e.g. fanon, which may be more welcome on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki).
  2. Files that violate the Files policy as well as old revisions of files may be speedy deleted.
  3. Files, templates, categories, and index pages that are unused on Wookieepedia may be speedy deleted.
  4. Redirect pages are generally harmless and aid navigation, but unnecessary redirects, such as redirects starting with "Unidentified" and talk page redirects, may be speedy deleted.
  5. Copyright violations may be speedy deleted.
  6. Articles that clearly do not meet the Notability policy criteria may also fall under speedy deletion. If there is any doubt or debate about its status, then it may be more appropriate to open a Trash compactor discussion instead.
  7. Interactive Maps that remain blank without any map markers for over a month or are a duplicate of an existing map may fall under speedy deletion.

Contesting a deletion

  • If a page is tagged with the {{Delete}} template and you disagree with its speedy deletion:
    1. Use the {{Holdon}} template and explain your reasoning on the relevant talk page.
    2. All users should approach the dispute calmly.
    3. If the discussion is at an impasse, consider opening a community-wide discussion and vote on the Trash compactor forum. If you are uncomfortable with doing so yourself, you are more than welcome to ask for help or further opinions on Wookieepedia's Discord server or the Senate Hall forum.
  • If a page has been speedy deleted and you disagree with the decision or wish for clarification, please check the deletion log and contact the relevant administrator (see also: Wookieepedia:Contact and Wookieepedia:Administrators).
  • If a page has been deleted per a Trash compactor vote, the administration cannot unilaterally overturn the decision per the Consensus policy. Please consider consulting the community's opinions on Wookieepedia's Discord server or the Senate Hall forum before opening another Trash compactor vote to undelete the page.
  • You can request an administrator to retrieve deleted content for personal use in your userspace, pursuant to the User page and profile policy.

Undeleting a page

A consensus vote may be held on the Trash compactor forum to undelete a page, pursuant to the Consensus policy.

Speedy deletions fall under the administrative autonomy policy—an administrator should not overturn another current administrator's deletion without a group consensus from the rest of the administration. However, an exception can be made if either:

  1. Canonical evidence justifies the page's existence and it does not violate the Notability policy; or
  2. The page was clearly deleted erroneously, such as a file deleted for being unused despite the contrary.

A file may also be undeleted by request if it is intended to be used.


Wookieepedia bureaucrats and Fandom staff may hide the visibility of certain revisions of a page's history using the "RevisionDelete" tool. Its purpose is to remove personal information on request and grossly insulting, degrading, or offensive content—Wookieepedia's talk page policy and anti-discrimination guidance page further defines Wookieepedia's position on inappropriate content. All administrators can view the hidden content, but undeletion, if deemed necessary, is restricted to bureaucrats only.

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