Wookieepedia's Discord server is a complement to our IRC channels. Our Discord channels exist primarily to foster communication and cooperation between Wookieepedians rather than being a general Star Wars chat. Official Wookieepedia meetings, Mofferences, are held on IRC.

If you are a Wookieepedian, interested in becoming one, or just want to chat with us, feel free to join our Discord server!

Server structure

Wookieepedia's Discord server is divided into four categories:

Channel name Description Access
#info Read-only channel that includes the rules and other server information. Everyone
#announcements Read-only channel with a feed of new Senate Hall posts, Trash compactor threads, and more. Wookieepedians only
#request-verification For requesting verification, as explained below. Everyone
#wookieeprojects WookieeProject info channel. For requesting access to the WookieeProject subchannels. Wookieepedians only
#wookieepedia The main channel for discussion about the wiki and other topics. Wookieepedians only
#canon Discussion about all things Canon.
#legends Discussion about all things Legends.
#spoilers Discussion about recently released content. This does not include rumors and leaks, which should not be discussed.
#social For off-topic discussion not concerning Star Wars or Wookieepedia.
#irc Relay channel for the #wookieepedia IRC channel. Just like IRC, this channel has message history disabled.
#unverified-help For helping members who do not yet have access to the rest of the sever. This may include those getting to grips with the basics of editing. Everyone
#user-help For users to request help in their editing. Wookieepedians only
#article-nominations For help issues relating to the article review process. This may include queries related to nominated articles, questions about the nomination process itself, or full reviews.
#admin-help For help requests that require the intervention of an administrator, such as reports of vandalism. For queries that do not need an administrator, #user-help should be used instead.
#galaxys-edge Discussion about WookieeProject Galaxy's Edge. Opt-in
Wookieepedians only
#pride Discussion about WookieeProject Pride.
#stardust Discussion about Project Stardust.
#the-old-republic Discussion about WookieeProject The Old Republic.


Information icon.svg

This page or section is considered an official policy on Wookieepedia.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone must follow. Please use the Consensus track to propose changes to this policy.

  1. Behave yourself. Our policy on personal attacks applies on Discord just like it applies anywhere on the wiki. Vicious abuse is grounds for sanctions.
  2. Maturity counts. Users who ask for something from another user and are refused should not stoop to complaining, which is grounds for sanctions. It is acceptable to be persistent, but in a mature manner.
  3. Stay on topic. Users are expected to remain on-topic with respect to each channel's purpose, which is stated at the top of each channel. #wookieepedia is mainly used for Wookieepedia-related discussion, but we also discuss a wide range of other topics. Real-world politics and/or religion may only be discussed with unanimous consent. If someone doesn't want to talk about them, drop the subject.
  4. Our official language is English. We don't care if it's British or American, as long as it's not "L33t" or "TXT." Abbreviations are fine, but keep it within reason.
  5. No spamming. The meaning should be obvious. Don't say the same thing six times because no one is responding to you. Don't keep yammering on about a subject nobody cares about.
  6. No roleplaying. By and large, regulars find roleplaying to be annoying. You are not a Jedi, or an Imperial commander, or a Sith, or a Mandalorian. If you act like you are, you will be kicked.
  7. Do not delete messages. Users may not delete their own messages from any channel. Any messages that have been deleted are recorded in Wookieepedia's official audit log.

Additionally, Discord's Terms of Service must be followed at all times.

The standard sanctions for dealing with violators of the rules are as follows. As on Wookieepedia, sanctions undertaken by administrators while acting as a server moderator fall under Administrative autonomy.

  1. Warning. Directed at the violator by an administrator.
  2. Kicking. Should only occur when policy violations, spamming, trolling, and similar transgressions are sufficiently obvious and continuous.
  3. Banning. When all else fails. Anyone with more brains than a bantha will never get to this point.
  4. Wiki sanctions. In extreme cases, administrators may issue on-wiki sanctions, namely blocking, to users whose Discord behavior proves to be an egregious disturbance.


All Wookieepedia administrators are granted the "administrators" role on the Discord server by virtue of their on-wiki sysop privileges. Likewise, all bureaucrats are granted the "bureaucrats" role. No administrator may modify another administrator's access privileges (also known as permissions), either temporarily or permanently, without a majority of the Wookieepedia administration in support.

Administrators may grant server moderator status to non-administrators in channels as circumstances merit, but non-administrator moderators must submit to the direction of administrative operators in issues of channel management.

Chat logs

Chat logs from all public Wookieepedia Discord channels are considered part of the public record and may be freely publicly disseminated on the wiki. However, chat logs from private Wookieepedia Discord channels may not be publicly shared in any manner without the express consent of all parties involved in the log's discussion(s). Likewise, Direct Messages on Discord involving one or more Wookieepedia users may not be publicly shared in any manner without the express consent of both or all parties involved in the discussion(s). The preceding privacy protections do not apply to unregistered users, users banned from Wookieepedia, or users who have not edited Wookieepedia in more than five (5) years.

How to join

You can either use Discord's website or install the Discord client on your device. Click this link to join.

Getting verified

To access channels outside the lobby, you must be verified by an administrator. To be eligible for verification, you need a registered Fandom account with over 50 edits on Wookieepedia. You can check your personal edit count here.

  1. Join the server.
  2. Check your edit count here: Only Wookieepedians with over 50 edits are eligible for verification.
  3. Confirm your ownership of the Discord account: You may choose to do this using one of the three methods listed:
    1. Add your Discord username in your global userpage masthead
    2. Add the {{User discord}} userbox to your userpage, including your Discord username
    3. Add your Discord username somewhere on your userpage
  4. Request verification on Discord: This can be done in two ways:
    1. Send !wiki verify <user name> in #request-verification. You will be automatically verified if you have at least 50 edits on the wiki. This requires the inclusion of your Discord username in the global userpage masthead.
    2. Send a link to your userpage in the #request-verification channel. An administrator will manually verify you.

Once verified, you will be granted the "wookieepedians" role and your Discord nickname will be changed to match your Fandom account name. You will also gain access to the rest of the server.


Mofferences are semi-regular IRC meetings that allow contributors to discuss Wookieepedia-related issues in real time. You cannot participate in a Mofference via Discord—you must join IRC and create an account there. During Mofferences, the #irc channel on Discord will be read-only.

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