Wookieepedia's Discord server exists to foster communication and cooperation between Wookieepedians, allowing the community to discuss both site matters and serve as a general Star Wars chat for the site's community.

If you are a Wookieepedian, interested in becoming one, or just want to chat with us, feel free to join our Discord server!

Server structure

Wookieepedia's Discord server is divided into five categories:

Info/tools channels

Channel name Description Access
#info Read-only channel that includes the rules and other server information. Everyone
#welcome Landing channel for new users.
#request-verification For requesting verification, as explained below.
#announcements Read-only channel with a feed of new Consensus track and Trash compactor threads, Senate Hall posts, and more.
#recent-changes Read-only channel with a feed of Special:RecentChanges.
#star-wars-news Read-only channel with a feed of Star Wars news from various online sources.

Discussion channels

Channel name Description Access
#wookieepedia The main channel for discussion about the wiki and other topics. Wookieepedians only
#canon Discussion about all things canon.
#legends Discussion about all things Legends.
#behind-the-scenes Discussion about the real-world aspects of Star Wars. All Fandom users
#spoiler-editing Discussion about editing related recently released content, as outlined by Wookieepedia:Spoilers. This does not include rumors and leaks, which should not be discussed. Wookieepedians only
#discussions An extension of Wookieepedia's Discussions forum, where editors can interact with unverified members of the server. Everyone
#spoiler-discussions Discussion open to all verified and unverified users about recently released content, as outlined by Wookieepedia:Spoilers. This does not include rumors and leaks, which should not be discussed.
#social For off-topic discussion not concerning Star Wars or Wookieepedia. Wookieepedians only
#pets An extension of #social specifically meant for sharing pictures of pets.
#fandom-feedback For reporting bugs to Fandom staff. All Fandom users

Help channels

Channel name Description Access
#unverified-help For helping members who do not yet have access to the rest of the sever. This may include those getting to grips with the basics of editing. Everyone
#user-help Request help with editing. All Fandom users
#admin-help Help inquiries that require the intervention of an administrator, such as reports of vandalism. For queries that do not need an administrator, #user-help should be used instead.
#admin-requests Automated requests that require the intervention of an administrator, such as bot-reported CSD requests. For queries that do not need an administrator, #user-help should be used instead. For requesting bot edits, #bot-requests should be used.
#status-article-nominations Discussion about the status article nomination review process. This may include queries related to nominated articles, questions about the nomination process itself, or full reviews. Wookieepedians only
#status-article-reviews For the status article review process.
#status-article-commands Sending commands to JocastaBot relating to the status article review process.
#other-commands Sending commands to the server's various bots, such as word count and source analysis.
#bot-requests Requesting tasks to be completed by bot, akin to Wookieepedia:Bot requests.
#coding Coding-related discussion and requests. All Fandom users
#images-and-audio File-related discussion and requests.

Private consultation channels

Channel name Description Access
#request-consultation Requesting private consultations with the Wookieepedia administration regarding sensitive topics. Everyone

WookieeNights channels

Channel name Description Access
#wookieenights-text For planning WookieeNights and for use alongside the voice channel when a WookieeNight is occurring. All Fandom users
#wookieenights-voice A voice channel for use only when a WookieeNight is in progress. Wookieepedians only
(during WookieeNights)

Project channels

Channel name Description Access
#wookieeprojects WookieeProject info channel. For requesting access to the WookieeProject subchannels. Wookieepedians only
#aliens Discussion about WookieeProject Aliens. Wookieepedians only
#astrography Discussion about WookieeProject Astrography.
#battlefront Discussion about WookieeProject Battlefront.
#chiss Discussion about WookieeProject Chiss.
#cis Discussion about WookieeProject Durge's Lance.
#collaboration Discussion about WookieeProject Collaboration.
#comics Discussion about WookieeProject Comics.
#creators Discussion about WookieeProject Creators.
#ewoks Discussion about WookieeProject Ewoks.
#fantasy-flight-games Discussion about WookieeProject Fantasy Flight Games.
#galaxys-edge Discussion about WookieeProject Galaxy's Edge.
#kotor Discussion about WookieeProject Knights of the Old Republic.
#legacy-era Discussion about WookieeProject Legacy Era.
#lego Discussion about WookieeProject LEGO.
#mandoverse Discussion about WookieeProject Mandoverse.
#music Discussion about WookieeProject Real World Music.
#novels Discussion about WookieeProject Novels.
#pride Discussion about WookieeProject Pride.
#rebels Discussion about WookieeProject Rebels.
#resistance Discussion about WookieeProject Resistance.
#stardust Discussion about Project Stardust.
#the-clone-wars Discussion about WookieeProject The Clone Wars.
#the-high-republic Discussion about WookieeProject The High Republic.
#the-old-republic Discussion about WookieeProject The Old Republic.
#video-games Discussion about WookieeProject Video Games.
#women Discussion about WookieeProject Women.


Bots are automated or semi-automated processes managed by administrators or other Wookieepedians for various purposes. Please do not bring additional bots into the server without permission from the administration.

Bot name Description
C4-DE Discord front-end for the C4-DE Bot that provides a feed of Star Wars updates in #star-wars-news. Also provides a feed of community discussions, bot requests, and more.
Discohook Utils Handles the opt-in access for WookieeProject channels.
GiselleBot Renders the introductory WookieeProject channels message and lists the rules in #info.
JocastaBot Discord front-end for JocastaBot, a tool used by review panels to maintain the status article process.
Sapphire Maintains audit logs for any edited messages and deletion of recent messages.
Fandom Wiki-Bot Enables automatic verification (see below) and easy wiki-linking from Discord.


Information icon

This page or section is an official policy on Wookieepedia.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone must follow. Please use the Consensus track to propose changes to this policy.

  1. Be respectful. Our policy on personal attacks applies on Discord just like it applies anywhere on the wiki. Vicious abuse is grounds for sanctions. Everyone should treat each other with kindness and respect.
  2. Maturity counts. While we love to have fun, it is important that we do so in a mature manner. Inappropriate humor, especially humor at the expense of others and sexual humor, is not permitted.
  3. Stay on topic. Users are expected to remain on-topic with respect to each channel's purpose, which is stated at the top of each channel. Real-world politics and/or religion may only be discussed in relation to the Star Wars franchise.
  4. Our official language is English. While we welcome users and readers from all over the world, English should be used at all times so that everyone in the server can understand and participate in the conversation.
  5. No spamming. Don't say the same thing over and over because no one is responding to you. Respect that the other people in the server may simply not be interested in the topic and move on. It's ok if everyone else doesn't share your passion for the topic. Similarly, please do not randomly ping or mention other members if they are not participating in or relevant to the discussion.
  6. No roleplaying. By and large, regulars find roleplaying to be distracting. We are here to be productive and have constructive dialogue.
  7. Do not delete messages. Users may not delete their own messages from any channel. Any messages that have been deleted are recorded in Wookieepedia's official audit log.
    • Users may delete their own messages containing personal information or photos.
    • Users may delete their own messages containing spoilers outside of the designated spoiler channels. Refer to the Spoiler policy for more information.
  8. No rumors or leaks. If it is not announced through official Disney, Lucasfilm, or partner publisher or developer channels, then it should not be discussed on the server.
  9. Regarding VIPs. Anyone with the VIP role, denoted by a red name, is not to be pinged or sent a friend request for any reason without their express consent. A list of individuals with the VIP role who have given their permission for users to ping them can be found pinned in the main #wookieepedia channel. Please note that this permission applies solely to verified users. Please be respectful and do not ask for insider information, as not only are they not at liberty to discuss, this may lead to them leaving. Do not share fanfiction or suggestions with them, as in some cases they are prohibited from accepting it.

Additionally, Discord's Terms of Service must be followed at all times.

The standard sanctions for dealing with violators of the rules are as follows. As on Wookieepedia, sanctions undertaken by administrators while acting as a server moderator fall under Administrative autonomy.

  1. Warning. Directed at the violator by an administrator.
  2. Kicking. Should only occur when policy violations, spamming, trolling, and similar transgressions are sufficiently obvious and continuous.
  3. Banning. When all other options fail, individuals may be banned entirely from our Discord.
  4. Wiki sanctions. In extreme cases, administrators may issue on-wiki sanctions, namely blocking, to users whose Discord behavior proves to be an egregious disturbance.


All Wookieepedia administrators are granted the "administrators" role on the Discord server by virtue of their on-wiki sysop privileges. Likewise, all bureaucrats are granted the "bureaucrats" role. No administrator may modify another administrator's access privileges (also known as permissions), either temporarily or permanently, without a majority of the Wookieepedia administration in support.

Discussions moderators maintain certain moderation privileges and announcement permissions on the server. Bot operators may also be granted additional permissions, such as message deletion capabilities, in bot request related channels.

Chat logs

Chat logs from all public Wookieepedia Discord channels are considered part of the public record and may be freely publicly disseminated on the wiki. However, chat logs from private Wookieepedia Discord channels may not be publicly shared in any manner without the express consent of all parties involved in the log's discussion(s). Likewise, Direct Messages on Discord involving one or more Wookieepedia users may not be publicly shared in any manner without the express consent of both or all parties involved in the discussion(s). The preceding privacy protections do not apply to unregistered users, users banned from Wookieepedia, or users who have not edited Wookieepedia in more than five (5) years, and they also do not preclude the private sharing of Direct Messages with Wookieepedia's administrators in order to report behavior in violation of the policies in effect on the site.

How to join

You can either use Discord's website or install the Discord client on your device. Click this link to join.

Getting verified

To access channels outside the lobby, you must be verified by an administrator. To be eligible for verification, you need a registered Fandom account with over 50 edits on Wookieepedia or 200 posts on its Discussions forum. You can check your personal edit count here and your post count here on your profile. If you have a registered Fandom account but do not yet meet either the edit or post requirements, you may still follow the steps for verification to identify yourself as a Fandom user on the server.

  1. Join the server.
  2. Check your edit count here or post count here: Only Wookieepedians with at least 50 edits or 200 posts are eligible for full server access, but any Wookieepedian may still verify their identity on the server before meeting either requirement.
  3. Confirm your ownership of the Discord account: You may choose to do this using one of the three methods listed:
    1. Add your Discord username in your global userpage masthead
    2. Add the {{User discord}} userbox to your userpage, including your Discord username
    3. Add your Discord username somewhere on your userpage
  4. Request verification on Discord: This can be done in two ways:
    1. If you used method 1: Send !wiki verify <username> (replace <username> with your Wookieepedia username) in #request-verification. You will be automatically verified if you have a Fandom account and granted full server access if you have at least 50 edits on the wiki or 200 posts on the forum.
    2. If you used method 2 or 3: Send a link to your userpage in the #request-verification channel. An administrator will manually verify you.

Once verified, you will be granted the "Verified" role and your Discord server nickname will be changed to match your Fandom account name. If you have at least 50 edits or 200 posts, you will also be granted the "Wookieepedians" role and gain access to the rest of the server; otherwise, you may simply repeat the verification steps once you do meet either requirement for full access.


WookieeNights can be hosted for many purposes, not limited to but including watch parties, collaborative editing sessions, Q&A events, and general hangout sessions to allow editors to get to know one another in a less formal setting. Editors can chat in the text channel and, if they choose, the voice channel as well. Information on the scheduling and rules of WookieeNights can be found here.