Discussions is Wookieepedia's forum for general Star Wars–related conversations. The forum does not use the same MediaWiki software as the wiki, but Fandom logins are shared between the sites. This means anyone with a Fandom account can also participate on Discussions.

Discussions can be accessed via the Fandom app or through the address starwars.fandom.com/f.

Forum Categories

Posts made on Discussions can be placed in one of several categories, which can be viewed individually using the forum's category filter. Links to individual category feed views are also included in the table below.

Category name Description
Announcements Reporting on platform and rule updates regarding the Discussions forum or Wookieepedia as a whole.
Star Wars News Reporting on breaking Star Wars news.
Memes/Fun For memes, games, and quiz-formatted posts.
Community Projects For permanent threads and recurring post series that users agree serve a community-building purpose.
Polls/Favorites For poll-formatted posts.
Featured For threads that users deem worthy of quality recognition, similar to featured articles on the wiki.
Fan Creations For drawings, models, and other Star Wars–inspired art.
Theory/Analysis For research-based conversations.
Hall of Fame For threads that users agree to be relevant and essential to the forum's history.
General For miscellaneous opinions, questions, and anything that doesn't fit into a more specific category.


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This page or section is an official policy on Wookieepedia.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone must follow. Please use the Consensus track to propose changes to this policy.

As a forum, Discussions has its own rule set, which overlaps with some, but not all, Wookieepedia policies.

  1. Stick to the facts. Opinion posts are welcome as long as they discuss existing information about Star Wars, either in-universe or out-of-universe.
  2. Stay on topic. A thread should continue discussing the topics set by the original post.
  3. Be mature and civil. Toxic behavior and buzz-phrases such as "Mary Sue" or "ruined Star Wars" will be deleted, as will trolling and personal attacks.
  4. Share the feed. Posts that repeat a topic discussed less than a week ago will be locked, and users may only post up to three polls in a 24-hour period. Forum vandalism will be deleted.
  5. Phrase posts positively. A post asking "what's the best?" prompts a great thread; a post asking "what's the worst?" does not.
  6. Follow spoiler policy. New content should be kept to one spoiler thread per topic, with a spoiler warning written in the post title. Leaks will be deleted.
  7. "Who would win?" posts are not allowed. Power-scaling in Star Wars is a futile effort.
  8. Politics or religion should not be discussed. They are off-topic unless discussed in comparison to Star Wars.
  9. No self-promotion or asking for upvotes. Additionally, wish lists, fanon, roleplay, and AI-generated content are part of what Wookieepedia is not and belong elsewhere.
  10. Use one account only. No sockpuppetry.

Posts that break these rules will be locked or deleted by a Discussions moderator. Repeat offenders may be subject to blocking by an administrator, though usually only in extreme cases.


Supplementary to the Discussions rules are the Discussions Guidelines, which exist to support the rules and further encourage proper forum discourse. They include tips on writing posts and links to important resource threads. Moderators may make minor adjustments to the Guidelines page at their discretion, especially to update thread links, but major changes should be proposed on the Consensus track.


The rules and guidelines are enforced by Discussions moderators. All administrators have Discussions moderation rights; however, Wookieepedia administrators have no obligation to participate in forum moderation duties. Additionally, Fandom staff and Global Discussions moderators also have moderation rights.

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