[00:00:33] <dogma|luckyshirt> Tis time
[00:00:58] <exiledjedi> Yes it is.
[00:01:12] <dogma|luckyshirt> !hieveryone
[00:01:19] <Supreme_Emperor> time, it is
[00:01:31] <dogma|luckyshirt> !hieverybody
[00:01:35] <dogma|luckyshirt> >_>
[00:01:46] <dogma|luckyshirt> Cade|Batman
[00:01:47] <Toprawa> hi im 10 tho
[00:01:49] <exiledjedi> Who is running this?
[00:01:54] <dogma|luckyshirt> ecks
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[00:02:14] <dogma|luckyshirt> I can if you want
[00:02:52] <exiledjedi> Go ahead, last time we said we would handle the discussion items at the start so that we would have time for them.
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[00:03:30] <dogma> Damn IE
[00:03:36] <ecks> >IE
[00:03:40] <dogma> Do you want me to lead it?
[00:03:45] <exiledjedi> Sure
[00:03:53] <dogma> k
[00:03:55] <CorellianPremier> almost forgot
[00:04:09] <dogma> First off is
[00:04:17] <dogma>
[00:04:22] <dogma> Lee's updated it
[00:04:46] <Toprawa> Sure looks to me like it should have sectioning
[00:04:57] <Toprawa> 289 words should be a GA
[00:05:02] <exiledjedi> Yeah.
[00:05:08] <dogma> Yeah
[00:05:11] <Supreme_Emperor> tis too large
[00:05:17] <Calrayn> Yeah
[00:05:25] <dogma> But we don't fail articles because they're too large right?
[00:05:33] <dogma> We have a bunch that are over the limit
[00:05:50] <Toprawa> I don't know what the EC's policy is on that
[00:05:57] <Toprawa> At the very least, it should be sectioned
[00:05:59] <Supreme_Emperor> anyone want to offer to GAN it?
[00:06:06] <dogma> I can]
[00:06:08] <dogma> *I can
[00:06:18] <exiledjedi> I thought about it. but the BTS cannot be sourced anymore that I know of.
[00:06:20] <dogma> I'll add an intro
[00:06:27] <exiledjedi> The BTS might be an issue.
[00:06:35] * dogma|luckyshirt has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[00:06:44] <exiledjedi> "The painting and card were named Intense Performer and their artwork was created by the player Anj'a, who won a contest in 2010 to have their artwork added to the games."
[00:06:56] * dogma is now known as dogma|luckyshirt
[00:07:06] <Supreme_Emperor> that will be a problem
[00:07:16] * CorellianPremier is now known as awesome_sauce
[00:07:26] <Toprawa> That was never properly referenced?
[00:07:30] <Toprawa> Is that the issue?
[00:07:43] <exiledjedi> It needed an update originally.
[00:07:54] <Supreme_Emperor> looking up who added it
[00:07:57] <Toprawa> I'd say extend for proper referencing and sectioning, with an official recommendation to take it to GA
[00:08:00] <dogma|luckyshirt> It should have reffing for the contest part
[00:08:05] <Toprawa> GAN*
[00:08:07] <awesome_sauce> yep
[00:08:15] <exiledjedi> Nothing exists anymore that can source that though.
[00:08:41] <Supreme_Emperor> hmm
[00:08:47] <dogma|luckyshirt> Do we leave that without a reff then?
[00:09:07] <Supreme_Emperor> could always ask Olioster, maybe he knows of something we can source it to
[00:09:12] <awesome_sauce> Internet archive?
[00:09:23] <exiledjedi> It can't go unsourced if the article keeps status.
[00:09:59] <dogma|luckyshirt> Extend and see if we can source that part and take it to GAN?
[00:10:19] <Supreme_Emperor> ^
[00:10:31] <awesome_sauce> sounds about right
[00:10:43] <exiledjedi> Extend for sourcing and sectioning
[00:10:58] <dogma|luckyshirt> Anyone else?
[00:11:06] <Toprawa> Extend
[00:11:13] <Supreme_Emperor> extend
[00:11:23] <Supreme_Emperor> ill send Olioster a question after the meeting
[00:11:32] <dogma|luckyshirt> Anj'a is extended
[00:11:46] <dogma|luckyshirt>
[00:11:54] <dogma|luckyshirt> It's a bit big :P
[00:12:05] <dogma|luckyshirt> You taking it to FAN EJ?
[00:12:07] <Supreme_Emperor> XD
[00:12:08] <dogma|luckyshirt>
[00:12:21] <exiledjedi> Yeah, unless my revisions bring it too low.
[00:12:38] <exiledjedi> It is kind of on the edge.
[00:12:49] <dogma|luckyshirt> K, extend and EJ can take it to GAN/FAN
[00:12:55] <Supreme_Emperor> yar
[00:13:23] <Supreme_Emperor> extend
[00:13:42] <Toprawa> Extend
[00:13:44] <awesome_sauce> yep, extend
[00:13:47] <exiledjedi> extend (I guess)
[00:13:58] <dogma|luckyshirt> Weird named thing is extended
[00:14:08] <dogma|luckyshirt> Next up is
[00:14:13] <dogma|luckyshirt>
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[00:14:29] <dogma|luckyshirt> A relatively new user merged sandfly and sand fly
[00:14:46] <exiledjedi> The update still isn't finished though.
[00:14:53] <Calrayn> I was the one who merge-tagged it, though, I think
[00:15:12] <dogma|luckyshirt> BTS could be bigger
[00:15:27] <Toprawa> Was all info merged?
[00:15:39] <awesome_sauce> Yeah this is going to need a major probation period
[00:15:52] <Supreme_Emperor> yeah, probing
[00:15:55] * Ayrehead02 (522dfc5b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined
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[00:15:56] <Calrayn> The other one was a stub, I think
[00:16:05] <exiledjedi> This was already being probed.
[00:16:09] <dogma|luckyshirt> I think a lot more info can be added
[00:16:13] <Ayrehead02> There we go I'm in! Thanks
[00:16:19] <dogma|luckyshirt> based on those sources - don;t think they were checked
[00:16:27] <IFYLOFD> Who is awesome sauce
[00:16:30] <Ayrehead02> sorry what article are we on?
[00:16:35] <Toprawa> If this article was probed and it's not being worked on, then it should be killed
[00:16:35] <awesome_sauce> Sand fly
[00:16:36] <Supreme_Emperor> sand fy
[00:16:38] <dogma|luckyshirt>
[00:16:42] <Calrayn> Kill.
[00:16:48] <exiledjedi> Kill.
[00:16:50] <dogma|luckyshirt> Pew pew pew
[00:16:50] <Toprawa> Kill
[00:16:50] <Supreme_Emperor> in that case kill
[00:16:53] <Ayrehead02> Kill
[00:16:56] <Supreme_Emperor> why was i thinking it was new XD
[00:16:59] <Supreme_Emperor> bah
[00:17:02] <dogma|luckyshirt> Sand fly swatted
[00:17:07] <Supreme_Emperor> :P
[00:17:23] <dogma|luckyshirt> First of the new ones
[00:17:25] <dogma|luckyshirt>
[00:17:28] <dogma|luckyshirt> Needed an image
[00:17:48] <dogma|luckyshirt> Image looks good to me
[00:18:01] <Toprawa> Keep
[00:18:03] <Supreme_Emperor> spare
[00:18:06] <Toprawa> Spare
[00:18:06] <Ayrehead02> Spare
[00:18:12] <awesome_sauce> yep, spare
[00:18:14] <exiledjedi> spare
[00:18:14] <dogma|luckyshirt> Spare
[00:18:23] <dogma|luckyshirt> Spear Squadron sparred
[00:18:37] <dogma|luckyshirt>
[00:18:41] <dogma|luckyshirt> update tag
[00:19:48] <Ayrehead02> Shouldn't it have an RPG template in there for him being killed?
[00:20:03] <Toprawa> dogma, your job has meeting host is to show us whether or not it was updated
[00:20:05] <Toprawa> as*
[00:20:11] <dogma|luckyshirt> Lee did sorry
[00:20:39] <awesome_sauce> No, you have to kill the guards to get to the Moff
[00:20:43] <exiledjedi> Yeah, I believe it does need RPG tags
[00:20:44] <awesome_sauce> It's part of the story
[00:20:50] <dogma|luckyshirt> I believe Lee said something about them not abandoning Dardano
[00:21:13] <exiledjedi> RPGs can end in many ways.
[00:21:23] <dogma|luckyshirt> And I believe Dardano died (?)
[00:21:27] <exiledjedi> Players don't always follow the guidelines.
[00:21:42] <Ayrehead02> Yeah, theres still the assumption that the stormtrooper didn't manage to kill all the players
[00:21:48] <Supreme_Emperor> yeah, im thinking rpg tags needed
[00:21:52] <exiledjedi> The players could all die.
[00:22:01] <dogma|luckyshirt> Anyone want to add it?
[00:22:43] <exiledjedi> I'm not entirely clear which part is affected by player involvement.
[00:22:49] <Supreme_Emperor> ^
[00:22:52] <Ayrehead02> Only his death really
[00:23:16] <exiledjedi> It might be the last two sentences or just the last one.
[00:23:21] <Ayrehead02> Oh actually I guess the Rebels taking over the base also assumes players didn't screw it up
[00:23:25] <dogma|luckyshirt> Is the Rebels winning affected by the players?
[00:23:40] <Ayrehead02> yeah the players are the rebels
[00:24:43] <Supreme_Emperor> anyone got the source?
[00:24:50] <dogma|luckyshirt> nope
[00:25:04] <Calrayn> Guys, if this is such a big problem, then kill the article.
[00:25:09] <dogma|luckyshirt> We can extend and ask Lee to use a RPG section thing
[00:25:10] <Calrayn> Meetings aren't for fixing articles.
[00:25:18] <Calrayn> They're for reviewing the changes and making judgments.
[00:25:19] <Supreme_Emperor> per dogma
[00:25:20] <exiledjedi> It should be probed.
[00:25:21] <dogma|luckyshirt> wait, it would be probe
[00:25:24] <Supreme_Emperor> probe
[00:25:26] <dogma|luckyshirt> not extend
[00:25:26] <Calrayn> Probe then.
[00:25:27] <Toprawa> Probe
[00:25:28] <dogma|luckyshirt> Probe then
[00:25:30] <exiledjedi> Probe
[00:25:34] <Supreme_Emperor> dat probe
[00:25:34] <awesome_sauce> Probe it
[00:25:42] <Ayrehead02> probe
[00:25:46] <dogma|luckyshirt> Unidentified scout trooper (Dardano's bodyguard) is probed
[00:25:58] <dogma|luckyshirt>
[00:26:08] <dogma|luckyshirt> There is some BTS information from Scavenger's Guide to Droids)
[00:26:13] <dogma|luckyshirt> Lee says he's got it
[00:27:17] <Toprawa> Spare
[00:27:21] <exiledjedi> Spare
[00:27:24] <dogma|luckyshirt> Um, shouldnt the Barawin be in the affiliations?
[00:27:25] <Calrayn> Spare
[00:27:33] <awesome_sauce> Yep, spare
[00:27:52] <dogma|luckyshirt> *baragwin
[00:27:55] <Toprawa> Unidentified peeder (Grand Army of the Republic)
[00:27:56] <Toprawa> heh
[00:27:58] <Toprawa> peeder
[00:28:02] <Supreme_Emperor> spare, we can fix before the meetings end
[00:28:05] <dogma|luckyshirt> k
[00:28:06] <dogma|luckyshirt> spare
[00:28:25] <dogma|luckyshirt> Unidentified starship (HUman) spared
[00:28:29] <Ayrehead02> spare
[00:28:39] <dogma|luckyshirt>
[00:28:50] <dogma|luckyshirt> Update: the new LEGO Visual Dictionary (which groups it with the BARC speeder).
[00:28:58] <dogma|luckyshirt> No one's updated it
[00:29:02] <exiledjedi> Probe
[00:29:08] <Supreme_Emperor> probe
[00:29:11] <awesome_sauce> Yep, probe
[00:29:14] <Ayrehead02> What do you mean groups it with?
[00:29:16] <Toprawa> Probe
[00:29:37] <awesome_sauce> It's basically a list
[00:29:37] <dogma|luckyshirt> Yeah, whas does groups mean exactly?
[00:29:51] <exiledjedi> Ayrehead: I'm not sure who added it to the page.
[00:30:18] <Ayrehead02> Fair enough probe then
[00:30:25] <dogma|luckyshirt> Probe
[00:30:34] <dogma|luckyshirt> Unidentifed peeder probed
[00:30:39] <Toprawa> lolz
[00:30:51] <dogma|luckyshirt>
[00:30:55] <dogma|luckyshirt> A Cade nom I believe
[00:31:13] <dogma|luckyshirt> it has come to my attention that the assumption that he was killed by specifically Jedi is incorrect and needs to be addressed in this one and in other articles where this method was equally applied; the current justification isn't plausible
[00:31:14] <Toprawa> Cade, your noms suck
[00:31:21] <dogma|luckyshirt> Lee fixed it he says
[00:31:41] <Supreme_Emperor> damnit Cade
[00:31:44] <Toprawa> Calrayn!
[00:31:53] <Calrayn> Vhat
[00:32:02] <Toprawa> Pay attention
[00:32:06] <Calrayn> I disagree with Winterz's supposition
[00:32:16] <Calrayn> There aren't any smuggler/trooper missions on Tython
[00:32:22] <exiledjedi> But a Trooper or Smuggler can kill the guy.
[00:32:25] <Calrayn> There's no canonical reason for either class to be there.
[00:32:39] <Supreme_Emperor> can they do side quests on tython?
[00:32:43] <Calrayn> No
[00:32:51] <exiledjedi> But the Trooper could go to Tython and potentially "have fun"
[00:32:58] <Calrayn> And that's not canon.
[00:33:23] <exiledjedi> Well technically his death is not canon.
[00:33:28] <Calrayn> Hmm.
[00:33:39] <Calrayn> It's hard to get past without fighting him.
[00:33:49] <exiledjedi> I did it once with the Consular.
[00:34:13] <Ayrehead02> If we assume one hundred percent game completion surely that includes killing all bosses in the game no matter if your meant to be on their planet or not?
[00:34:22] * WookieeWinterz (55f4a0d1@wookieepedia/Winterz) has joined
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[00:34:27] <Calrayn> Hmmm.
[00:34:33] <Ayrehead02> I'm pretty sure there are other articles which use the same logic
[00:34:44] <WookieeWinterz> is this about Keshk?
[00:34:49] <exiledjedi> Yeah.
[00:34:50] <dogma|luckyshirt> yeah
[00:34:58] <Supreme_Emperor> yeah
[00:34:59] <Calrayn> -_-
[00:35:04] <Supreme_Emperor> XD
[00:35:07] <dogma|luckyshirt> Winterz vs Cade
[00:35:11] <Calrayn> Why does the article already say a Republic individual?
[00:35:13] <dogma|luckyshirt> taking bets now
[00:35:14] <Calrayn> Who changed it?
[00:35:16] <exiledjedi> Lee changed it.
[00:35:20] <dogma|luckyshirt> ^
[00:35:21] <Supreme_Emperor> Lee i think
[00:35:24] <Calrayn> -_-
[00:35:28] <Supreme_Emperor> ^
[00:35:33] <Calrayn> Lee, back off bro
[00:35:37] <Calrayn> Whatever.
[00:35:48] <Calrayn> I'll accept it
[00:35:57] <dogma|luckyshirt> K, spare then?
[00:36:15] <Ayrehead02> Spare
[00:36:27] <Supreme_Emperor> spare
[00:36:31] <exiledjedi> spare
[00:36:31] <WookieeWinterz> spare (lolz)
[00:36:32] <awesome_sauce> Sure, spare
[00:37:24] <dogma|luckyshirt> Keshk spared a probing unles Tope/Ecks/Floyd has anything
[00:37:34] <ecks> SPARE
[00:37:39] <Toprawa> spare
[00:37:42] <ecks> ^ for the log, I attended
[00:38:04] <dogma|luckyshirt> Okay, onto discussion items that apperently were supposed to be done first :P
[00:38:13] <dogma|luckyshirt> Canon/Legends discussion
[00:38:16] <dogma|luckyshirt> Discuss
[00:38:19] <dogma|luckyshirt> :P
[00:38:32] <Calrayn> I believe this is about splitting the CA page
[00:38:42] <Calrayn> ala FA/GA pages
[00:38:47] <dogma|luckyshirt> EJ, did you write that?
[00:38:51] <exiledjedi> Yes, that was it.
[00:39:04] <dogma|luckyshirt> Ah, I'd say leave as is
[00:39:16] <awesome_sauce> The others do, so...
[00:39:21] <exiledjedi> Pretty much are we going to list the canon articles separately?
[00:39:26] <exiledjedi> or not.
[00:39:27] <dogma|luckyshirt> We have Brandon's nom on the GAN page
[00:39:28] <Calrayn> Yes
[00:39:38] <Calrayn> We'll do it the same way the G/FA pages will
[00:39:47] <Supreme_Emperor> they voted split, right?
[00:39:51] <Calrayn> yes
[00:40:06] <exiledjedi> Same page, but different lists I believe.
[00:40:07] <dogma|luckyshirt> Okay, I'd support doing that then
[00:40:15] <Ayrehead02> Sounds good to me
[00:40:25] <dogma|luckyshirt> No pint writting the canon lists up until we get a nom though :P
[00:40:27] <dogma|luckyshirt> *point
[00:40:28] <Supreme_Emperor> i like
[00:40:36] <Toprawa> support
[00:40:44] <exiledjedi> Yeah, we will cross that bridge if/when we come to it.
[00:40:46] <exiledjedi> support
[00:40:50] <Ayrehead02> support
[00:41:11] <dogma|luckyshirt> Now to the EduCorps bylaws/rules discussion I guess
[00:41:19] <dogma|luckyshirt> EJ, you want to take lead?
[00:41:29] <exiledjedi> Sure
[00:41:47] <exiledjedi> Basically it is a slightly simplified version of the AC page:
[00:41:48] <exiledjedi>
[00:42:07] <exiledjedi> The part at the bottom would need to be added to the instructions page.
[00:42:20] <exiledjedi> I'll give everyone a few moments to look it over.
[00:42:45] * Calrayn is now known as Cade
[00:43:55] <dogma|luckyshirt> Looks good I guess
[00:44:19] <Ayrehead02> The way Lee's working at the moment this might result in pretty short meetings, but support
[00:44:41] <exiledjedi> Addendum...
[00:45:01] <exiledjedi>
[00:45:03] <Cade> I'm not sure about that agenda striking thing
[00:45:15] <Cade> What's that about? We don't have that elsewhere
[00:45:29] <dogma|luckyshirt> We probably won't ever use it
[00:45:32] <exiledjedi> I believe the AC has it on its page.
[00:45:57] <exiledjedi> "The AC has decided that a minimum consensus of at least four AC members present on IRC is needed to remove from an AC meeting page an article nominated for review for a future meeting in the instances that others have satisfactorily handled the objections to that article prior to the meeting. Consensus can also be reached on the meeting page itself; see the instructions page for details. This is done in an effo
[00:45:57] <exiledjedi> rt to eliminate any unnecessary time spent looking at articles during meetings."
[00:46:04] <exiledjedi>
[00:46:30] <Cade> oh
[00:46:49] <exiledjedi> I don't know if it is actually done.
[00:47:05] <Supreme_Emperor> more precautionary than anything
[00:47:11] <exiledjedi> I haven't seen it happen.
[00:47:17] * Cade shrugs
[00:47:33] <exiledjedi> I see it as being useful for stuff like the Spear Squadron article.
[00:47:40] <Cade> OKay, whatever
[00:47:42] <Cade> Support
[00:47:42] <dogma|luckyshirt> Support implementing it
[00:47:45] <Supreme_Emperor> i support
[00:47:48] <exiledjedi> Support
[00:47:50] <awesome_sauce> Let's do it!
[00:48:11] <Ayrehead02> support
[00:48:49] <dogma|luckyshirt> Moving on if no one objects
[00:49:04] <dogma|luckyshirt> SE, do you still have that proposal you want to share now that you are here?
[00:49:31] <Supreme_Emperor> i do not
[00:49:39] <Supreme_Emperor> been very busy last few weeks
[00:49:41] * Cade slaps Supreme
[00:49:49] <Supreme_Emperor> if i decide to go through with it, it will be next meeting
[00:49:54] <awesome_sauce> Gotta go. Karaoke. Shoot me a message if I've gotta do anything
[00:49:56] * awesome_sauce has quit ()
[00:49:58] <dogma|luckyshirt> Ah, well, meeting done I guess :P
[00:50:01] <Supreme_Emperor> XD
[00:50:05] <dogma|luckyshirt> Karoake??
[00:50:14] * IFYLOFD (~chatzilla@wookieepedia/administrator/IFYLOFD) has left
[00:50:15] <exiledjedi> The responsibilities are on the new bylaws page.
[00:50:28] <dogma|luckyshirt> I'm on paperwork, and I think CP's on scheduling the next one
[00:50:33] <exiledjedi> Premier on scheduling and dogma on paperwork.
[00:50:51] <dogma|luckyshirt> K, night all
[00:50:59] <Ayrehead02> Ok cool night
[00:50:59] <dogma|luckyshirt> Thanks for coming out
[00:51:03] <exiledjedi> I'll add the bylaws page and the instructions stuff, you can get the articles.
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