[23:09:11] <exiledjedi>	All righty then.
[23:09:34] <exiledjedi>	Starting off with the old articles:
[23:09:36] <exiledjedi>
[23:09:46] <exiledjedi>
[23:10:02] <exiledjedi>	Can anyone tell if dogma was able to narrow the date down?
[23:10:55] <exiledjedi>	Okay, I think he did.
[23:11:12] <exiledjedi>
[23:11:16] <exiledjedi>	He did something.
[23:11:29] <CorellianPremier>	That's not really a narrowing down...
[23:11:46] <exiledjedi>	I couldn't remember what the date was originally.
[23:12:08] <exiledjedi>	So, what do we want to do here?
[23:14:44] <CorellianPremier>	extend again?
[23:15:16] <Cade>	Blarg
[23:15:19] <Cade>	I was going to clear those
[23:15:24] <exiledjedi>	He had a month.
[23:15:41] <exiledjedi>	We could give dogma until the end of the meeting to show up.
[23:16:16] <Cade>	One second.
[23:17:01] <exiledjedi>	OKay
[23:18:04] <Cade>	I don't really think it's enough to say anything
[23:18:17] <Cade>	The Vong start invading Hutt Space near the end of 25 ABY
[23:19:07] <exiledjedi>	Okay, if it can't be narrowed down we should keep it.
[23:19:11] <Cade>	Yeah.
[23:19:26] <CorellianPremier>	Well in that case, sounds like it's fine
[23:19:53] <exiledjedi>	All right, Dirha kept.
[23:20:04] <Cade>	Give me a minute and I'll check the others
[23:20:15] <exiledjedi>	All right.
[23:20:31] <exiledjedi>	Ayrehead got Garen system already.
[23:23:27] <exiledjedi>	I'll be glad when all of these are done.
[23:23:56] <dogma>	shit, sorry
[23:24:18] <exiledjedi>	We are waiting for Cade to make our job easier.
[23:24:46] <exiledjedi>	We finished with Dirha.
[23:25:16] <Cade>	I meant to fix all of these
[23:25:16] <dogma>	It was a combo of me forgetting and the res connection being utter shit right now]
[23:25:22] <exiledjedi>	If there are any you can't fix, Cade, we can just kill them.
[23:25:28] <Cade>	But I got caught up with the parentheticals
[23:25:37] <Cade>
[23:25:58] <exiledjedi>	Okay, I remember this one.
[23:26:19] <CorellianPremier>	still has coordinates
[23:26:58] <exiledjedi>	I don't see any coordinates in the body.
[23:27:05] <CorellianPremier>	infobox
[23:27:10] <exiledjedi>	That's fine.
[23:27:12] <Cade>	.... and?
[23:27:28] <exiledjedi>	The problem is the stuff about fauna and flora in the infobox.
[23:27:30] <CorellianPremier>	I thought we had to remove them?
[23:27:38] <exiledjedi>	Just from the body.
[23:28:48] <exiledjedi>	All right, is that all of the old ones?
[23:28:55] <Cade>	one sec
[23:30:11] <Cade>	All except Drezzi
[23:30:13] <Cade>	Lemme see.
[23:31:45] <Cade>	Drezzi's done.
[23:32:05] <exiledjedi>	All right now we can go through them.
[23:32:06] <exiledjedi>
[23:32:18] <exiledjedi>	Keep
[23:32:35] <Cade>	Keep
[23:32:45] <CorellianPremier>	yep, keep
[23:33:02] <exiledjedi>	Diyu kept.
[23:33:11] <exiledjedi>
[23:33:12] <exiledjedi>	Keep
[23:33:25] <Cade>	Keep
[23:33:29] <dogma>	KEEP
[23:33:30] <CorellianPremier>	keep
[23:33:36] <exiledjedi>	Drezzi kept.
[23:33:45] <exiledjedi>
[23:33:47] <exiledjedi>	Keep
[23:34:10] <CorellianPremier>	keep
[23:34:14] <dogma>	keep
[23:34:27] <exiledjedi>	Elgit kept.
[23:34:42] <exiledjedi>
[23:34:53] <exiledjedi>	Keep
[23:35:11] <Cade>	Keep
[23:35:18] <CorellianPremier>	keep
[23:35:25] <exiledjedi>	Far Pando kept.
[23:35:32] <dogma>	keep
[23:35:36] <exiledjedi>	Sorry
[23:35:41] <exiledjedi>
[23:35:51] <exiledjedi>	Keep
[23:35:55] <Cade>	Keep
[23:36:02] <dogma>	keep
[23:36:09] <CorellianPremier>	yep, keep
[23:36:16] <exiledjedi>	Garen system kept.
[23:36:17] <exiledjedi>
[23:36:32] <exiledjedi>	All right, this one still has the flora/fauna stuff in the infobox.
[23:36:47] <Cade>	Kill.
[23:36:53] <exiledjedi>	As no one checked that out, I am going to vote kill.
[23:37:05] <dogma>	pew pew pew
[23:37:36] <CorellianPremier>	ex-ter-me-nate
[23:37:47] <exiledjedi>	Greater Galam killed.
[23:37:55] <exiledjedi>
[23:37:59] <exiledjedi>	Keep
[23:38:39] <Cade>	Keep
[23:38:50] <CorellianPremier>	keep
[23:38:56] <dogma>	no pew pew
[23:39:01] <exiledjedi>	Harbin-re kept.
[23:39:07] <exiledjedi>
[23:39:08] <exiledjedi>	Keep
[23:39:38] <CorellianPremier>	keep
[23:39:48] <Cade>	Keep
[23:39:53] <dogma>	keep
[23:40:04] <exiledjedi>	Huloon kept.
[23:40:14] <exiledjedi>
[23:40:15] <exiledjedi>	Keep
[23:40:29] <Cade>	Keep
[23:40:46] <dogma>	yep, keep
[23:41:20] <CorellianPremier>	keep
[23:41:21] <exiledjedi>	Ilos kept.
[23:41:30] <exiledjedi>
[23:41:31] <exiledjedi>	Keep
[23:41:51] <Cade>	Keep
[23:41:59] <CorellianPremier>	keep
[23:42:48] <exiledjedi>	Ilos Minor kept.
[23:43:02] <exiledjedi>	Last of the old ones:
[23:43:13] <exiledjedi>	Keep
[23:43:20] <Cade>	Keep
[23:43:35] <CorellianPremier>	yep, keep
[23:44:02] <exiledjedi>	Kafane kept.
[23:44:10] <exiledjedi>	Now for the ten new ones.
[23:44:16] <exiledjedi>	These are all the same thing.
[23:44:27] <exiledjedi>	I vote to probe all of them.
[23:44:40] <CorellianPremier>	So no new stuff besides the Atlas?
[23:44:56] <exiledjedi>	No.
[23:45:23] <exiledjedi>	I think there is one more batch of Atlas stuff left.
[23:46:26] <CorellianPremier>	Anyhoo, probe all
[23:46:38] <exiledjedi>	Anyone else?
[23:47:02] <dogma>	yep, probe
[23:47:14] <exiledjedi>	New articles probed.
[23:47:30] <exiledjedi>	All right, I look forward to when these are done.
[23:47:48] <exiledjedi>	Now for post-meeting responsibilities.
[23:47:58] <exiledjedi>	Supreme Emperor is on scheduling.
[23:48:05] <exiledjedi>	Ayrehead is on paperwork.
[23:48:51] <exiledjedi>	I guess that's it.
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